[Video] How I Find Winners, And How You Can Too

How I Find Winners, And How You Can Too


How I Find Winners, And How You Can Too…

…well, how you can find even more winners than you do now! In the video below I talk through a handful of winners from recent days including Cape Coast (8/1), Zabeel Champion (9/1), Glenties (11/2), Mr Kiki (11/1), Sparkling Olly (7/1), Jawwaal (12/1) and Lahore (24.00).

In this video I talk through my approach , what i’m thinking and how I analyse horses/races. There’s some stats/micros of interest for the notebook and I also talk over the odd video replay and highlight what caught my eye pre race, etc.

It is a lengthy one and maybe not many will watch it – but hopefully for those that do, you find something in there of use that may enhance your own approach, or at the very least gives you pause for thought. It was also a good process for my own development as it’s good to remind yourself of what you’ve been doing and what’s worked. Maybe split it up into 20 minute chunks – and if you ever get bored, just jump to the last 10/15 mins for a summary! 🙂

Now, the wheels to my flat summer may well come off (well, there will be another hefty losing run or two at some point) and this post will be re-named to ‘How not to find winners’, but for now, if I was a cricketer i’d be ‘seeing it like a beach ball’ , so i’d best try and make hay while the sun is shining… enjoy…





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2 Responses

  1. Hi Josh
    Just watched your video, thanks for putting it out there.
    The length of the video is irrelevant,if you want to learn
    something its like going back to school it has to be done well.
    I am 59 years old and been punting for longer than I care to remember,
    and I have been with you from when you started many moons ago,I am
    still learning even now and video’s like this is a must watch for anybody
    wanting to make yourself better and win some money.
    Anyway I have gone on long enough (some one else regularly says that,
    but for the life of me I can’t think who),so once again thank you for an
    excellent video, keep up the good work

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for taking the time to post, and your kind words, much appreciated. Glad you found it useful/interesting. Yep, you can’t make videos/content such as this much shorter really imo, without cutting corners.
      Ha, i’ll keep it short and sweet! Keep on keeping on.

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