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New Video, quals


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Monthly Trainers (Jumps) 

5. Horses to Follow


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None on Tuesday from me. 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

4.25 Ayr – Theatro (9/1<) H4 5/1 UP


3.Other Micro Angles

Jack Mitchell

6.10 Wolvs – Sir Hamilton (10/1< best) 7/2 2nd


4.Monthly Trainers (Jumps) 

Emma Lavelle (14/1<)

3.25 Bangor – Manofthemountain 5/1 WON 5/1> 9/2 (hit 7/1 lunchtime)


5. Horses to Follow

Losing Tips

2.05 Ayr – Ugo Gregory (2nd run) H2 7/2 WON 7/2> 7/4 

5.40 Wolvs – Hexagon (1st run) 15/2 UP



Do check out Monday’s post and ‘pace’ video if you missed it, you may find it of some use/interest. 


… don’t be so blinkered! (like me, but not GB/Silver!) … i’ve had a look at Majestic Dawn and the record of horses in C2 Flat Handicaps wearing 1st time Blinkers… not sure why I haven’t done that before, but I won’t be so dismissive of them again! Tut. 

Concluding with a ‘micro angle’ of sorts that is 10/34, 14p, +295 BFSP since start of 2015… but plenty of snippets for you to take away and if you’ve got your own system building software, some inspiration for further digging…(if you find anything good, let us know! :))




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  1. Two for Tuesday at Ayr:

    12.30, Cruyff Turn – up in distance, won well lat time out, improving three year old, has won in this class, draw OK. 2 points win.
    2.40, Inductive – course and distance winner, just a three year old and so improvement to come, has won in this class, draw OK, 2 points win.

    Good luck Martin

  2. yesterdays c3+ list had 1 place out of the 2 races.
    todays sole c3+ video replay race
    15:15 harrison point / redarna / clog maker

    AW c4+ video replay list
    17:40 hampton / sermon / asdaa
    18:40 high commissioner / toro dorado / bavardeges
    19:10 gold barcode / anna of lorraine / lapses linguae
    my picks
    LAPSES LINGUAE 66/1 EW a little more speculative than usual. ex irish trained filly with disappointing recent form. but coming to the time of year that she has her best form. may be a little early but there is not much we can do about that.
    has ran well on the aw in the past and as she is still only a 3yr old there could be some improvement and a new yard could eek out a little more progression. at 66/1 im playing for a place which could turn out better value than the winner.

    over in ireland ( a few horses i noted down )
    1:45 lay it out
    2:55 le jardin secret
    4:35 free solo
    5:35 pixel power

    a couple of angles ive been playing with. early days with these as im still finding my feet with them
    ayr 1:30 SHALLOW HAL trainer based sprinter angle.
    over at wolverhampton i have a multi sire angle ive been experimenting with. maybe George b or one of the other aw experts at RTP can cast an eye and see if anything matches up with what they have.
    6:10 toronado queen
    6:40 toro dorado
    7:10 yolo again
    7:40 global humour
    8:10 baltic prince

    as always good luck with your selections 🙂

    1. Hi Warren….will start by saying Wolver not a track I like for several reasons, distances and quality, or lack of, as in lower grade races C5 and C6 inconsistent performances of horses make trying to predict form a nightmare….same comments apply to looking at sire stats for this grade of horse…tapeta surface also difficult to assess what horses will go on the surface and inconsistent surface can ride std or std to slow depending on rain….so having said all that did look at one race in depth which was the 19.10 where Yolo Again was running as this was a C4 so better in terms of assessing form…but everything I have just said above is evident in the runners, especially the inconsistency….the “best” figures are over 6.09 f are:

      Anna Of Lorraine 72.35 secs
      Yolo Again 72.80 secs
      Lapses Linguae 72.98/73.36 secs…inconsistent
      Turunga Leela 72.64/73.67 secs…inconsistent
      Bettys Hope 71.32/72.92/73.00 secs…inconsistent

      If you are looking at a sires angle then Yolo Again and Turanga Leela sires are best at the distance….class performance of sire then it is Bettys Hope but a small sample followed inby Tuscan Oasis ..Going it is Yolo Again with Bettys Hope.

      I have a trainer angle fo Fell runners at Wolvs….and this is for Yolo Again…Between 1-7 days and 31-60days since last run…Yolo Again ran 15 days ago so does not qualify on that system but does qualify on odds system so all in all very problematical and have probably thrown up more questions than answers….personally there are more questions and imponderables for me to risk a bet as there have to be easier options today…good luck if playing and hope this is helpful…..all the best

    2. Hi Warren
      Just got in and had a look at your sel as I always do but the 5.40 at Wol you have HAMPTON but there is no such horse running. Is it a typo for wolverhampton? Would appreciate you clarifying.


      1. Michael. Sorry I’ve just seen this been busy at work. The horse should of been badri but for some reason I typed the last part of wolverHAMPTON instead. I have no idea as to why or have any explanation other than I had a senior moment lol .

  3. Good moaning wb 🙂
    my notes against yours =
    1:30 A SHALLOW HAL
    = Trainer in form
    15:15 A harrison point / redarna / clog maker
    = race will suit Redarna and the other 2 = jock/trainer in form
    17:40 W hampton / sermon / asdaa
    = asdaa looks good to me as well = trainer in form / month
    18:40 W high commissioner / toro dorado / bavardeges
    = hc = e/w for me * bavardages = month/trainer form * i do like Blame Culture up in distance at last ! 😉
    19:10 W gold barcode / anna of lorraine / lapses linguae
    aol = jockey in form / trainer/jockey month * LL = interesting e/w shout = trainer in form ..4tbp !! 😉
    6:10 W toronado queen = my recipes only give a shout to Cwynar ??? = jockey ion form
    7:10 W yolo again
    7:40 W global humour
    8:10 W baltic prince
    p.s. all my aw sires / actual race distance and course recipes didn’t suggest any particular good things ? 🙁

    Nothing looking too exciting today in betting propositions pour moi just a few penny yankees … but good luck to one n all in the continuing battle against logic and the bookies 🙂

    LGB 🙂

  4. hi wb
    i have just answered you .. but forget my name etc .. dohh !!! .. should come thgru as anoneeemousey soon 😉

    1. George there is no way your posts can be mistaken for anyone elses even if it says anonymous lol.
      My eyes kept being drawn to ASDAA. Quite a few things seem in its favour today. I think the dascombe/kingscoat horse SERMON is a danger and it’s the type of race this pair wins leaving us all scratching our heads as to why we didn’t see it.

      Much to ponder with all that info many thanks 🙂

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