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2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 2020

(98 tips/16 wins/34 places (inc wins) /+84.85 points, advised/+77.35 Betfair SP)

No tips on Friday, I haven’t/won’t have time to look through the stats quals. Fingers crossed a few H horses go and maybe some of the others.


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

1.10 Sand – Holwah (any, 9/2< best) 2/1 UP

3.30 Sand – Native Tribe (any) 15/2 2nd

3.30 Sand – Louganini (any) (x2 angles) H2 7/2 UP

4.05 Sand – Dancing Harry (any) 7/1 2nd

4.35 Sand – Fantail (12/1< guide) H1 4/1 UP

4.35 Sand – Rosadora (16/1<) 16/1 UP


3.Other Micro Angles

Jim Crowley (any odds)

1.45 Sand – Minhaaj 14/1 WON 14/1>20/1 

3.30 Sand – Kingbrook (x2 angles) H4

4.35 Sand – Arabic Charm 11/2 2nd


4.Horses to Follow




Really Super… well, not much to say here sadly. I thought she was past her hot and cold days but she simply hasn’t turned up to the races, for whatever reason. I’ll remember that moving forwards! She travelled down fine but apparently wasn’t herself in the premlims and she’s never gone a yard. Rather annoying as I was bullish of a massive run but this game has a habit of putting you back in your box. Financially not too much damage done, thanks to Bollin Joan. Given how that race panned out/how Fidux ran, an on form Super would have obviously been bang there against those three. I can’t blame the track as she seemed out of sorts long before that, or the ratings rise, should have been an excuse. Anyway, Jack looked after her and it’s a run to best ignore. Whether anything comes to light we shall see, but just one of those days, the opposite of what we expected. Onwards, with my tail between my legs : )


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  1. Well the market was irrelevant in truth. That had no bearing on how she ran. I mean it poses some interesting questions but everyone connected with her expected a big run. She’s run a shocker, a bit embarrassing really but that’s mares and that’s the game. She was never going a yard. I mean she’s won at 16s x2 and 25s for us, market is rather irrelevant. But there we go. That hurts. And I’ll get back in my box for future runs. On we go.

    1. No, you shouldn’t get back in your box, horses aren’t machines, like I keep telling my football lads, if you lose forget it quickly and enjoy the wins, because the wins will have been enjoyable and if you are enjoying it that is the main thing.
      So long as she came back safe and sound that is all that counts!! You should always be proud of Super, because, that Market Rasen win was enjoyable!!

      1. Ah, I mean not back in my box as in i’ll never mention her again, but i’ll tone down the bullishness. But given how the race panned out, on form, I still think the same.
        But yep, not machines and a proper off day.
        And yes, I mean she has won x5 for us , so not complaining too much! She’s a star and will prob be best horse I ever have a share in, and that isn’t lost on me.

  2. We had our win LTO at 25/1 with Really Super and so she owes no one anything. I only back her 10/1 plus and so nothing lost here.

    Thursday brought a 5/2 winner and a loser.

    Two for Friday:

    1.10 Sandown, Perotto – gets top weight here but he is a horse rated highly by his trainer and so can win this. 2 points win.
    2.00 Carlisle, Lough Kent – an old stager, a course winner, won in this class, 7LB claimer on board, could pop up here at a price. 1 point each way.

    Good luck Martin

  3. That’s the great game Josh like you always say
    I’m obsessed and fascinated by it but I’m pretty sure there’s a huge chance that it will eventually drive me insane

  4. c3+ list had one winner and a 2nd place and CLEM A wining at 33/1
    my picks didint fare so well with 2 2nd’s and an unplaced effort.
    the c4,5,6 i put up for fun had 9 winners, 7 seconds, 4 thirds and a tricast in the last race. maybe i belong down below……!! 🙂

    todays c3+ video replay list
    15:30 enemy / louganini
    16:05 revolver / margaret dumont

    c4,5,6 (only bacause i had time)
    12:35 dark illusion / politics / celestial point
    13:10 holwah / bright armour
    13:45 pink sands / newyorkstateofmind
    14:20 lone eagle / symbolic power / scampi (no vid replay on these)
    14:55 crimewave / unresolved / coverham
    16:35 arabic charm / queen of silca / gypsy whisper

    all weather (only because i had time)
    16:15 one above / spring campaign / kaafy
    16:50 the princess poet / split elevens / roman dynasty
    17:20 dandy’s derrier / silver nemo
    17:50 shesadabber / terri rules / independence day
    18:20 elham valley / dreaming bue / cottonopolis
    18:50 costello / my brother mike / swinging eddie
    19:20 date in vegas / bizzi lizzi / bint australia
    19:50 vivacious spirit / deftera lad / new look
    20:20 rock of redmond / malmesbury abbey / wrath of hector

    my picks
    THE PRINCESS POET finished a nice third on debut after starting slowly and not getting the best of runs home.
    should improve from that and if getting a better run. yard is doing well at the moment with there younger horses.
    DATE IN VEGAS well bread filly finshed behind ricetta who was third in this years musidora stakes.
    david probert rides for stoute which i’m pretty sure i read a while back its something to take note of.
    lots of potentially useful animals here but given known form 9/1 looks generous.

    as always good luck 🙂

  5. Josh…. I had trouble keeping up with all the tweets etc yesterday. Try not to get too downbeat about her. That’s racing I’m afraid, they aren’t machines. The unpredictability of racing is the very reason many of us enjoy it so much.
    I enjoyed reading your blog and and your positive spin on the horse. Don’t let the defeat change the way you do things. It’s been a successful season so far post lockdown so your doing something right.
    Keep up the good work.
    Regards David Smith

    1. Thanks David,

      Oh i’m fine now! I probably shouldn’t have been so bullish but i’m saying that in hindsight and will always feed back everything I know etc. Her groom was a bit concerned when saddling/parade ring as he didn’t think she was her usual self, and she’s run as such. That’s horses for you. I wrongly thought she was past those very bad days given recent consistency, but clearly not. Lesson learnt. I don’t like the idea this is some cloak and daggers game, you have to be ‘in the know’, as generally speaking it isn’t – but when you’re upfront about X, that’s the downside when it doesn’t go to plan! Whether she’s left her race at home in days beforehand, or in the box on way down, who knows. But i’ll be ignoring that, while remembering a blow out is more possible than I thought it was with her now
      Still, it wasn’t a bad day on the blog! 🙂

  6. been having a look at Cartmel and in the 2-00 one has peaked my interest. River Icon 9-1 hasn’t been seen over fences since dec 18 when a distant 4/10 in a C3 at Cheltenham off a mark of 122, gets in today on 113 and has had 2 runs on the flat so should be fit. Jardine has had a few winners recently and has Conor O’Farrell on board. could be worth a look.

    1. Well it’s the work of a minute to find that Dogon is +11 vs Fort De L’Ocean and only carries +2… Nicholls saw enough in him to run him in last year’s Fred Winter off 133 (SP 14/1) and he’s in off 17lb fewer today. It might well be that he’s just taken a long time to come to hand.

      Dogon should be fav for me; I couldn’t make a cogent case for River Icon at the 6/1 or so available now

  7. Is there any value in these?
    125C Aptly Put may have found his metier for Jimmy Moffat today off a low mark.
    255S Kingston Kurrajong is in excellent form and squeezes into this 0-75 off 77, in ideal conditions, so has the fav. to beat
    415 I’ve backed Reims for an in form training team and a good booking of Hogan.
    550 Unable to resist the charm of Krystallite (4xCD winner) in this basement contest on the basis that Scott Dixon must have a winner soon…..and Katie O’Neill shows his optimism
    620 Dreaming Blue should enjoy tapeta and represents my best bet.

    1. Don’t desert my belovedHRB .. but i may just give this ago as iam getting to pace angles on 5f races at certain tracks ………. here i go !!

  8. Bakery thoughts of the day :

    1.45 SAN NEWYORKSTATEOFMIND = Looks to need 6f .. but this stiff 6f may work ??????????
    2.00 CAR RIVER ICON = trainer / month recipe (nb roxyfet/fort de le ocean)
    2.20 SAN LOVE IS GOLDEN = Trainer/going recipe (nb symbolic power/hafez e/w)
    2.35 CAR SHANTALUZE = Race type/jockey trainer recipe
    4.35 SAN ROSADORA = Trainer / f.t.o. headgear …very very small e/w 😉
    4.35 SAN PORTUGUESEPRINCESS = Trainer /track recipe
    6.20 WOL ESCALADE / DREAMING BLUE = Must be between these two ?

    only the head bakers thoughts and are not designed as bets just for added affirmation ..or possibly not ? 🙂
    No colin these are not to be included in my monthly figures !!
    I thankyou ! 🙂
    have a fun day looking at da horzes going by ! 🙂

    1. George
      Thanks for putting up that these will not be recorded on your figures, will you please make it plain which are when you put them up for nearly backed these with my £2 stake, and totally impressed with my £80 profit on the first day of investing last Saturday.

    1. Yes nice little drift wasn’t it. Perked up my train journey home. Those jockey angles been ticking over fine but Crowleys did need a biggie for a spike, plenty been short enough. That will have those figures looking very good now.

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