Daily Members Post: 20/07/20 (complete)



2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 

(9/62,22p, +69.19, +68.05 BFSP)

None, a morning off. The early part of my week will be spent pondering all things Glorious Goodwood and Galway, which will both light up the following week. As well as attempting to find any ‘hot form’ horses and ‘sectional’ eye-catchers. 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

None. (potentially 8 on Tuesday…)


3.Other Micro Angles


6.00 Wind – Sun Bear (any) 7/2 WON 7/2>3/1 


4.Horses to Follow




It’s been a silly Flat season so far, tipping profit/ROI wise. If you’d had said come the end of September your flat season total would be the above, i’d have taken it. I’ve had these hot streaks before (never on the flat though, but then my flat head probably hasn’t been this clear, and the approach to the content is very different/more focused/in general leaving the summer jumps until Sept) and won’t get ahead of myself, as there will be an unavoidable losing run again at some point. Still, we’ve a few points to play with :). Hopefully some of you have been backing some of them, +£140 odd to £2 bets, +£350 to £5 bets. (+ Super!) Although for long suffering readers, much needed after a torrid long period of mediocrity before that.  I’ll work on being more consistent.  I need to tot it up properly but I think the blog’s ‘tipping’ profit is through +500 points since start of 2014 or so, in addition to any other content/comments you may muse over. 

The future... as previously discussed the ‘members club’ (I may call it a ‘supporters club’) will return one day, probably for the start of October all being well. They’ll always be plenty of free content. I’m going to get the site redesigned as its a bit tired and needs a new lease of life. Nearly 1000 of you read the blog on Sunday, 1600 in total in the last week read something. Solid 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying the Flat journey so far. 

Onwards… and if you’re ever feeling generous enough to donate just £5 into my ‘food on the table’ coffers (it isn’t that bad, I jest 🙂 ) or to buy me a pint, you can click the big green box below, using an industry leading shopping cart/payment system (Thrivecart/Stripe) Thanks to those of you who’ve supported me already in the last few weeks, it’s much appreciated. Keeping the ‘paywall’ down has been quite deliberate post lock-down, as at times since Xmas I didn’t think the content was good enough to charge and I needed to up my game on a few fronts this summer. So far, so good. But you have to keep grafting away in this game, nothing is given to you. On we march… cheers, now, time to raid my fridge for a cold beer… and order a curry… Josh 




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  1. A 3/1 winner and a loser on Sunday.

    Two for a mediocre Monday.

    2.20 Ayr, Castlehill Retreat – drop in distance may suit him, won in this class, draw is OK.
    5.30 Win, In The Red, some decent recent form, well drawn and should have an easy lead.

    Good luck Martin

  2. Stats Selctions

    4.50 Ayr Lolani Sayer/Sullivan 7/1

    1.40 MR Vice et Vertu 7/1 Daly/Brennan

    Lolani may have more to come having won comfortably LTO
    Vice Et Vertu could win comfortably or sulk and tail in,Paddy does seem to get best out of him though

  3. Hi Josh further to last weeks re ladbrokes not on oddschecker,I have just been on their site and checked their prices on 24 horses on my list of possibles for today they were i point bigger on one selection ,level on 3 and shorter on the other 20!!
    perhaps that’s why they have dropped the oddschecker listing

    1. Yep, I’d say same for Coral odds over the last few days, since they dropped off Oddschecker. Not looking competitive.

      1. It is a bit strange to my eyes – I’m sure their turnover on horses must go down from such a move, but maybe not. If it coincided with accepting more bets/bigger liabilities etc then a case could be made.
        I think it’s good betting practice to not only bet on the day of racing if you can (not practical for some I know) but also not to snaffle top price every time of only one bookie is stand out etc. Little things that may or may not preserve your account. I don’t think you have to be a winner to be closed, you just have to be smashing SP by a silly amount, too often for their own liking, as they’ll know they can never beat you that way.
        I lose track of who does lay guarantees now up to £500 liabilities or whatever it was.

        1. yep – i think they do differentiate on some of the behaviour/prices? I’m sure they had to do something to satisfy competition watchdogs etc but must save them stacks of cash on the back end. In truth i’ve no idea how that operates, in same was at Betfair/Paddy power, and whether details are shared, or whether trading rooms are now just one and the same. In theory, given the increased financial clout/spreading risk, it should mean they’re less fussy about closing down the £5-20 punters who don’t take the mick. But who knows!

  4. Today’s better races.
    My video replay observations

    Ayr 16:20 Thai terrior / regal mirage / time vogaye.

    Windsor 19:00 yimou / a sure welcome.

    My pick regal mirage

    Good luck everyone

  5. 5.00 Dream Kart 11/1 – Atzeni and MJ teaming up again at Windsor in a handicap and on a former course winner, which fairly bolted up in a 5F maiden. First time in a proper handicap and has contested in a listed event, seems a big price to me? Off the track for a while I guess the concern but with AA booked I think they must be hopeful – 2 from 3, 3 places in handicaps at the track

    1. few other picks today:

      2.10 – Lungarno Palace 4/1
      3.50 A – Lucky Violet 12/1 ew
      6.00 W – Reemannie 8/1
      4.45 B – Treasure Today 40/1 ew (bit of a stab!)


    2. GL James… tricky one given he’s got another runner – i’d assume as Franny is down that he’d have had the choice esp as she’s a MJ Club horse also, although he won on the other LTO and it’s hard to get off LTO winners even if other fancied/fit etc. You never know, she’s got fitness/stamina to prove, but you’re getting a price. 6f could be what she wants this season. I can see why you’d have a nibble.

  6. According to another website the problem with Ladbroke/coral is failure to agree suitable fees with flutter owners of betfair,pp,skybet and oddschecker.flexing financial muscle by the sound of it.

  7. Well done with Lahore yesterday Josh..great spot…
    No Ascot list runners today. Hopefully tomorrow. All the best with bets today.

    1. Thanks John, along with Beckett’s at Chepstow (sectional eyes) he was the most satisfying winner to date, and was mainly down to trusting my eyes from his 3 runs this season – Donny win was obv he was still well handicapped (RPR backed up also), excuses last twice but if you didn’t watch Ascot premlims/stalls, you’d have been oblivious to why that run was so bad etc. Pace set up perfect, and the first ‘losing tip’ i’ve landed on, and a nice price, so pleased pulling my finger out and tracking/posting those has had some dividend – I wouldn’t have looked at him/race otherwise.
      On we go, plenty to play with for Glorious Goodwood

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