Daily Members Post: 28/06/20 (upd2)

No tips from me, Quals…


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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(2/26,11p, +17.2, +32.5 BFSP)

None on Sunday.


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

1.55 Wind – Atalantas Boy (16/1<) H2 2nd

3.35 Wind – Surf Dancer (7/1< guide) H3

3.55 Newm – Dal Horrisgle (7/1< guide) (x2 angles) H3 UP

3.55 Newm- Desert Icon (13/2<) H2 WON 9/4>11/8 

4.40 Wind – Buriram (16/1<) 3rd



3.Other Micro Angles



4.Horses to Follow


12.35 Ham – Ballyare (1st run) H1 UP





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  1. Ascot list runners:
    12.15. Windsor. Kodi Kub/Lockdown/Rooster/Kool Moe Dee.
    14.45 Nmkt. Time Scale.

    Selections: 12.15. Windsor. Nurse Florence win only
    14.45. Nmkt. Undertake. win only

    Have not chosen any on the Ascot list as believe the selections have a better chance of winning. In the 14.45 race Live Stream may well figure in the places but no e/w options. All the best if playing today.

    1. Superb Colin
      I thought he was going to be all dressed up with nowhere to go then but luckily he got a bit of room

  2. 2 I like in the 4.05 H
    Copperlight 10/1
    Roddy Ronson 20/1

    Nice fc.

    Haslam all the way from Newmarket to Hamilton.


  3. Had my butler check the results … and bring tgem to me in my study….. there we have it Sunday lunch paid for …. many thanks old chap ….. quality And exprience ca not be denied .

    Bedt regards
    Lord George esq.

      1. Sorry Colin …… haven’t mastered this dictation thinggy yet …lol
        P.s. hope you were on my wife ( so to speak) MC earlier = KAFEE ‍♂️
        Laterz lgb

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