Daily Members Post: 19/07/20 (complete)

ALL Tipsx6 + video, Quals/horses to follow


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 

(9/62,22p, +69.19, +68.05 BFSP)

#1 – 3.25 Newb – Faylaq – 1 point win – 5/1 (gen) UP -1… hmm, strange run/ride, he has races in him, unless he just finds sod all for pressure. 

#2 – 4.00 Newb – Moon King – 1 point win – 8/1 (bet365/WH) 15/2 (others) UP -1

#3 – 4.00 Newb – Just Hubert – 1 point win – 16/1 (bet365) 14/1 (WH/888) UP -1, both a big underwhelming, esp this one. Maybe he needs rattling quick and dropping in class, back to Muss

x3 above as of 9am

#4 – 2.30 York – Arecibo – 1 point win – 9/2 (gen) UP 5/1 UP -1

#5 – 2.30 York – Lahore – 1 point win – 24.00+ (BetfExch) 20/1 SkyB 18/1 (gen) WON 22.54/1 (24.00/2% commission) 12/1 SP (hopefully you got a bit bigger, I snaffled 26-28.00, but plenty between the two prices for most of the lead up to the race) 

#6 – 5.00 Newb – Swiss Pride1/2 point EW 33/1 (1/5, 4p gen) +1/2 point WIN BFSP UP 1.5 … well it was a poke, he’s travelled strongly (maybe did too much/not strong enough pace) and i was excited for a time- he’s found nothing under pressure – back to the all-weather, Jack Mitchell on- i’m sure Roger will get wins from him based on that Wolvs run, with some pace to aim at. May need everything to drop right. 

A busy day, that’s all, as of 10am… x6 tips, 6.5 point outlay. Horses listed in order that I made decision/got to races etc. Video at bottom of post…


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

2.15 Newb – Nahaarr (10/1< guide) H4 7/4 WON 7/4>6/4 

3.35 York – Strait Of Hormuz (9/1<) H1

4.00 Newb – True Destiny (any) 11/2 3rd

4.00 Newb – Moon King (16/1<) H1 15/2 UP


3.Other Micro Angles


3.45 Curragh – Punita Arora (20/1< guide) H4 14/1  UP


1.20 York – Saunton H4 10/3 UP

Jim Crowley (any)

2.15 Newb – Shabaaby H3 15/2 UP

3.25 Newb- Faylaq 6/1 UP


4.Horses to Follow


2.15 Newb – Nahaarr (2nd run since entering notebook) H4 7/4 WON 7/4>6/4 

4.10 York – True Blue Moon (2nd run) 22/1 UP

5.00 Newb – Swiss Pride (1st run) 22/1 UP

Losing Tips 

2.30 York – Lahore (1st run) 12/1 WON 12/1 

4.00 Newb – Just Hubert (1st run) 16/1 UP

4.00 Newb – Moon King (1st run) H1 15/2 UP



Tips/video preview…

Well when I posted last night with all the various qualifiers above I thought it may be a busy enough day given most of their runs/form/profiles/excuses are lodged in my head. Come the end of the day it may well be I need to work on the mental aspect of leaving recent losing tips- it’s harder to leave them than to back them…anyway, let’s crack on…

Actually i’m going to do a quick video… well I say quick, it’s 18 mins but for the 50 or so of you who like watching them, it’s below…


Your first 30 days for just £1


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21 Responses

  1. A good day on saturday with a 14/1 winner, a 22/1 place and two losers for a decent profit.
    Just two for Sunday:
    1.20 York, Saunton – Hannon does well enough with these Footstepsinthesands horses over this distance.
    3.25 Newbury, Global Giant – Frankie’s only ride of the day and for Gosden. Solid form in a competitive race.

    Good luck Martin

    1. Well done again Martin. Ticking along superbly at moment, with the less is more/considered arrows.
      Frankie ‘one ride’ of even more importance now he books his own rides/follows John’s instructions. And when only one ride on card even more important maybe. He could have had rides in other races it seems but had no interest at all. Using himself very sparingly. Keeps this up he will prob keep going until 55, and if he makes that he may want to outdo Lester at 60 ish.
      Keep kicking.

  2. After being an absolute jammy git last evening i’m pushing my luck and having a go at York through the card
    18-Jul-20 18:47:19 18:45 Curragh Laws Of Indices – Win Placed: 18-Jul-20 18:44:02 Back 97.10 (BSP) 2.00- 192.20 Won. 🙂
    12-15. Seasett
    12-45. Semsar matched @13.5
    1-20. Saunton
    1-55. Symbolize
    all £2 win and a L15
    2-30. Duke Of Firenze (Tanasoq)
    3-05. Living In The Past (Lyzbeth, wifes names Lizbeth so have to)
    3-35. Strait Of Hormuz ( Via Serendipity)
    4-10. Excellent Times

  3. Newbury ew pokes.
    2-15. Watan
    2-50. Brazen Belle
    3-25. Walkinthesand
    4-00. Moon King (best bet)
    5-00. Swift Approval

  4. Saturdays are really not my day. Let’s see what today brings.

    14:05 romanor / elkstone
    14:40 double w’s

    13:55 Ventura rebel / symbolise / royal commando
    14:30 jabberockie / danzeno / acclaim the nation
    15:05 dancin inthestreet / breathtaking look /miss celestial / dark lady

    14:15 watan / nahaar
    14:50 tinochio / mahale / bungledupinbkue / lullaby moon / enduring
    15:25 fox tal / global giant
    16:00 selino / themaxwecan / reshoun
    16:40 dubious affair / alemagna / sweet celebration

    My picks
    York 15:05 dancin inthestreet e/w
    16:00 Newbury themaxwecan

    Good luck everyone.

  5. 12 mm at Newbury ‘dampens’ enthusiasm for a bet. Faylaq my best there

    York moves the stalls across today, interesting to see how that affects the draw / pace angles.

    Tricky old day

    1. Hi Richard,

      Newbury – 12mm?? As of 9.30 am they’d had 3mm, and the light drizzle was clearing up. Well, that’s according to the Clerks updates on the BHA site.

      York- the stalls haven’t moved… for 2YO races they’re the standside, the same as yesterday. The rest up the straight track are in the centre, as with yesterday.

      Gl with any fancies, as always. Hopefully we’re right with Faylaq!

  6. Ascot list runners.
    12.15. York Jadoomi
    14.50. Newb Aussie Stormer/Bungleupintheblue/Enduring/Get It/Happy Romance/Kool Moe Dee/
    Mahale/Nelson Gay/Power On/Rsque/Soldierpoy/Talbot.
    Gd lck if betting today.

  7. Punchbowl Flyer 5pm N
    Down from c3 to c5

    Ragstone view my outsider ew to take on josh’s. Last two wins at this course and all wins in June/July.

    Swiss Pride 0/11 on turf never won a hcp ? You are a much better judge than me I await with interest. Lol.

    2.30 Y
    I like Copper Knight as a 4 time winner to win.

    Outsider Golden Dragon based on his decent 2yo form. 2 tries at hcp didn’t do so well but at 40/1 worth a £ew for a place.

    Some good hcp racing mixed with some interesting football matches.

    Have a good day.


    1. GL Mike,

      I do think Punchbowl F is the best of those near the top in that 5pm, I didn’t touch on ‘dangers’ in that, but I can see why you’d like his chance. 5s may be fair.
      Swiss – ah, the lazy spotlight comment! The sort of RP comment which helps make a horse’s price. Those are facts of course, but on strength of his turf form, and his AW form, inc claimers (of which many have higher rated horses and if they were handicaps would look very solid) he’s no 33s shot. Maybe he’ll run like a 100s shot haha. But Teal hasn’t had him long and he hasn’t had many goes at 7f, which looks like his trip to my eyes. Only 4. Based on the sectionals of LTO, and how he ran – Teal will win a race with him when it drops right. It may not be today – a chance on turf he needs it really quick – but then with 33s shots the stars never fully align hence the price. But, bar jumping off another cliff head first, it will only be 1.5 points loaned, ahem.
      GL as always.

  8. Thanks for your comments Josh, as I said you are a much better reader of races than me and I am sure you would come out on top everytime with me.

    Had a few pennies on these for Sun pm tv viewing.
    1.30 Siver Man ew
    2.05 Shoal Bay ew
    3.05 Lost and Found ew
    5.20 Jimmi Chew wo/ The Black Squirrel ew

    GL with your tips Josh, I have had a bob or two on them just incase.


  9. 3.05 Living in the Past 11/12/1

    Taking a slightly different angle today

    Owner-Clipper Logistics/D.Tudhope 3yo 21/90 +63

    They have 2 in the race with Lost Empire,who DT rode LTO,whether this is their choice of jockey or more favoured by dt who knows
    There are a few questions regarding whether horse has improved over winter.Wouldn’t be too worried about the break as with Burke if they are good enough they are fit enough.His 3yo record at york is a concern 0-27 but won a big pot with this one here last year

    1. GL Gerry. I need to see if Clipper Logistics are listed in HRB owners but if not I’m sure Chris can add them… They do seem to have nice horses that can go in at a price.
      Danny is retained rider for the Clipper team so you’d have to assume that he had the choice/is on him for a reason. We shall see! GL

  10. just missed out with Gulliver yesterday.
    Only one race today, at Tipperary
    BAY HILL 1pt win 7/1 gen
    GET OUT THE GATE 1pt win 3/1 gen

    As always hope all horses and jockeys come back safe and sound and good luck with whatever you select today.

    1. Thanks all, i’d have taken that before the day started. The season total looking rather healthy now. A few darts to play with. Your support appreciated as always. Onwards.

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