Results Update: End 2021

Results update

Below you can find a results update for various elements of Members’ content.

First up is a spreadsheet of relevant results…


Stats Qualifiers

Monthly Jumps Angles

These have been ticking along just fine this winter season, the results for Oct, Nov & Dec …

144 bets / 31 wins / 59 places (inc wins) / +34.24 (morning/non bog) / +39.45 BFSP

They’ve been doing their job in terms of finding winners as a ‘way in’, and so far have been working systematically.

Trainer Track Profiles

Since start of Oct to end Dec: 250 bets/ 45 wins / 105 places (inc wins) / -15.34 (morning)/ -15.13 BFSP

I’m happy with how this new report has been performing, a useful ‘way in’, helping to identify a decent number of winners so far. They’re yet to bound into profit ‘systematically’ and time will tell whether they do so. They need a handful of bigger prices horses to go in but plenty of time for that to happen.



Gavin Priestley

Gavin’s Winter Trends content, licensed for the first time this winter on these pages, has been a valued addition I think. Plenty of useful stats & trends content to add to the punting puzzle. Gavin’s own final selections so far this season, to 1 point win BFSP…

101 bets / 28 wins / 41 places (inc wins) / +4.32


My Tips

This jumps season, since May 1st: 202 bets / 19 wins / 45 places (inc wins) / -39 (advised/non bog) / -27.56 (BFSP)

I’m happy with all elements of the blog’s content bar my own tipping performance which at the moment isn’t anywhere near good enough. So far my switch back to just focussing on 3m+ jumps races, mainly chases, C4+, isn’t paying dividends – yet. It will one day. There have been glimmers of light but generally poor. I struggled during the summer jumps, struggled during the seasonal ‘changeover’ and haven’t really gone anywhere in December.

Things can change quickly with the odds I generally play at and it won’t take many winners to be in positive territory. There are never any excuses, bar just not being good enough, and that’s for me to rectify before the end of April. We shall see if I do. The level of my performance & lack of consistency, rather than those results above as such in terms of minus points, concerns me, and I’ll be working hard to improve. Drawdowns and/or losing runs of -20,-30, -40, -50, even -80+, happen to everyone at some point in a cycle, that’s betting, but clearly I need to improve and get into positive territory, it’s as simple as that. This game is meant to be a challenge, but I’m making it look more challenging than it should be. Work to do.


‘Morning Musings’

In recent weeks I’ve started to take a stronger view on the daily stats content and the horses previously flagged in Adam’s excellent notes – both the stats content and his notes horses continue to fire out plenty of winners. I thought it may be useful if I flag those that look most interesting to me and so far so good…

18 bets/ 6 wins / 10 places (inc wins) / +12 points (morning odds/non bog)

We shall see if I can improve on those also.


That’s all for this update,



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