Results Update: End Sept 2021

results update

Below you can find a brief results update for my tips, thoughts and the link to the spreadsheet below, from May 1st…


The Tips

My tipping results 1st May – End September

84 bets / 11 wins / 27p / 13% wsr / 32% w|p sr / +1.75 (9am/advised/non-bog) / -.25 (BFSP)


Not too much to shout about since 1st May when I switched to just focussing on 2m7f+ jumps races (mainly C3+ but some C4s, mainly chases but some hurdles also). I’m happy enough with those stats for all the win/place SRs could be a smidge higher. +20 points or so since July and the recent wins of Wye Aye and Buster Thomas a positive for the the ‘winter’ eyes. Summer Jumping is a different beast to its winter cousin and maybe at times one I didn’t get to grips with fully. Last summer was decent but only so so this time around. There will always be near misses in this game that even out over time, with a bit more luck there could have been an extra +30 from close 2nds/slipped saddles etc. But that’s racing, it’s a positive getting so close and those winners will come.

Last winter’s (Oct 1st 2020 , End May) 2m7f+ tips did well, hence refocusing just on them:

156 bets / 20 wins / 50p / +83.6 points (9am/advised/non-bog)

As we know, sadly I loaned back most of that pile by also playing in ‘big race’, ‘festivals’ etc. I’m confident that with my eyes now firmly fixed on what I’m best at, the profit will tick over in time and that I’ve given myself the best chance of improving on those results above. I’ve no doubts in my mind that long term I’ll do well in those 2m7f+ races.

I’d like to pull in +50-80 points as a minimum per season to 1 point win bets (1st May>End April), which to modest stakes would cover member’s subs while leaving a bit left over.


Elsewhere… the daily stats content during the summer was a bit ‘so so’.

For this winter season i’ve gone back to producing my ‘Trainer Track Profiles‘ reports which will include new trainer micros systems for each track, the qualifiers of which will be posted daily. There are also other stats pointers for readers to use as they please.


There’s also some ‘monthly trainer’ angles.

While I’ll hope they work better ‘systematically’, with any luck they do a better job at finding more winners and are more use as a ‘way in/starting point’ also. I am tracking the results so we will see how they get on in the weeks ahead.


I think that’s all for this update. Hopefully I can kick on in October and as the winter season gets going properly.

As always if you’ve any questions, do shout,



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