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2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Monthly Trainers (Jumps) 

5. Horses to Follow


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None on Sunday from me. 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

2.05 Notts – Itkaan (any, 9/2< best)

3.35 Chest – Ejtilaab (9/1<) H3


3.Other Micro Angles


3.40 Curr – Salsa (20/1< guide)

Straight Track Specialists 

2.50 Muss – Treble Treble

Jim Crowley (any)

4.25 Notts – Hamish McBeth H2

5.00 Notts – Newton Jack

Jack Mitchell 

3.35 Chest – Molivaliente

Kevin Stott (16/1<)

2.50 Muss – Treble Treble

3.25 Muss – Angel Eyes (16/1<)

5.40 Muss – Ben Lilly (16/1<) H2


4.Monthly Trainers (Jumps) 



5. Horses to Follow

Losing Tips

4.25 Notts – Recon Mission (2nd run)

4.45 Chest – Calculation (3rd run)

5.00 Notts – Ugo Gregory (1st/2nd) H3





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  1. A 13/2 winner, 20/1 place, two losers and a non runner on Saturday, so a decent profit on the day.

    Nothing from me on Sunday.

    Well done to those who had the winner in The Cambridgeshire. I did look at it and thought it would get to the lead early but thought he would get swamped late. Change in headgear or the others letting him go??


    1. Yep well done with your picks yesterday.
      I wasn’t close enough to the winner for my liking, I thought his return LTO was a bit underwhelming and maybe too put off by 1st blinkers in a race like that, but he was a monster price and GB highlitged the trainer record which I omitted to look at. Of course his decent 5th in the race last year and lightly raced profile was the way in with him. And that was a deeper renewal. And pace. It was clear from the maps that he’d be up there. But easier for me to say with hindsight of course, i didn’t have enough foresight unlike some.
      There was a strong tailwind which obv helped him and a course record time. And made it difficult to catch him. He was obviously chucked in. Paul Coles son now more involved on the joint licence may he having some impact with fresh training approach.
      One of those. A superb pick for those who landed on him and a few did.
      Anything middle to low was done for from the start. But a superb ride from Paul H.
      Lucander still has more 10f+ races in him. Dubai M ran well enough and Fells will be winning more races.
      Still, soon be time for the jumps.

      1. Josh….I know it is no consolation but one of your three your picks, Lucander at 18/1 came second, so gd e/w return and a small profit to level stakes if backing all your three depending on prices etc. and only a small loss if not getting the prices so don’t be too hard on yourself…I know you do not like backing e/w and are disappointed with yourself as you set the bar for your own performance so high but you do a superb job with this site and I know you have the resilience to see this as a minor blip and you have been on the ball so many times before so onwards…..

        Analysis of of the race…Majestic Dawn ran in a time of 105.14 secs allowing for the going, which was described as good by the Racing Post…..the RP course standard time for the distance is 107.80 secs. The RP time has the race run .86 seconds faster than standard giving 106.94 time of 105.14 secs allows for the going of 1.8 seconds, hence the difference and makes no account of the wind assistance…To put this into contest….My figures show that an average horse…class 4 usually, as a rough benchmark, should run 9 furlongs in 111.07 seconds, so even with the help of a the wind this is a cracking time and justifies of having sett a new course record. This is a HOT race and those running on the near side clearly had the advantage of better going…..Walhaan was first of the far side group so has to be marked up being 13 lengths behind the winner running in 107.311 seconds….this is still way above my average…..those in behind Walhaan running on the far side were Kryptos, Sir Busker, Montaham, Sinjaari and so their performances can be marked up….So, even though the race was wind assisted it is worth keeping on eye on those that raced far side ….Al Rufaa raced near side, the fastest part of the track , coming 25th of 27 clocking a time of 108.35 seconds being 19.25 seconds behind the winner, so even this 2.72 seconds faster than my average of 111.07 seconds…so definitely a race worth following for future winners….all the best today with whatever you are backing…

  2. I am not a favourite backed so I always look for horses that are fitted with blinkers and well handicapped in big races (like Hey Jonesy 66/1 at Ascot in June).
    On the Friday night I selected Majestic Dawn @ 50/1 in the 3:35 Newmarket and Sayifyouwill @66/1in the 4:10 Newmarket. I decided to bet £2 EW each ans £1 EW double with William Hill. A little wheel kept spinning which i assume there is no connection to the William Hill server. I eventually fell asleep from waiting and forgot to check if the bet was placed.
    I switched on the TV halfway through the race and was egging on Majestic Dawn – thats when i checked that the bet was not placed. I did manage to back Sayifyouwill £2 EW in the 4:10 so all was not lost.
    Great shout with Lucander. That would have been a good RFc to have

  3. Wasn’t going to have a bet today but an old favourite of mine has drawn me in,
    Chester 3-35. Muntadab 28-1 4p £2 ew, mark has dropped to 85 so has scrapped into this C4 off top weight, Roger Fell has James Doyle on board and he did win a C3 on good ground back in July off 87 .

  4. yesterdays c3= list had 3 winners and 5 places. both my picks didnt fair so well but the day belonged to both george and silver who stole the show yesterday. i had a nibble e/w. the big fields are not my strong point so its awesome having members that are and of course the big man at the top who’s proved himself time and time again. brilliant saturday. 🙂
    todays c3+ video replay list
    14:05 modmin / zezenia
    16:25 roulston scar / danzeno
    15:00 harmony lil / pacpash / kool moe dee
    16:10 heart and soul / snow ocean / babrial the one
    16:45 edinburgh castle / mancini / seinesational
    14:50 victory angel / pwerallied / royal context
    16:00 lights on / freyja
    my picks
    VICTORY ANGEL 9/1 things didnt go to plan last time out but finished well under a big weight. carrying alot less weight today and is a course and distance winner. likes to be held up and there is a bit of pace on offer today that should help.
    ROULSTON SCAR 13/2 been off the track since February and has been running over at meydan this year with a place in a group 3 event plus a win in a valuable 61k handicap that had summerghand beat back in fourth that day. should find today easier today

    as always good luck. 🙂

      1. cheers silver. i actually forgot to do the double. lol.
        collective pat on the back for our bookie bashing antics this weekend.
        long may it continue.
        there just isnt a better website out there at the moment. in fact its that good at the moment when subs come back we probably wont be able to afford it. lo 🙂

  5. Hi Josh just to let you know how i am enjoying your site 40/1 winner’s 9/1winner 6/1 winner I normally paid for tips I am so glad I found this site thank you silver/George/Warren thank you all

    1. Hi Anthony,
      No problem. Anyone who comments etc helps make this place what it is, from the irregular to the regular.

      The paid members club has been on hold since lockdown for various reasons but the pay wall will return at some point, prob 1st Nov, with an enhanced jumps offering. I need to get the business earning some money again otherwise the blog won’t exist in any real form moving forwards.
      But there’s always been some free content in these parts of that isn’t for you, and will be forever more.

    1. I haven’t decided yet 🙂 They’ll be a season ticket offer for Nov-April I suspect and other options but I’ve plenty do pondering to do on that score.

  6. hee hee 🙂 ……………….. i am beginning to wonder why i ever went to work in the first place .. double successfully landed by the gbster ………. fancied Tommy G …… but only done it doubles with other goldie horses .. who let me down ?!

    Thanks again matey .. you are true inspiratiuonal on here for me .. and others i suspect ! ????? !!!!? 🙂
    vive la RTP 🙂

    lots of love
    LGB … ( Man hugs that is obviously ! 🙂 ) ha HA
    What a weekend !!!!! bravo !!! thanks again

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