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2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

3.Other Micro Angles

4.Horses to Follow




Flat Tips

(0/3,0p, -3)

None, those 3 below all in 3YO Only handicaps, which from a ‘tipping’ perspective i’m happy to leave for now.  


2.Trainer Profiles 2020: The Flat

2.40 Newb – Tambourine Girl (any odds) H3 4/1 UP (outpaced there early, needs further than 6f now on that evidence)

5.30 Yarm – Jellystone (16/1<) H1 13/8 WON 13/8>11/8 

8.00 Yarm – Bolly Bullet (8/1<) H2 9/2


3.Other Micro Angles



4.Horses to Follow




NOTE: It’s ‘Trends Thursday’ (my Thursday post looking ahead to a couple of big handicaps on Sat/any other pointers)- later today, when the 48H cards are up on HRB this afternoon, i’ll concentrate on Saturday’s ITV races, probably just ‘trainer pointers/with runners’ – despite this being an odd season, trainers will still be targeting ‘Saturday’ races they’ve won previously and they always add some context. Although, the C3 handicap from Newbury only has 5 runners, and the two C2 handicaps from Sandown ‘only’ have 8 (max 12) – i’d assumed most would be full given the delayed start, but clearly not. Although of course Royal Ascot is next week, their handicaps with a 24 runner max limit and they should all be full!

Royal Ascot –  – I’ll probably look to focus on any RA specific trainer angles, possibly Sire/Dam Sire if I can find any, as well as the ‘trainer race records’. I’m tempted to just leave any ‘big race trends’ until either later in the season, or when the winter Jumps return. The profiles of handicappers at this year’s Royal Ascot will be very different to previous years I’d have thought, but i’ll take a look. Less can be more.


7 years on from the passing of one of the all time greats, Sir Henry Cecil, why not remember him by reliving the breathtaking performances of the best horse he ever trained, and one of the best there’s ever been…


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    1. Hi James, I’ll have a look first thing in morning. Could be I’ve made an error saving the system or for some reason didn’t appear in my quals list within HorseRaceBase. But ill have a look tomorrow and update the post if needs be,

        1. Ah, that would explain it. Don’t apologise, best to ask as every now and then i’ve saved something incorrectly or may have just missed it.

  1. Trainers in form with runners on Thursday – Brian Ellison; John Gosden; Roger Charlton; Robert Cowell; Jessica Harrington; Andrew Balding.

    No joy on Wednesday – just a 10/1 second.

    Thursday picks:
    1.45 Beverley, Katsonis 14/1;
    2.40 Newbury, Rodin 5/1;
    4.10 Newbury, Lady Sansa 8/1;
    6.30 Yarmouth, Craigburn 6/1;
    8.00 Yar, Rajguru 11/1.

    Good luck.

  2. T/J 1 winner from 5. 5/1.

    2.40 N Tambourine Girl 6/1
    Rodin 6/1
    3.10 N Quickstep Lady 8/1
    3.40 N Uganda Heights 8/1

    NOT T/J
    5.40 L Bayer 3/1
    1.15 B Afandem 20/1
    3.20 B Woodside Wonder 20/1
    Vive la Difference 25/1
    3.50 B Caballero 14/1


  3. I read somewhere. In the 3yr old and 3 yr old+ handicaps . The horses with only two runs are doing rather well. Hard for the handicapper to get an angle on them I suppose.
    I’m not sure if this rule is temporarily in operation until things settle down.
    Ten of the forty have won (don’t quote me on that) and the ones nearer the head of the market are doing better.
    Three today.
    2:50B Ventura rascal ( was 6’s now 12’s.)
    5:40 Intrepid italian
    8:00Y Morrooj

    1. hmm, I’ll take a dive into HRB in a moment – yep they did change the rules for this season, where you could get a mark after just 2 runs – I think needed x2 top 6 finishes or something – there were some qualifying criteria. Could be there’s an angle there somewhere. GL today.

    2. thanks for that gold nugget compounddave .. yep just that basic info gives me :
      421 bets 70 wins 16.63% £ 31.46 profit
      so will now tighten the nuts on my hrb .. see where it leads me to 🙂
      thanks again 🙂

        Today 2.40 Broughtons Gold Newbury (Str) 12 Atzeni, Andrea 5.00 Clover, Tom
        Today 2.50 Ventura Rascal Beverley (RH) 10 Eaves, Tom 13.00 Ryan, K A
        Today 5.40 Intrepid Italian Lingfield (LH) 9 Shoemark, Kieran 3.75 Hannon (Jnr), Richard
        Today 8.00 Morrooj (IRE) Yarmouth (Str) 8 Egan, David 3.00F Varian, Roger

        1. After full tightening of my new improved medicinal compound system nuts …. just one qualifier for today ??? :
          Today 5.40 Intrepid Italian Lingfield (LH) 9 Shoemark, Kieran 3.50JF Hannon (Jnr), Richard

          1. i’ll post a youtube later josh ..explaining it all ??!!?? … lol
            in allseriousness i will try and write it all down ..but bear in my mind … i use 20 – 25 categories in all my systems now … so pretty weird to most peoples beliefs 🙂

          2. ah – ok, yea – that sounds a lot, too many for me! And yep most likely would go against my views on ‘back fitting’ etc, but you have to mine in a way you enjoy.

          3. medicianl compounds sytem :
            final cut :
            bets 173 wins 58 % 33.53 sp p/l £ 204.03 a/e = 1.75 chi 22.85

            includes :
            2yo / 3yo+ / 3yo
            flat / all weather
            classes 3/4/5/6
            not handicap claimers / handicap maidens
            exactly 2 previous runs
            not 6yo or 7yo
            and not at certian courses ( lots are 0 / wherever ? 🙂 )

            lgb the miner extraordinaire going for a lie down now 🙂
            lgb in hrb land ( very good silver 🙂 ) more like heaven

      2. hmm, if looking at all Flat Turf Handicaps (but nearly all are 3YO Only)

        -Dist move – Down 1/2 through to UP 1.5f (not doing something too diff from LTO)
        -2-4 runs in career (very lightly raced, and will inc those getting a rating after just 2 runs)
        -Last raced in a Novice or Nursery Handicap (some logic there I think, esp if running in race with novices, can inc winners, and may show they have more ability having ran in those, than just maidens etc – maybe…)

        That profile has won 12 of the 21 such races run since racing returned ( 9 win in each of previous two seasons across whole year)…

        43 bets / 12 wins (21 races)/ 23p / 28% sr / +108 SP / +125 BFSP / AE 2.06

        Can get 3/4 ‘qualifiers’ in a race.


  4. 1.15 – Beverley – Fendale – 9/2
    I got on .5 point e/w last night at a bigger price, put the other .5 on the straight win

  5. 2 places yesterday.

    Ew l15
    Gp 1:00 bestrella
    Gp 3:30 mokhalad
    Gp 2:30 mulzaam
    N 4:45 champs de reves

    Good luck

  6. I think first Ruth runner after break 3.50B Kylie Rules 5 wins on 10 runs here
    Weight can be only one problem
    8.45 L Janus 10/1
    6.10 L Impart

  7. stop press .. just added class 2 as well for improved figures 😉
    Bets Wins Win% P/L(SP) P/L(BF) A/E chi
    206 68 33.01 243.63 159.68 1.78 28.49
    thats all folks 🙂

  8. oops bfsp p/l was wrong :
    Bets Wins Win% P/L(SP) P/L(BF) A/E chi
    206 68 33.01 243.63 328.94 1.78 28.49

    thats all folks…………… definitely

  9. well that makes me very happy mc 😉 read above of your nose and you will see i was sent mining like a mole into hrb land (or is it la la land 🙂 ) and hit a rich bein of gold once again 🙂 .. when you coming back onboard my friend ?? your winners are sorely missed and deeply needed 🙂 have a fun ..what is now friday 🙂
    bestest regards lgb

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