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stats pointers of interest…


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 

(2/27,11p, +16.2, +31.5 BFSP)

No tips from me today. A ‘biggie’ mentioned below in the ‘stats pointers’ for interest change if you so wish, do take a look at those stats/the race. Anything could happen with that one but she is 22s or so. Maybe worth £1 EW for entertainment! 


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat



3.Other Micro Angles



4.Horses to Follow





Tipster Trial... for those you interested in trialling a successful flat/aw tipping service for just £5, you can find more info in this post HERE>>> (inc a video from yours truly…you won’t require popcorn)


Stats Pointers 

Given its a quiet day again and I want there to be something of interest for you to muse over, again for the notebook, or to use as a ‘way in’ for this particular horse…

3.50 Catt

A truly woeful race… probably not one you should play in…but…

Marengo Sally – her sire is 9/24, 13p, +19 BFSP over staying trips on the Flat Turf, 11.5 furlongs or further. 4 different horses responsible for those wins.

Her trainer, Ben Haslam, on the flat (inc AW) is 5/23, 7p +12 SP when moving horses in distance by 25% or more from their last start, either up or down. He’s also 2/7,3p at the track in the last year and given there’s hardly anything else to go on in this (just look at the race), and surely likely to be a decent price- may be worth some ‘beer money’ on another day where the flat racing is less than inspiring to my weary class 6 eyes, – as the more I dwell on the those stats/how she ran LTO – outpaced – 1st run since Nov – jockey knows her/ how dire this race is, she may outrun her odds. She also gets 12lb from the older horses. Or, like most in here, she’s bereft of much ability. Still, there’s reasons to hope she may leave previous form behind although of course in this race there’s much educated guessing. Although the top 3 in the market all come into this on the back of an ok run, which probably counts for plenty in this line up.

Still, some of those stats may be worth remembering for the future.


Ben Pauling... possible signs that he’s coming out the doldrums on Day 1 of the jumps returning… or as someone on Twitter amusingly put it… ‘we know that David Pipe’s been training David Pipe’s horses during lock-down, but who’s been training Ben Paulings’ ?? … you can only smile at such humour. Still, I think he’s had virus issues for a while… there were some shining lights before the jumps was halted in the Spring but they’ve been unpredictable for a while – maybe health issues have little to do with that but in any case, in the last year he was 0/35, 2p in handicap hurdles before today, and now he’s 2/37 (2/2). His seem to fly in at all sorts of prices. Maybe its a false dawn, or they’ve turned a corner. We shall see.


In case you missed it… 10 Alternative Horses To FollowREAD HERE>>>

This was a ‘lockdown’ post from a couple of months back –  from a friend of mine who’s a part time bloodstock agent – in said post there are 10 Pointers to keep an eye on if/when running under rules – i’m late to that blogging party as Ultimate Getaway is on that list, who he purchased from Ireland out of his final Point, selling him to Foxtrot Racing. He hacked up at Southwell having been 7s and I believe connections had a good nibble.





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  1. A 6/4 winner, 8/1 place and two losers on Wednesday.

    Dross racing on Thursday but two from Ireland today:

    4.00 Bel, Lord Rapscallion;
    4.30 Bel, Graceland.

    What about The Derby? Any fancies?

    My selective tissue has English King and Kameko joint 4/1 favourites; Mogul 7/1; Pyledriver 12/1.

    So lay English King (4 BFEX but shorter with bookies) and back Pyledriver (19.5 BFEX but shorter with bookies) each way for me.

    Good luck Martin

    1. Derby: There’s rain in the forecast for the course which is a plus for Highland Chief, the Cole trained contender. It doesn’t look that it will become soft which would be ideal but it does suggest that an EW bet is the correct approach as there is confidence from connections that the colt will not disappoint them in two days time and that 16/1 is ‘value’.

    2. I’ve no real thoughts on The Derby – probably put some change on AOBs outsiders, which isn’t a bad ‘strategy’ to enjoy the race – I always find it hard to be dogmatic given the questions they all invariably have – and if there’s rain around, even more problematic.
      It will be some poor Derby if Highland Chief steps up from a class 2 handicap to get competitive! Although in fairness, only 3 in last 12 renewals have done so, and it does feel open enough.

      As an aside Martin, did you have any figures for June? I thought you did ok but can’t say I was keeping tabs, but i’m sure you were…

      cheers, Josh

  2. yeh yeh .. can you believe the “flannel” of some the tipsters out there 😉 ……………

    Our guest tipster for June was Colin Leafe’s Elite Racing………………
    It was a very successful month and the team here have no hesitation in recommending this service to you.
    The daily picks are made available at around 10.30am each morning, so the markets have settled down, and the prices quoted are readily available across several mainstream bookmakers.
    The suggested staking is a straightforward 1 point Win bet on each.
    During the month of June 2020 Elite had a total of 123 selections, of which, 19 outrights winners, although there were plenty which also went close in placing.
    Based on the 1pt level stakes and the quoted prices these made a profit of +18.83 points combined with a +15.31% Return on Investment.

    Overall the losing runs were minimal, and given the unusual format of the racing schedule he was faced with, the results in the circumstances were very respectable, and would most likely be improved upon as the racecards return to some form of normality.

    If you like three or four bets a day with minimal losing runs then this is the service for you.

    There is currently an offer whereby you can try the service for half price.

    Check that out here…..here and here !!! 😉

    1. Ah, fingers crossed that goes well for Colin – from On Course Profits mag isn’t it, glad his guest tipping month went well. Onwards and upwards! As previously shared… you can try here you so wish 🙂 http://bit.ly/37johbH

    2. Lord George

      Thank you for that, wish you had not done it for i have an announcement to make in a minute.


      1. sorry colin …. my crystal balls were not picking that up !? ….. sorry to steel your thunder and lightning 🙂
        you can’t hide true quality tipping like yours colin 🙂 .. you dare to go where angels dare not !! 🙂

        I look forward to you appearing on the RTP lecturn very soon …..once gain 🙂
        Yours in admiration
        lord gb ..no less ! 🙂

  3. who shall i put the mockers on today, i really should just give up or at least have a rest.
    C1-20. Highland Acclaim 10-1, 11/110 wins , won a C2 at Ascot in his prime off 94, did win a C6 on the aw back in march and the only other horse in the race that ticks all my boxes is Champagne Bob 10-3 . £2 ew
    1-50. Our Dave 11-4 looks a solid favourite £4 win
    2-20. Kodimoor 28-1 4 places, won a hat trick this time last year and back to a winable mark. £1 ew

  4. Josh and Members
    First of all having joined RTP a few years ago always put bets on the site and all ever wanted to do was help you win money if possible, and over that time you should have.
    Statement below was going to happen and as nothing to do with what happened yesterday by being informed that another company is promoting me.
    Been thinking long and hard after Josh revealed part of ON THE BRIDLE on here, i mentioned to him on a private phone call and was very disappointed at the disclosure, afraid feel that it was very unprofessional.
    Because of this will not be putting any bets on here for the time being, over the years i have spent many hours working on my methods and do not want any part of them reaveled without my approval.
    ON THE BRIDLE is not being launched, Sportsword wanted trial it live to their customers from 1st July, I have put a stop to it, so that is not a reason the bets are not being put up here, i intended to put them on for July.
    May have a change of heart in a few days time, and have another two methods i was going to start putting
    up so we shall see.

    1. Colin
      Have just logged on specifically to see what ,if any, On the bridle selections were put up today, and very sad to see your decision. They will be sadly missed as your systems have been profitable for me over the years – hopefully a return after a period of consideration

    2. Colin,

      That’s disappointing to read. And rather confusing.

      Firstly, you didn’t reveal your methods in a personal phone call so please don’t give the false impression i’d happily go around revealing private chats as that really isn’t on. You’ve never been forthcoming with any methods/ideas, however hard i’ve tried!! 🙂

      I worked that out for myself as I’ve an inquisitive mind and it wasn’t exactly hard to work out that it was top/joint top weights that won LTO, as a ‘way in’ .

      It was a conversation that was in praise of you – how you think such a revelation will have an impact on results is baffling, especially from some small little corner of our racing world.

      I’m sorry you feel such a revelation will have a negative impact but that argument just doesn’t stand any scrutiny….

      All Flat/AW handicappers that won LTO, joint/Top weights, since the start of 2008…

      13064 bets / 2878 wins / 22% w sr / -1565 SP / AE 0.9

      I don’t think such a revelation will have any impact on you, and as I said in what I thought was a positive comment, it’s all credit to you that whatever magic you sprinkle on top of that starting point has such good results.

      All i’ve ever wanted to do is help you, including offering to help with any research etc in HRB to save you hours of doing stuff manually and so you’ve a stronger foundation with which to build on.

      If you’ve been around for this many years and still can’t trust me, well maybe you should just find pastures new. Although I didn’t realise you posted everything with an intention of charging one day, but that would appear to be the case.

      How you don’t see the idea of ‘testing’ angles/posting selections as a win win all round I don’t really understand – i’ve sent hundreds to Sportsworld to check out the offer and have happily posted the link as a favour.

      Anyway. You do whatever makes you happy as life is too short not to keep smiling.

      Forever baffled and grateful for your contributions to date, as I know many other readers are. And i’m sorry that what I thought was a jovial chat in the comments about On The Bridle has been taken in such a way.

      best, Josh

      1. I do enjoy Colin’s tips on here. They do seem to mostly work.

        I did enjoy his golf tips a while ago. He seemed to lose heart when my figures for golf were bettering his. I would like to see them come back on here now that my tips are now gone on to a separate subscription site.

        No doubt Colin can come up with different approaches to horse race tipping and post them on this site for us to take a look at. I look forward to him doing so.

        1. Hi Martin
          Thanks for that you did do well, however after tipping golf for Optimum Sports for about 6 years lost a lot of love for the game, and towards the end of RTP tipping new that i could not go on again, and since i have stopped never look at golf.
          During lockdown they opened Hallamshire Golf course and walked around there every day for approach six weeks walking in Matt Fitzpatrick’s footprints, where he started his career, beautiful views over the Peak District.
          Tip for you always windy up there so have no fear in tipping Matt in windy conditions.
          Rooney Tunes Ha Ha
          what a goal against Preston

      2. I must admit I am one of the many that joined colins paid service after discovering him on josh’s site.

        1. Hi Gerald
          Thank you for joining it is greatly appreciated and i have not done the dirty on here for Josh recommended Elite to you all way back in October.
          How long have you been a member did you start in October.

      3. Josh
        Your words Although i dind’t realise you posted everything with an intention of charging one day but would appear to be the case.
        Phone call explained that my income was backing horses until bookmakers closed me down and still have rent and bills to pay that is why Elite went live on October 1st which you were made an affiliate making money from Elite, so cannot put those bets on free when customers are subscribing.
        Find those words very hard for have been putting bets up for over 3 years or more!
        Phone call early June i mentioned Jan/Feb payments i recieved next day a link went on site and it lasted one day.
        Phone call sure i mentioned that part of ON THE BRIDLE, we definetly talked about it, if as you say i did not then i accept that i am too old and happy to old grudges.
        I will put ON THE BRIDLE back on for there is one bet tonight.
        Maybe better communication for most phone calls have been instigated by me, and afraid i do not know what you are forwarding to Sportsworld and it would have been good to have been kept in the loop.

    3. Colin
      I’m sorry you feel this way but I think you are very harsh on Josh. As he said he has not revealed any of your methods. Anyone following On The Bridle would have been aware of the starting point for the method after just a few posts. All of your previous methods all had starting points that were obvious. What nobody knows is what you do with the starting qualifiers and that is your secret and nobody has ever asked you to reveal that.
      I for one would be sorry to lose you from the site. Hope you reconsider and post some new methods for us.

      1. Hi John
        understand where you are coming from, however i do recall talking to Josh on the phone about ON THE BRIDLE, so it as gone for me and certainly not going to lose sleep over it.

  5. Ascot List Runners:
    12.15. Catt Nacho
    14.40. Bath. Julie Johnston/Tempah
    18.00. Wolv. Dark Lion.

    No selections today as racing poor. All the best.

  6. Morning all.
    No speed related horses today.
    Just an e/w interest on rockcliffe at catterick in the 2:50

    Good luck everyone. Be happy and let’s stick together…..


    8.30 Wolverhampton Seaforth

    I will continue to put ON THE BRIDLE bets for as long as i can, however i need an income so cannot always do it for free.


    1. Just looked at tonight’s racing and Colin’s selection hits top on my speed rating thingy I do.

      Sorry Colin in advance
      I’ve now doomed it…….

      1. Hi Warren
        Would not like to be in your shoes tomorrow for i now know who to blame if it loses!!!

  8. Hi Colin, very sorry to read you are upset. I have religously followd your selections on here since I joined and thanks to you I have made quite a profit. However, like Josh “Although I didn’t realise you posted everything with an intention of charging one day, but that would appear to be the case.” I found it really sad that you stopped two of your systems and made them paid for ones and now you are stopping another one. I tbought all the “tipsters” on here were here to offer ideas and support to all the members for the loove of it. It does seem that you are trying out your systems on here to prove they work and then cashing in on the proof from here by making them paid for. I do hope you reconsider keeping ON THE BRIDLE and bringing in any other system to you have. I am sure we all appreciate your work and long may it continue on here.

    1. Hi Gordon
      Appear that i am being made a villian, put this on my last post, i need an income and Elite/Tip Top Josh was fully aware they were offered to subscribers for he was made an affiliate and is making money out of them.
      Gordon your words i have made quite a profit, so its all right whilst its free, i do all the work, cannot pay my rent or bills for no income afraid i will not be found guilty by you or anyone when you do not know the true facts.

  9. Ah, back to the heady days of RTP. Colin throws a strop, Josh talks him down and we all hug in the end 🙂 Halcyon days indeed.

    1. ah ha THE MC OF ALL CEREMONIES RETURNETH 🙂 … Trust you are in good humour old boy 🙂 …..
      great story from lgb towers yesterday ……….. mrs lgb threw a strop about yours truly not spending enough time on “other” things and too much on Turf Investing 🙁 …… she through the gauntlet down .. ” it doesn’t need your 4 hours every morning of stoking the ovens just to pick winners ” …she said … “i could do better in just 15 mins” …. she said …… too cut a long story short ….. we both had 7 horses in 10p e/w trebles …………

      My ovens achieved a healthy profit of £ 26.30
      Mrs LGB ..with selections based on relatives , friends and pet names …………… achieved a profit of £ 208.20 i kid you not ! 🙂 🙁
      sometimes you just gotta keep things simple 🙂
      look forward to conflabbing soon mc 🙂
      Trust Mrs MC can contribute the odd winner as well ?? lol 🙂

      1. Ain’t that typical my friend? Yes, horses with “Penny” in their name do well! Shall we proof our spouse’s and pets names method to Sportsworld, we’ll show that Colin bloke what’s what 🙂

  10. Colin, sorry you are taking umbrage but when I was making a profit before the lockdown `IT WAS NOT FREE’ . We were subscribers to this site we paid to be members, just like you. Members put up selections and we could choose to use them or not. When I joined I didn’t realise there was a professional tipster in our midst. I thought everyone putting up selections were, like me, fans of the game and trying hard to point members in the right direction to make a profit from betting and to help other members. I was wrong, you were the exception. However there other members putting up selections who work in the spirit of this site and long may it continue.

    1. Gordon, certainly not taking umbrage, howeve people’s circumstances change, you joined RTP for who you subscribed too, now i joined over 3 years ago could be five and have always put some bets for which i had worked to find on the board FREE, after a good run on Elite decided would try a subscription service, for telling the Landlord could not pay the rent sure it would not matter! Now Elite was put on RTP for a good 12 months with no intension of doing a subscription service, but again circumstances change and needs must that is the route i took, with Josh’s support so afraid i cannot see where you are coming from, for you joined RTP not Colin Leafe.
      Good luck

    2. Gordon, I think you will find there are other professional tipsters on this site. Martin Colwell for one. Everyone has the right to do what they wish with their tips and if they have to go pro for whatever reason so be it. I made the move to follow Colin’s paid tips and I haven’t been disappointed.

      That said, and I have said this to Colin personally, I think he takes umbrage too easily when none is meant. I really don’t think Josh would do this if he thought it would damage his tipping methods. In fact logic would tell you that he would hope that his tips were successful, as he derives a small part of his income from his affiliate link to Elite.

      Hope you take this the way it was meant Colin 🙂 and hope you stay.

      1. Hello Ken
        Thanks for your comments and you and i go back along way and have taken everything on board what you have said and we will hopefully continue to beat the bookmaker.
        A few more issues have cropt up over the past couple of days and a few things have been festering away with RTP yes have put a lot of good winning bets up over the years, however having done so well for RTP I do feel I have been taken for granted, and lack of acknowledgement of my achievements on here,take a look back from January and see how many compliments on all the winners i have received from the boss of RTP doubt it will be 5, but hey ho i did see red on what should have been a happy day with the big boys promoting me.
        Last time we spoke mentioned that ON THE BRIDLE could be the big one trust you have been backing it, and thanks for backing me by joining Elite and same for everyone who have.
        Victory should be good but another one which have not found a name for could be another big one.
        Ken look after yourself and enjoy your golf

  11. I DUNNO ..money for nothing and the tips for free … it really is dire straights !! …………… the youth of today !! 😉 get a proper job the lot of ya !!

  12. Please don’t go Colin!!!
    Surely one of if not the most valued contributor on here!! iv not been here long enough to say so tbf
    Don’t think Josh did anything wrong Colin I always think the same with Tip Top selections but like he said it’s to your credit which ones you put up as tips with your results going so well
    And well if your new methods start producing those kind of results and you need the money then it’s your right to start charging for them I suppose
    Just grateful you try them out on here in the first place

    Missing the stories aswel you used to tell from the free days of lockdown !!!

    And I’m Preston, Mr Rooney still at it, made that free kick look very easy

    1. Hi Ryan
      Thank you for your kind words they are greatly appreciated, I have no intention of disappearing Ryan, and you are one of a very few who over a period of time will say thank you for what i have done, that is a bug bear for it appears that i am taken for granted for all the work i put in.
      Preston hey seems like the wheels have come off, cannot see Derby going up amazed how they have progressed since the start of football again, only good thing is we have the best manager in the championship and he would be in the top 4 of the premier league after his first traumatic season what he has achieved.

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