Daily Members Post: 02/08/20 (complete)

No tips, Quals


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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None from me today. 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

1.45 Sand – Tambourine Girl (any) 10/1

2.20 Sand – Calatrava (16/1<) H2 5/1

2.50 Sand – Gazelle (any) 16/1

3.20 Sand – Mephisto (16/1<) 15/2

3.20 Sand – Central City (9/1<) 25/1 ‘DNQ’


3.Other Micro Angles


12.35 Sand – Power Station (10/1< guide)14/1

3.10 Leic – Lion Tower H1 5/1

Newcastle Sires (20/1<)

1.55 – Habanero

1.55 – Knightcap H1 10/1

1.55 – Feisty Gal 9/1

4.00 – A Touch Of Luck 66/1

Straight Track Specialists 

4.10 Leic – Byline H3 9/2



4.Horses to Follow


1.45 Sand – Tambourine Girl 10/1

Losing Tips

1.55 Newc – Serenading (3rd run, tipped last twice) 8/1

3.25 Newc – Dark Jedi (1st run, placed for us LTO) H1 6/1



Goodwood + Galway Micro Quals

(as per report HERE>>>)



W Mullins (any) 

5.20 – Buildmeupbuttercup




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8 Responses

  1. yesterdays c3+ list gad 3 winners and 3 places. highlight being treacherous at 7/1 although the 3 places were 22/1,14/1 and 12/1
    my picks as ive decided to track them properly from the start of august taking note from colin/josh and co as the only way to see how good/crap i am at nailing my flag to the mast. im also tracking the c3+ lists i post.
    as for yesterdays picks lord glenaghcastle was a non runner homespin finished plum last. dont think there were any excuses just not good enough. in the write up i called the first three home in the correct order while waffling on about homespin. you couldnt write it could you. !!!(actually i did) lol.

    todays c3+ video replay list
    14:25 jash / yafta
    15:25 stylehunter / archie perkins / prejudice
    16:10 musicality bushtucker trial

    my picks
    BUSHTUCKER TRIAL E/W small field,muddling pace,day after one of the seasons biggest meetings the 22/1 outsider will go unnoticed. in fairness musicality looks good cant argue with her last win. might be to good for the rest but MJ and and big owner mr maktoum all chucking there hat in. the bell stable looks to be getting a few winners bushtucker seems to like this time of year likes this type of track and has drifted nicely down the weights. he may need a bit of luck (muddling pace) and that still might not be enough but as long as he runs his race i dont think he will be far away. E/W in a 5 horse race. its a game of narrow margins. something is better than nothing in my opinion.

    as always good luck everyone.

    1. Hi Warren
      A very wise decision to record your information whether you back in 50p or £100 bets, i for one cannot stand losing my money and by recording your bets you will soon find out which way to go.
      Wishing you all the best and hope your method of finding winners works.

  2. Quick question for anyone tracking. As I’m tracking my c3+ posts now. If I was backing all selections It would be 1 point win and half point e/w over 10/1 as there are more than one selection on a race so effectively each selection is level stake is this the best way to track them. ?

  3. Why don’t you track them with more than one staking plan if you’re not sure, that way you’ll find out for yourself what works best.

    1. I wouldn’t be backing e/w on more than one selection in a race. You need a 20/1 shot to place to make a 25% profit on stakes, doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. Josh posted a couple of micro angles for Newcastle a while back regarding sires performance at Newcastle and have been through the card for qualifiers…think I have them right but stand to be corrected…here they are:

    NEWC. 13.55. Feisty Girl/Knightcap
    14.25. Yafta
    15.25. Cockalorum
    16.00 Rabaabah/Oceans Mist

    They are not selections but thought this would be of interest. Gd lck if playing

    1. I do post them above in section 3 🙂 well those that hit my angles anyway. I can’t recall if I mentioned other sires that I don’t track but the main two ‘micros’ have been tracked above since that report was published.

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