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  • Great work, love these reports

    Richard 20/07/20 11:19 PM Reply

    • No problem, Richard, my pleasure.
      I dabbled with a few other ideas, esp for Goodwood, inc sires / stalls / those with course exp, but couldn’t find much else of interest to my eyes anyway! Not without needing to do too much chopping/too many rules etc. We shall see what those angles fire out. Hopefully MJ has an ok week!

      Josh 21/07/20 7:13 AM Reply

      • I LOVE the simplicity. With a bit of brain power it can be KILLER

        Like at Royal Ascot with Gosden / Dettori / Sires – smashed it.

        I have a few MJ horses in mind for Goodwood, hopefully some big prices

        I’ll be leaving Galway alone as I know next to nothing about Irish racing

        Richard 21/07/20 4:41 PM Reply

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