Daily Members Post: 26/07/20 (complete)

No tips today, Quals, trends pointers


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 2020

(78 tips/13 wins/29 places (inc wins) /+76.3 points, advised/+78.5  Betfair SP)

None today from me. 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

12.45 Ascot – Lady Sansa (16/1<) H1 7/1 3rd

2.10 York – True Blue Moon (9/1<) 12/1 ‘DNQ’ 3rd

2.10 York – Dancing Vega (16/1<) 13/2 2nd 

2.30 Ascot – Dal Horrisgle (7/1< guide) 6/1 UP

2.30 Ascot – Sam Cooke (16/1<) H3 7/2 2nd, nose

3.55 York – Nuits St Georges (16/1<) H2

3.55 York – Always Resolute (9/1<)

3.55 York – Theatro (9/1<) H4 11/4 UP

4.15 Ascot – Campari (any) H2 7/2 UP

4.50 Ascot – Makram (any) 13/2 WON 13/2>7/1

4.50 Ascot – Strait of Hormuz (9/1<) H1 5/1 UP


3.Other Micro Angles


1.20 Ascot – Ishvara 14/1 UP

3.55 York – Monsieur Lambrays (14/1<) H1 10/3 WON 10/3 (10pR4) 3/1 >2/1

Straight Track Specialists 

2.45 York – Wentworth Falls (any) H2 15/2 UP/4th


4.Horses to Follow


1.35 York – Jumaira Bay (Sectionals/1st run) H1 2/1 2nd

2.10 York – True Blue Moon (3rd run) 12/1 3rd

4.15 Ascot – Tiger Crusade (Sectionals/1st run) H1 11/4 3rd


Losing Tips

1.00 York – Too Shy Shy (1st run) H3 11/1 UP

2.45 York – Golden Apollo (1st run) 14/1 2nd



Big Race Trends Pointers

(as per Trends Thursday post)

2.45 York


The 11/12 stats, ignoring odds/draw, leave 10/85, 30p in last 12 renewals, cutting the field in half…

Wentworth Falls H2 4th/ Muscika H4 Won/ Golden Apollo 2nd  / Soldiers Minute 3rd/ Music Society / Gunmetal/ Split Down South 

Trainers (to have won race in last 12 years/with runners)

  • George Bowen
  • Camacho Chief H1
  • Golden Apollo / Music Society / Hyperfocus




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10 Responses

  1. I’d be pretty sure the SkyBet winner is on the short list

    I’d say he’s younger than 7yo too

  2. Does anyone here download the One Day Ratings from HRB in Excel format as the standard ratings?
    I thought I’d done this for Saturday but it appears I haven’t so if anyone can help out it’d be appreciated.

  3. Is Mubaalegh not a qualifier for the Crowley/Al Maktoum angle, did it just slip through because it’s been running in France or is it considered a maiden because it’s never won in the UK?

    1. Hi Mike,
      He’s def not in my list of selections in my HRB dashboard from all my saved angles etc.
      HRB doesn’t take account of French form so generally my angles would ignore such runs and just count any UK/Irish runs if said rule is relevant.
      So for this example, of which they are are, for HRB/his form, he appears as having his first ever career run and hence doesn’t qualify. If that last run was in UK/Ire he would have done, so up to you what you do but wont be counted officially etc

  4. yesterdays C3+ vid replay list had 6 winners a second and a third
    my picks just had the one 3rd e/w
    on to today
    13:55 mountain peak / magic j / konckek
    14:30 country / sam cooke / almania
    15:05 shimmering / love and thunder / iconic choice
    15:40 caroline dale / hala hala hala
    16:15 sun power / ziggle pops / tiger crusade
    14:10 presidential / alemaratalyoum
    14:45 george bowen / wentworth falls / jonah jones
    15:20 franconia / gold wand
    my pick
    york alemaratalyoum e/w

    good luck everyone.

    2.45 York Jonah Jones Ed Walker at York rather than Ascot, Frankie on board expecting big run

    2.50 Wolverhampton Cotai Again Charles Hills Big player today and who can argue with him, even against Simon Crisford odds on fav

  6. Should Danny Tudhope be champion jockey?
    He doesn’t have the ammo but he could be this person/the people’s choice.
    Speaking from a fattened wallet thanks to Firmament but my view is based on a number of exemplary winning rides, mainly unbacked, this season.

    1. Yep, cheered him home. It wasn’t a race I liked when I looked this morning, but Gary knows his Flat/AW handicaps, no doubt about that. I think that takes him back up to +52 points or so for the Flat season, 1 point EW, which is what I do. He’s been unlucky with a few head bobs in recent weeks also, but that’s the flat game I suppose. I am biased but a superb addition to any portfolio and his are the only ‘tips’ I back myself consistently, outside of my own content. His long term record speaks for itself.

      £5 1 month trial here for anyone else intrigued

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