JOIN MY MEMBERS CLUB TODAY (inc new monthly option)

Members Club options, inc new monthly option…

Hello, Josh here.

Below you can find a video which explains my new members club winter offer, and there’s more info on the main joining page HERE>>>

New Monthly Subs Option…

After listening to some feedback/monthly requests and considering this further – especially in these uncertain economic times when understandably some may not wish to commit for a full season – i’ve decided to bring in a monthly subscription option. This also includes a 30 day free trial and lasts for x5 monthly payments through to end of April. Of course you can cancel before/after any single payment, so the choice is yours. As with the ‘season ticket’ option, there will be no charge post April. Thankfully Adam Norman has had the perfect start, pulling in +14 points for us and hopefully a sign of things to come 🙂 (+£140 to £10 bets) I’m excited about having a pro punter onside to add to our enjoyment of the game, in addition to all the usual content and the superb RTP community.

Below the video you can find two buttons which take you directly to the sign up/ payment form. You can watch the video below. Do give it a few minutes of your time as I truly believe we will help you have the most fun you’ve ever had during a jumps season.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside soon. Don’t forget, you’ve got a 30 day free trial waiting for you. There’s nothing to lose and potentially all to gain, don’t miss out (esp on Adam’s next winner!) 🙂


As always if you’ve any questions, do post below, or email me

Thanks for your time, Josh


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10 responses

  1. Hi Josh,
    I signed up yesterday for the Winter Season but the option for monthly payments suit me better.
    How can I change my subscription?

    1. Hi Andy,
      The easiest is probably to sign up for the monthly, and then back end i’ll cancel the season ticket option. If i do the latter first you’ll be logged out etc but either way doesn’t bother me and easy enough to do.

        1. Hi Andy, cheers – yep just cancelled annual my end in Thrivecart so in theory that should all be fine now, but as always if you spot anything untoward you know where to find me! Josh

  2. Good morning Josh,
    I have just seen your monthly option of £29.99,which is better for me like your previous members option .
    I signed up for the full winter season yesterday but I have now gone for the monthly option can I cancel the full package please and keep the monthly option like before.
    Hope that makes some kind of sense?
    P.s love the new website .
    Thanks John Bradley

    1. Hi John, I have just cancelled your annual sign up my end, within Thrivecart, and thats updated your access in the members club software, with just your monthly left – so all being well, that should be that, but you know where to find me if you see anything untoward. Cheers, Josh

  3. Hi Josh,
    Tried all avenues but can’t log in.
    New system rejects my Email address, also cannot. receive
    messages from this site due to aol incompatibility I think.
    Any chance you could create a new password from your end?
    Sorry to be a pain.

    1. Hi Keith (Hutchinson?? or another Keith?)

      Ah, AOL – my developer did some fancy things back end with another back end email system provider, and yet still AOL block – I think they block every system I have! Not to worry.

      I’ll email your AOL account from my gmail account and hopefully that comes through and we can sort

      Do check spam etc in the meantime. It will work as the username, but yep if you haven’t received the password, nor the re set password emails, you’ve no way of getting in! Bear with me,

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