Results Update: Jan 2021

Tips results update Jan 21/winter service to date…

Below you can find a results update for January 2021 and the season to date…

First up, the spreadsheet, with various tabs at the bottom, including the tips.. (you can also open it HERE>>>)



The Tips

Adam’s Daily Tips

January 2021

33 bets / 6 wins / 16 places (inc wins) / +4.75 points (advised/non bog)

Total (1st Nov > End Jan):

126 bets / 19 wins / 56 places (inc wins) / +5.75 (advised/non bog) / -10.51 BSP

My Big Race Tips

January 2021

38 bets / 2 wins / 17 places (inc wins) / -15 points

Total (1st Nov > End Jan)

111 bets / 14 wins / 46 places (inc wins) / +33.9 (advised/non bog) / +31.01 BFSP



The halfway point since the winter service started on Nov 1st and I suppose the headline figure of nearly +40 points to advised isn’t too bad but the last couple of months have been a bit mediocre and we need to do better, as simple as that really. If the win/place % of 41-44% can be maintained, in theory a few more may start winning and the profit pile starts ramping up again. No excuses, work to do.


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