[Special Offer] The Best Daily Flat/AW Tipster Around?

Why you should try Always Back Winners, inc a video explanation…

THE Best Daily Flat/AW Tipster around? (80% off)

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+ £3270.48 (£10 per point) since the start of 2018


Let me tell you about Gary and Always Back Winners, this ‘could’ be the flat service you’ve been looking for… we all want to cheer home winners, make some money and treat ourselves every now and then. Gary is one of the 1-2% who win long term in this game, and this is your opportunity to trial his service for 1 month, with 80% off… but first…

A bit of background… (always important)

Long term readers will know I’m very picky about what tipsters I tell you about – I think in the last five years there’s been no more than ten, and in the last two years I can count the flat tipsters on one hand. I don’t always get it right but do 95% of the time. 🙂 I enjoy reading emails from those who’ve signed up to something on my advice, are still there two/three years later, and have made plenty of money.

I take the responsibility of finding profitable services seriously and ensuring there’s little risk to you. In part this stems from the chunk of money I lost in my 1st year at University when I was probably conned. Or they were just woeful. (never trust a glossy brochure!) I value my integrity above everything else and have no intention of steering you towards crap, just to make a quick buck.

I like to get to know the service owners if I can, monitoring them in live play, see if they tick my boxes and whether I’d back the selections with my own money. I have to trust them – you won’t get an email from me if I don’t.

I also believe there is a service out there for everyone, whether that includes steering you towards decent free info, brilliant sets of racing tools to help pick your own winners, or tipping services, that have a long term record of winning you money, and giving you plenty to cheer.


How much profit has he made?

Gary first approached me around this time last year, July 2019. He reads the blog and wondered if I’d help promote his service.  He told me how in 2018 his Flat tips won followers +125 points to level stakes. (£1250 to £10 EW bets). And that 2016/17 had been even better.

In truth I’d never heard of him and wanted to monitor his output live and whether his figures could be believed. (after all, anyone can fill in a spreadsheet. And, as I’ve learnt, its best to be sceptical in this game)

We spoke on the phone a couple of times and he always responds to any questions I have. I can be very pedantic, especially when it comes to results / advised prices.

In truth I’ve been nothing but impressed by his long term record.

And form my dealings with him, I’m happy to say I trust him, all his figures and that you can too. And from what I’ve seen in the last 12 months, he’s just bloody good at what he does.

I do think he’s the best ‘daily’ Flat/AW tipster I’ve seen in the last couple of years. There’s those who specialise in ‘big races’ and those who do everything (inc jumps) but as daily tipsters go, I’m nothing but impressed.

In that 2019 Flat Turf season he won followers +90 points to level stakes.

Following that summer I was happy informing you about his inaugural ‘Winter All-Weather’ Service, which pulled in +67 points to level stakes.

AND NOW… he’s started the 2020 Flat Turf season on fire… +44.5 points. (to advised prices, not BOG)

So, since the start of 2018, Gary’s tips have won followers +327.48 points to level stakes…

Or + £3270.48 (£10 EW bets)

There is more…

Gary is also fond of his ‘£1k’ challenges, where you can bet 1.25% of your bank. So, if you started with 1k you’d be betting £12.50 EW. So, you can go level stakes (I’m boring and that’s my preferred choice) or you can try this % of bank approach… I’d probably start with £500…

2018 Flat Season: 1k became £3631.28

2019 Flat Season: 1k became £1906.67

2019/20 Winter AW Season: 1K became £1852.94

2020 Flat Season: 1k is currently now £1614


What else do you need to know?

  1. Gary’s tips are generally all 1 point EW. He likes to search for EW value.


  1. He tips at around 8am in the morning – tipping on the day of racing, especially outside of ‘big races’ is increasingly important to me – none of these early evening tips, where the price never lasts and your accounts may be restricted quicker.


  1. You can access the tips via his website. He also emails out a reminder, but it’s best to log in around 8am.


  1. On average there are 6-8 bets per week…. I know we are all different, some people like action galore – but for me this is a decent level – you’re not too busy, but it also gives you ‘mental space’, if you so want it, to pick your own winners, or maybe even throw in a ‘big race’ tipster to the mix. I personally don’t like backing 5-10 tips a day (I know some do, as I said, a service for everyone somewhere) and this is a comfortable level.


  1. He now declares results to advised prices, and not Best Odds Guaranteed. If you still have BOG accounts, you’d do even better. From my experience the prices last long enough after he posts, and in a worse case the tip will be within 1-2 points of advised price. Sometimes bigger is available.


  1. Gary keeps results regularly updated in his spreadsheets, accessible via the website. There’s also a comments box on each daily post if you have a question.


  1. BONUS – as well as write ups for his tips (they’re educational also) there’s also Gary’s ‘tracker notes’, which are an informative read.


Losing Runs… perish the thought but Gary does have losing runs… you can look at the spreadsheets yourselves and interrogate away… you’ll note losing runs of 20 and 30 points or so, occasionally slightly longer. That’s part of the game and if you can’t handle such losing runs, you’re either betting too much or shouldn’t be betting at all. Start small and build up over time. 🙂

Gary has been consistent with around a 40% win and place SR, which is exceptionally good going and why his results are so good. But that does mean 60% don’t win or place, and that means losing runs.

Long term profit is the game and with any approach you should commit to 3 months, if not 6 in my view.  Especially when a service has such a good track record of long term success.


JOSH, What’s The Offer?

Provided I haven’t put the mockers on Gary for the next few weeks (I can do that sometimes, very annoying) I have a special offer for you…

Gary has agreed to a special 1st month price, with an 80% discount

For just £5 you can get access for one full month.

You can road test his service, see if it’s for you and go from there. I’d personally give it longer than that given his long term record. You could start with a £500 bank, betting £5 EW, or £250 betting £2.50 EW.

If the potential of winning £3270 or more in the next 2+ years sounds exciting, click the link below, follow the instructions and add the coupon code… ABWRTP

Once you add that code you’ll get the discount (as explained in the video above)




This is a flat/AW service worth trying and it may well be the one you’ve been looking for – a perfect addition to any winning portfolio. I’d go as far to say that if you just wanted one ‘daily’ Flat/AW tipping service, you should look no further than Always Back Winners. 

But, with this trial, you can judge that for yourself. And hopefully I haven’t put the mockers on the next few weeks!




Thanks for reading,





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8 Responses

    1. Hmm, well like many it’s through paypal – but they do have a ‘pay with card’ option where an account isn’t necessary I believe – but from my own experience I appreciate Paypal is a barrier for some, although they do have protections etc.

    1. I don’t think Gary records to BFSP but i’ll check – I suspect it isn’t. If you’ve no betting accounts left then it won’t be for you – those profits are based on advised price/non bog around 8-8.30am – but his approach is very much EW and the place element plays a big part – I personally don’t play much in the betfair place market, but I assume that may be a struggle outside of the big races, to get similar terms as per bookies – but I could be wrong? I don’t think backing to BFSP win only would be profitable from what I can see in the results, but i’ll ask him and take another look.
      I think it’s very much a service if you’ve bookmaker accounts which will obviously exclude a few people.

  1. Can I pay for a trial month and then join for the annual fee, if satisfied.
    I do not use bookmakers so need to be satisfied that I could achieve a regular profit from taking early exchange prices daily, plus BSP on his selections.

    1. Hi Chris,
      I believe you can upgrade anytime yes.

      However, I’ve my doubts whether would work to BFSP, more so on the place element but I need to chase that up as don’t believe records kept to BFSP given his EW approach.

      Taking exchange price early ruins it for everyone else when there is no liquidity. It forces the price down and all the bookmakers are linked to it in my opinion. Whether taking a price later in morning may be possible I’m not sure.
      I would be surprise dig profitable to betfair but I suppose you can join and monitor it a at the times that suit you.
      I’m not on top of how good the place market it on there etc.

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