Results Update: Winter Jumps

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This results update looks at the Winter Jumps Season to date (15th Nov), which for my ‘big race’ tips started at Chepstow’s Silver Trophy Meeting. Resident pro punter and jumps guru Adam Norman started on 1st Nov and there’s also a look at the various stats content. In the video I briefly talk through the results/spreadsheet and try to say something useful, including how some of the tips have ran/notes

Below the video you can find the full spreadsheet of results to date.

In the video below I talk through all sorts… part ‘intro/recap’ of the blog more generally, talking through the results and from 25 mins onwards I whizz through a few of the tips to date with any ‘notebook thoughts’ for the future… if you watch one video of mine, make it this one…


‘The spreadsheet’.

Below you can find the full spreadsheet. You can use the icon in the bottom right hand corner to open full screen and can also download. Hopefully the tabs at the bottom are self explanatory, including for Adams Tips and my Big Race tips. Don’t forget to sroll up on any given page…



‘The Portfolio’

Adam Norman’s Daily Tips (1st Nov-16th)

29 selections/ 8 wins / 13 places (inc wins)/ 27.5% win SR/ 45% win/place SR/ +42.3 advised (9am/non bog/15 mins monitoring) / +38 BFSP (win/place) / 49 points staked.

My Big Race Tips (10th Oct- 16th Nov)

32 selections / 4 wins / 15 places (inc wins) / 12.5% win SR/ 47% win/place SR/ +4.8 advised (non bog/15 mins monitoring) / +6.72 BFSP

Jumps Profiles

‘Star Ratings’

2 or 3 star rated’ qualifiers

From October 25th or so when introduced…

Oct: 9 bets / 1 wins / 6p / -3.96

Nov: 23 bets / 8 wins / 18 places (inc wins) / +25.35 (8am odds/non bog) /+22.81 BFSP

Total (to 16th Nov): 32 bets / 9 wins / 24 places (inc wins) / +21.39 (8am/non bog) / +19.21 / 28% win sr / 75% win|place sr

The ‘1 star’ picks (‘limited confidence’) : 2/33, 6p, -17.5




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  1. Josh, please show the tips spreadsheets outside the video so that they can be viewed with an eye to thinking about an individual staking plan for each set of tips. I prefer to set my own stakes and the results justify giving this some thought – especially as early morning prices may disappear but can be regained under BSP. Thanks.

    1. The spreadsheet is below the video?? Just scroll down past the video 🙂 you must have gone straight past it to get to the comments haha. You can open it full screen, down load it or whatever.

        1. Just select the tab that says Adam’s Tips and you’ll probably get Adam’s bets. Don’t forget to scroll up 🙂

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