Daily Members Post: 17/07/20 (complete)

All Tip x3 + Video, Friday’s quals


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat

(7/49,18p, +46.5, +56.34 BFSP)

#1 – 2.20 Chep – Sparkling Olly1.5 point win – 13/2 (bet365) 6/1 (WH/ BetfS/PP) (8am) WON 6/1> 5/2, 15p R4, 5.1/1 +7.65

#2 – 8.25 Hayd – Makthecat – 1 point EW – 10/1 (bet365) 9/1 (gen) (1/4,4p gen) (8am) 3rd, +0.8

#3 – 2.10 Bev – Serenading – 1 point win – 15/2 (bet365) 7/1 (gen) UP,-1,  5/1, yep, she’s one to leave now, before i’m impaled at the bottom of the cliff – travelled well into it, looked poised to pounce, found sod all. A shame she could’t have stayed at 4s/ 9/2 for another hour! 🙂 

that’s all for today as of 9am, x3 tips, 4.5 points outlay, video preview below, inc some of others on the page given a brief mention…


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

2.20 Chep – Sparkling Olly (16/1<) 6/1 WON 5.1>5/2 

2.20 Chep – Mayfair Pompette (14/1< guide) H4 10/3 UP

5.55 Hayd- Red Missile (12/1< guide) (x2 angles) 7/1 UP


3.Other Micro Angles


1.50 Chep – In The Cove (10/1< guide) H1 Evens UP

Sire/Breeding Angles

1.10 Bev – Boulevard Beauty H4 8/1 3rd

Jim Crowley (any)

8.05 Leic – Thibaan H2 Evens


4.Horses to Follow


1.00 Lim – Dress Kode (2nd run) H3 16/1 UP 5/1

8.25 Hayd – Makthecat (2nd run) H2 9/1

Losing Tips

2.10 Bev – Serenading (2nd run) H4 9/2 UP 5/1




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40 Responses

  1. Thursdays runner was unplaced.

    Four for Friday:

    1.10 Bev, Warranty – trainer in form, up in distance, unexposed.
    2.10 Bev, Cool Spirit – first time blinkers, won 3 times in this class.
    2.40 Bev, Gentle Look – draw OK, won at course and a distance winner, back from a break.
    3.10 Bev, Kings Pavilion, front runner, won at this course and also a distance and class winner, drops in class here.

    Good luck Martin

  2. Today’s classier races

    18:25 trueshan / alignak
    18:55 d’bai/ final song

    As always good luck

  3. In case you missed it from yesterday’s post

    “I hope you won’t mind this Josh but today over on his Elite service, Colin notched up 5 winners from 6 tips. Unbelievable. Great tipping. Cheers Colin”

    You might even get a few affiliates on the back of this Josh 🙂

    1. Hi Ken,
      Encouragement/celebration of one of our own is always fine, and i’ve encouraged people to take a look if they so wish, here… http://bit.ly/37johbH

      (400 have checked out Colin’s offer via that link to date)

      (includes full results etc, although not without that stella day’s including – Tip Top has been flying along, as has the On The Bridle trial – some sort of holy trilogy, so far, so excellent)


        1. You’ve lost me Adam, although I could be having a slow moment – that can happen on a Friday afternoon…

          1. You mentioned the on the bridle trial but I can’t find that anywhere, I do know of a service called off the bridle though. Cheers

          2. Ah sorry – Colin was trialing On The Bridle on here, but the chap who hosts his paid for services is now trialing on his free trial email list, among other services – a good way to take a free peak etc. Which you can join below…
            (that is an affiliate link, obviously – but that free list/trial from there is good, and Neil who runs the site/hosts Colin’s stuff, is sound. A good email relationship with him!


    2. I’d forgotten all about Colins service,so I’ve just signed up now,hopefully onwards and upwards.

        1. Dearest Colin,
          Please can i have a free life membership …….. you know you have made enough money out of my tips over the years 😉 lol …… Good Luck and all the best ..sounds like your on a winner 🙂 … more often than not

          the never serious
          LGB 😉

  4. The only Ascot list runner to day was Isle of Lismore 12.45 Chepstow but now a non runner….still pondering the poor runs yesterday of both the horses that clocked 39.00 mph plus LTO….very disappointing, especially when the winner clocked 37.44 mph and the runner up 37.28…the latter was clocked running faster than the winner LTO and both were said to have dwelt in the stalls (or deliberately held back?) anyway….Deliver the Dream went off far too fast I think and not sure what happened with Eye of Heaven…two bad runs now so you have to question if there is something amiss with the horse….anyway nothing today…back tomorrow…

  5. todays chepstow replay shorlist/observations through the card i may pop the rest of haydocks up later if time allows but there are some big races tomorrow that are gonna take a bit of time to sift through

    12:15 cool strutter / lady florence / edge of the bay
    12:45 cliffcake / mr ryder / lady roseta
    13:20 outer space / our man in havana / fantasy justifier
    13:50 in the cove / inner circle / blessed to empress
    14:20 quick recap / sparling olly / zenaida
    14:50 soramond / speech room
    15:20 rotherwick / sonhkran / watersedge
    15:50 perfect arch / carausius / coltrane

    my picks
    12:45 cliffcake
    13:50 blessed to empress

    as always good luck on all your selections today.

  6. Hi Josh
    A friend of mine for the past 10 years, she saw the investment side, and she opened a Betfair Exchange account with £2000 giving us the 100 bets at £20 per bet, my bonus for putting the bets on 50%.
    First bets placed 10th July and the £2000 bank is now worth £2798.44 after 6 days and the 4 bets today have £25 win so only need a couple of hundred more for the bets to go upto £30.

    The £798.44 the commisson was 5% so must get her to go for the 2%,
    2% would have made the profit £822.40 or an extra £23.96

  7. Good stuff Colin.
    As with any approach etc it’s all about timing. Everyone can look through the link above, the results spreadsheets, the subscription, timing of tips etc and see if it suits them.
    As a portfolio it’s going great guns, Tip Top having a fine year, that’s maybe due a dip (or it will continue) and then Elite will go on a mad spurt, which may well have started yesterday – that’s the great thing if you’ve a couple of separate approaches within a portfolio, and long may they continue. Top work.
    Still happy to talk through Elite if you so wish, but i’ll give you a call sometime next week for a catch up, either way.

  8. Not apropos today’s post Josh, however, would it be possible for you make a video comparing some of the various racing databases?

    I’ve currently taking a look at HorseRaceBase but it would be good to know some pros and cons from other services.


    1. Hi David,
      Yep that has been on my list and not a problem. Although there’s probably enough videos on my youtube channel to make a decision on HRB or Geegeez Gold…

      HRB has become pricey – I hadn’t realised they’d put up fees etc – and has brought it inline/ similar to Geegeez Gold, which if comparing those two, there’s some deliberation now and given the racecards etc , and indeed SOTD daily tip (which pays for gold over a year usually, for 5-10 bets) the latter would shade it – although both do cheap trials, and the latter has free access to daily tools for registered users etc.

      It very much depends what you want to use them for – I use both heavily for various things, but then I did get in when they were cheaper /years ago.

      Anyway, i’ll ponder what I can do.


      1. Yeah, it has gone up quite a chunk, wish I’d known about that pre-restart, I’d have explored during the downtime. I’ve already discovered you can spend hours wandering down certain avenues, so it may still be VFM.

        I know you have an ad on-site, so what’s your opinion of Inform and its system builder in particular?

        1. Yep, I mean if you’re a systems punter, and really enjoy researching, digging, trends etc, then I think HRB is still the best i’ve found, and their ratings etc are good. In truth there probably wouldn’t be this blog without HRB and if I had to pick just one to sustain what goes on here, it would have to be that. The race cards/ profile tools etc are decent also. Like with anything, you can have too much info, and it’s a question of specialising. I did think HRB at 10 was too cheap though, and you do get plenty for your money even at the revised prices, as you do with Gold.

          Inform – again that’s a piece of kit that will really suit some punters – the race cards with the speed ratings are decent – in all honesty I struggled to find a way to make it work but that’s simply because I didn’t have the time – I was trying to do too much and I think it’s a piece of kit to try and ‘specialise’ in, as I do think the ratings are top quality and Ian who owns it does plenty on the tutorial side.
          I have desperately tried to simplify how my analytical mind works/how I approach things and if this Flat season is any indication, so far so good.

          I never played around with the system builder too much in truth – it’s very much a system builder for researching the historical speed ratings/finding angles. Very different to what HRB is, which by the sounds of things may be the piece of kit for you! I really need to see if Chris has an affiliate set up haha, I must have sent plenty his way, but then in fairness that’s payback for how I use it here etc etc.

          One of those three will suit you to the ground,

          1. Thanks Josh,

            I’d have to wait until their next discount offer but I’m also considering Proform, simply because my bot(s) can take advantage of the built in automatic system bet placement feature. That’s a massive value add/time saver just by itself.

            Shame you can’t give Platinum a trial as it’s some commitment otherwise. However, many people pay £50+ a month per tipster, so if you can get it for half price, it’s a better sounding proposition.

            Much to ponder.

          2. Ah I wouldn’t put you off Proform… I always think of that as more for the pro punter or bigger stakes, and it’s prob too much for what I do, but yes if you can get an offer etc, worth a go. Many sing it’s praises and is a powerful piece of kit that prob includes everything.
            But, as with them all, you ca trial/sign up for a short time etc so maybe a case of 1 month with each, or a couple, and then decide. And no longer term commitments with any of them. There’s something got everyone and all budgets that will improve success longer term.

    1. YEP nearly the f/c as well …… excellent wd jw 🙂
      lgb .. always in debt ..no .. literally 😉

    2. You have to enjoy the golden spells James… that’s nearly 50 points in 7 days… like Jan 2016 which was a +90 point month, and Festivals 2017 , 2017 which were both 60/70+ weeks from memory. Now to just work on spreading it out/being a bit more consistent! That flat pile is getting towards where i’d have been happy over a whole season in truth, but on we go. Maybe icing on Friday’s cake later at Haydock.

  9. i really need to start documenting all this stuff im doing properly is there anything out there or can anyone recommend some sort of tracker i can put all my bets in to get a better picture of how well or bad im doing.

    1. The only site I know where you can record your own bets is GG’s Gold. The free way to do it is Excel !

    2. Website called bettin.gs is free for the basic functionality just tracking overall profit. It’s a bit easier than excel. You can upgrade for more features but the basic should be enough. I’m not associated with them in any way but I’ve used it for a few years now.


  10. Hi, nicely ahead on the Beckett profile , many thanks for that.
    Was there a Jedd O’Keeffe qualifier today? 230 Bev ? Its ok it didn’t win

      1. Hmm, well i’m glad you inquired James!

        I’ve been perplexed for a good 10 minutes – that angle is saved as ‘active’ but didn’t flag any qualifiers- I went into the saved angle, used the ‘now’ feature and there they are – I’ve just re saved it, without changing anything – and now they’ve appeared in my Quals dashboard – it hasn’t been fetching them all season to date, thankfully only 2 quals prev, both lost (one went close),

        And yes, there was the 2.40, and there’s also Philosophical in the 4.10 also (not a H4). Very strange, i’d best check some of the others but think every other Trainer Profile has had quals.

        thanks again, that would have been a painful revelation a few weeks down the line! I did think it odd we’d had none from him as yet.

  11. here is the rest of tonight’s card at haydock.
    usual shorlist / observations

    16:25 spantik / mafia power / hooroo
    16:55 imperial force / solent gateway
    17:25 kapono / baby steps / tenax
    17:55 harmonious / revolver / red missile
    19:25 lowahead / starter for ten / noble masquerade
    19:55 raad / cold front / magic voice
    20:25 critical time / pacino / makthecat

    my pick 17:25 tenax

  12. York Tomorrow 1-55. i have a £8 risk free bet with b365 and have looked and looked at this race and can’t make head nor tail of it, any thoughts anyone?

    1. hmm, you’d be mildly surprised if one of top 3 in market doesn’t win it – a naff race for a free bet! I’d put it on the Appleby/Buick horse if it were mine.

    2. i amm thinking RANCH HAND E/W Martin ….. but it won’t come out of the oven until tomorrow morning ??

    3. universal order.
      ive started my shortlists for tomorrow. thats the only one i noted for the list.

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