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Daily (Adam N)

#1 – 3.27 Hunt – Wye Aye – 2pts win – 4/1 (WH/BV) 7/2 (gen)

Almost unrideable at first, this five-year-old made good progress over hurdles last season with a couple of solid efforts in big field handicaps at this track. He made an eye-catching chasing debut just over a fortnight ago, staying on well over an inadequate trip, and the extra five furlongs today should suit.

That’s all for today. GL

Big Race (Josh)



2.Jumps Profiles 20/21

1.55 Ling – Nocte Volatus H3


3.Monthly Trainers

NEW Venetia Williams (any odds)

1.35 Carl – Chambard 11/2

3.45 Carl – Roll Again 15/2



Venetia Williams November… research post/video will follow early next week, Mon/Tues. There’s some cross over with the Jumps Profiles angle but not too much. This angle is 20/70, 31p, +111 BFSP since start of 2015 (20 individual horses/winners) and has been profitable since 2008. Her October form/how ready they were, gives hope she may have a decent month! After Twister, we could do with one 🙂


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  1. Great effort Saturday Josh, your write ups were excellent and I did pick out Regal Encore following Honeyball’s superb form at Ascot today. I shall be signing on the dotted line tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Doug. I wish I was as wise but glad the write up was useful, which is always the hope. I do wish Regal had needed it . Still, they generally ran well and the winners were no shock, so as bad days go that’s as good as it can get. Onwards. Yiur support appreciated and see you on inside soon!

  2. Very short of time with doing works to my house so going to be a busy time up to Christmas which is annoying as don’t get the time to look through the racing as much as I like to
    But just looked through the members info I think price is very fair Josh no complaints at all and I like the new site
    So think it will be blind following of systems for me for a bit, go in with Venetia surely she will keep up her tradition for the month!!

    1. Thanks Ryan – price is always tricky – it’s up to me/Adam to prove it’s value I suppose, and got 60 days to do so. I like to think of what it is weekly, as I think for the content that is more than fair, and in my head, if we are as good as we can be, it could look cheap – I also just wanted a ‘winter season ticket’ this year in particular, in part to inspire some season long commitment I suppose but also because what happens next May-Sept is up in the air, blog wise etc. I did look at some other ‘winter season tickets’ that were around 160, one is 375 etc. Always a tough balance, and said approach won’t please everyone but you never can. We shall see how it goes, i’ve a target i’d like to hit and it may be a long winter if I dont haha. Onwards. Thanks for your support as always, Josh

      p.s – well – I thought Twister season would go on forever! At least I suppose it was clear fairly early on the yard were not firing as they were, but that’s wiped out last years twister profit such is life. All indications with Venetia are that they’re fit, they’re forward, she’s got them where she wants them – and in general they run their best race of the season on their first start/after 90+ days. Not many need the run etc. So, fingers crossed – one of her stellar +50 BFSP months would be welcome!

  3. No joy on Saturday but a 9.75 points profit for October, the fifth consecutive month in profit, total +42.75 points.

    Two for Sunday:

    1.05, Carlisle, Cheval Noir – Trainer and jockey in OK form, has won on the ground, has won in this class. 1 point each way.

    2.40 Carlisle, Imperial Aura – Trainer and jockey in form, has won on the ground, has won in this class, won at this distance. 2 points win.

  4. A winner @12>14-1 and 2 places from 5 yesterday just 2 today,
    Huntingdon 2-22. Truckers Highway 14-1 1/2 pt ew
    Carlisle 3-10. Silva Eclipse 5-1 1pt win

  5. Hi Josh,
    Longterm silent member, but don’t receive your e-mails
    Would like to re-subscribe. . Query how?

    1. Hi Keith,

      Just click the ‘become a members’ button in top right hand corner, there’s the videos to watch above if you wish etc, latter one explains the process if any issues,
      if on mobile just scroll to the bottom of home page to find sign up link. Your continued support is much appreciated,
      cheers, Josh

      1. Josh,
        Sorry to be a nuisance, but I think I have time left on
        my subscription.
        Could you check please.
        Many thanks..

  6. Are you still using the Jack Quinlan chaser angle? He’s on Easter Eric running at Lingfield currently 5/1. You missed a Gary Moore winner at Ascot yesterday that qualified from your own angle. If you ever need someone to check angles manually then get in touch.

  7. Hi Josh as one of your old members I’ve just signed up and very much looking forward to the season. I’m pleased you’re back with all your vim and verve. Thanks very much for the free month.

    Lots of luck and best wishes

    1. Hi Hilary,

      Thanks for posting and your kind words – yep I think the vim and verve is back but at the end of the day it is a results game, and i’ll be doing my best to make sure we have a decent season.
      No problem.

  8. Meant to add Josh, if ever you need an eagle eye then get in touch. I can give you your system qualifiers 2 days in advance, that’s how I’ve always worked, I’m currently doing Tuesdays race cards, and I can also report on which archive systems are still profitable.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks – theyre all saved in HRB, just a case of what I pull out, and i’ve had too many reams of stats here before, so have tried to trim back. If I posted quals for every angle every researched here it would be silly and up to readers what to follow I suppose, and anyone is free to post in comments if they are tracking something. I think i’ve still got Jack’s saved, and one for Ben Poste which still ticks along etc. You can have too much and a tricky balance,

      1. It’s ok Josh I know what you mean, my systems archive threw up 62 qualifiers on Saturday producing 10 winners. I’ve got 11 qualifiers today and I class it as a quiet day.

  9. I have signed up. More to learn more about reading jumps racing. I will post some AW tips over the winter when I get time. Here are a couple of jumps qualifiers although it’s that long since I created them this is just a place to announce them and see how they go. None of my hard earned on!

    1248 Hunt – Alberic 17/2 – 2m non handicap hurdlers, this was a combination of trainers and sires.
    1558 Hunt – Easter Eric 5/1 – Amy Murphy at certain courses, jockeys.
    1615 Carl – Karl Philippe 9/4 – combination of trainers and sires that do well in NHF races. Odds <=50/1
    1615 Carl – Medaki Roc 10/1 – Shirocco offspring with preferred trainers and damsires. Odds <=40/1

    No flat until tomorrow:(

  10. Sorry me again, last post I promise, your Jack Mitchell system threw up a 10/1 winner yesterday and your Kevin Scott system produced a 16/1 winner on Friday so they’re still looking promising for the winter all weather.

  11. Morning,

    3 in the big puzzle of the day at CORK, enjoy this race and i think i did pick THE GATECHECKER out in this last year, there may be one lurking, but, not at 33`s

    3:20 CORK
    THE GATECHECKER 1pt win 11/1 gen
    Yes, i`ve picked out the obvious one and really he does tick every box, he is well suited to this long galloping straight and has won round here, this 3m 4f is about at his limit, so long as it doesn`t go heavy I think he`ll go on the ground also, looks as though they have primed him for this and at double figure odds again if he runs like he did last year that will look big! Value at the odds.
    THE CADDY ROSE 1pt win 8/1 gen
    trainer in form and this mare deserves a big prize, having run a couple of big races only to be denied by the old “one too good”, this i think will be a bold front running effort and it takes a lot to peg them back here if they get in a rhythm, her RPR was well ahead of anything else LTO and the front two pulled well clear in that run also.
    AH LITTLELUCK 1pt win 16/1 gen
    I know he`s out of the handicap, his trainer is in form and the horse is a bit quirky, but, some of his best runs have been round here and if he can recapture the form over the bigger obstacles, he could make the weight look laughable, Mr Mullins always does well with his ones at the bottom of the handicap and the trainer also has a habit of following that guise. It`s only the Elliott and Meade contingent that have forced the weights up and a lot of them are out of form, so, it leaves some of the others down the bottom to sneak in with weights that they would never normally have.

    As always hope all horses and jockeys come back safe and sound and good luck with whatever your selections are today!

    1. Apologies, not the best of starts for the jump season. I`ll keep plugging away, but, well done to Martin and Adam, excellent start!

  12. Best of Luck to yourself and Adam for the season ahead.I think the approach going forward will only add to the best racing site for racing enthuasist’s.There are other sites but are mostly ranting shops.In this time more than ever we need somewhere to find distraction and a simple pleasure,watching your horse nosing ahead after the last,or has it in the bag and your holding your breath hoping the jockey doesn’t make a hames of it at the last.Horse racing is pretty much a solitary pastime,a good day and no one to share it with,a bad one just to suck it up and move on.At least we have RTP

    1. Thanks for your kind words Gerry – yep hopefully we can add to enjoyment and profit for the winter months, it won’t be for the lack of effort anyway.
      cheers, Josh

  13. all signed up and ready to go. nice easy process josh well done on that.
    no covid kaos for me as im off for a work a few days. thank god
    nothing in the uk today so i thought i would have a look at the to class 1 races over in ireland.
    13-30 epona plays / raise you / laughifuwant
    14-00 with thanks / darkest / secret pulse

    as always good luck. 🙂

  14. Adam’s selection today is 2pt win, I’m sure I’ve just missed this in previous blogs, but what is the range for his stakes e.g 1-3 points

    1. Hi Roger,

      Nope you haven’t missed it – I need to pull together a ‘user guide’ early next week. Inc advice on betting banks etc,

      Yep, the plan is 1-3, there may be a few 1 point EW, 2 or 3 point win. It will be rare to be more than that – but it isn’t a 4-10 point scale say! Suspect majority will end up being 1-2 point wins. Adam rightly didn’t want to be restricted in that sense, as he does varied stakes professionally etc. But it won’t get to silly points level, tips will be 9am and recorded to advised, not BOG.

      best, Josh

  15. woohoo
    off we go.
    GL to one and all, old and new.

    A couple to be going on with although a bit tight with time for 1st one
    C 1.35 Chambard
    over the water
    C 3.20 Rocky’s Silver

  16. Afternoon all, I’ve just signed up so I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the winter season. Looking forward to joining in and hopefully bagging some winners!

  17. Josh,
    Thanks for that. I just wanted to know so I can decide on my stakes per point. I think most people will want to back the same as Adam, otherwise what’s the point of following a professional, probably/possibly at lower stakes but the same points.
    Hope that makes sense and really looking forward to following you both this winter.

    1. Yep, no problem Roger and I know its info i need to provide to give a steer on. I always talk ‘points’ and never cash as everyone has different levels etc – i’ve made the mistake of diving in too much before and when you start thinking about the money lost on a losing run, you know you’re betting to much imo. Nothing wrong with starting with £2.50s/5s, indeed that may be the best place to start, and build up in time. A worst case i’d like subs to be covered over a season for stakes such as that, and then have plenty of fun/interest along the way etc. But each to their own.
      I’m happy with my shortlisting/dangers form so far since mid Oct, a case of nearly but not quite, but they will come 🙂
      Best, Josh

  18. 2Tips 2winners must thank Martin for his advice today profit will pay for my winter season subs happy days

  19. Hi Josh,
    Can you give me the points scale that you and Adam use please , i have noticed that your bets have been predominately 1pt either win or 1/2pt ew and today Adams successful bet was 2pts so any details on this would be vm appreciated,
    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Greg,
      I need to pull together a User Guide for such things, I’ve replied to a question above re Adams staking. He uses a scale that will mainly be 1-3 points, 1 point/2/3 point win, they’ll mostly be 1 or 2 points I suspect and a few 1 point EW.

      My own… Yea I’m trying to stick to 1 point win or 1/2 point EW, no more than 2 points on any one race, the odd 1 point EW

      There won’t be any 5 point win etc
      But I will pull together a user guide ASAP.

  20. Hi Josh,
    Can I ask how do I change my password from the one given when signing up?
    I’ll be at work and need to access the site on my phone.

    1. Hi Andy, explained in the last video above, but when logged in on desktop, hover over what will be the Log Out icon, should see a dashboard link, and in that is a change password link. Or can log out and when go to Log in you can use ‘lost password’ link at bottom of log in box. Josh

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