[Video] Racing Review & Hot Form Horses

over the shoulder racing review, hot form horses etc

In the video below I look back at a couple of races from Sandown on Sunday, my thinking behind flagging the winner of the 18.45 and also my thoughts on the 17.45 – especially the slow pace, how it didn’t suit a fair few of them. I talk over the replay with my thoughts. I suspect it will throw up a few winners when some of them face a different sort of test. Finally I flick through a handful of ‘hot form handicaps’ run in the last 30 days and highlight the odd horse for the notebook.

As always, if you watch on Youtube you can speed me up with the settings cog at the bottom, adjusting the playback speed if I’m meandering too slowly for you! 🙂

If you’ve any questions, thoughts, suggestions or whatever, fire away down in the comments.


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