Daily Members Post: 14/06/20 (complete)

complete, inc Royal Ascot angles


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow


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The Flat 

(1/6,3p, 0)

None on Sunday.


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

12.35 Good – Dirty Dancer (16/1<) 12/1 > 25/1 UP

2.00 Donc – Danzan (9/1<) 22/1 ‘DNQ’ UP

3.10 Donc – Derevo (14/1< guide) H3 9/4

3.10 Donc – Hillwalker (9/1<) 22/1 ‘DNQ’


3.Other Micro Angles



4.Horses to Follow


3.25 Good – Glenties (1st run) H2 Evens





Qualifiers will be posted from this report, in section 5. I’ve focused on Sires and Jockeys this year, with 12 angles of interest – most fairly simple and we shall see how they perform. These qualifiers, plus any ‘trainer race pointers’ for the handicaps, are likely to be it for my Royal Ascot content. I’ve decided against doing any ‘big race trends’ this year. 



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  1. Ascot list runners:
    12.15. Donc. Strike Red
    12.50. Donc. Lady Menilly/Steely Queen
    14.10. Newmkt Cooperation

  2. I was reasonably pleased with how the speed figures went yesterday considering the limited data set. Some of those that had AW figures carried them through to the turf which in my experience may not be the case.
    Abstemious and Blackcastle Storm both posted figures yesterday that would win them a 3yo class 4 handicap and I would hope they can both avoid progressive types soon. Publicist ran poorly but is worth a look in another fillies race over 6. Interestingly despite finishing 6th Tribute to Jade ran close to expectation and she may have come across some reasonable fillies in her 2 races. That’s the danger of 2yos I suppose and maybe more so this season with the 2yo artillery coming out at a similar time. Once the season settles we could see these horses running up to class meeting those of similar ability and pick up a race or 2 at a good price, fingers crossed!

    1200 Good – Asiaaf 7/4 (figure on AW)
    1455 Good – Noble Fox 11/2 (figure on AW)
    1325 Donc – Swift Verdict 8/15 (figure on AW and at that price should definitely be avoided, an interesting race to watch)
    1510 Donc – Sky Defender 13/2
    1615 Donc – Spantik 16/1 (figure on AW)
    1650 Donc – Can’t Stop Now 5/1 (figure on AW)
    1625 Newm – Involved @ Evs (not that I am recommending an Evens shot in a handicap! will be a class 3 handicapper next time though and will probably be outclassed)

    I intend to try and do some Irish figures today for the first time which can be used over the weeks ahead.

    No bet

    Jun + 17.9
    Mar + 26.5
    Feb – 0.5
    Jan + 37.583
    Total + 81.483 roughly 3 months

  4. Josh

    Stone Mason 2 evening entries this week – a punt whilst Royal Ascot takes the limelight?

    1. Hmm, I fear the cat is probably out the bag with him, price wise. I’ve no doubt he’s well handicapped and Menusiers first winner yesterday franked his form again. Mick did say he thought he’d come on for return, although he wasn’t backed as if that was the case. You’d like to see him finish off a race better now, as minor niggles creeping in my mind, esp in context of Charlton letting him go etc. Not sure id want a really short price.

      I’d have thought the Dixon brothers have some marked accounts/a bookie who let’s them bet and uses them as info (Kevin Blake has similar with Ladbrokes, or did when he wrote his book) so I assumed the early move may have been them, but who knows!

  5. Three seconds yesterday in my main bet, but they were decent early morning odds and so a decent each way profit. The second bet had a 11/4 > 7/4 winner and three losers and so a small loss there.

    On Sunday I like:
    1.25 Don, Dream With Me;
    2.00 Don, Camacho Chief;
    3.10 Don, Spanish Archer;
    4.25 Nkt, Oh Its Saucepot.

    Trainers in form – Karl Burke; David Menusier; Richard Hannon; maybe William Haggas.

    Good luck.

  6. for all the racing that’s on today there’s very few that i would want to back and none of them with any real confidence but here goes.
    G 1-45. Pop Dancer dropping back to 5f

    1. whoops wrong button.
      G 2-55. intrigued as to why Darebin is running in this could storm out and try to hang on.
      D 2-00. small ew on 2 biggies Tanasoq and Teruntum star.
      D 3-10. Sky Defender probably my only proper bet

  7. just that the prices seem too big on these two ????? 🙂
    can’t resist 4tbp on betfair 😉
    1.10 Goodwood 5 Lullaby Moon
    4.50 Doncaster 4 True Believer (IRE)

        1. lae evening chaps n chappettes 🙂
          that was nearly an early retirement present 😉 onwards we go…….. the ovens will be turned on early in the morning ……… thanks for all the kind words of encouragement for my ovens output today 🙂
          on y va!!
          lgb 🙂

  8. A nice 20/1 winner and a place yesterday.

    Ew l15

    N 2:45 indian raj
    G 2:55 carp kid
    L 5:45 justina
    L 4:45 chinas storm

    Good luck

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