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Hello there,

It’s Josh here from Racing To Profit.

Firstly, I hope you and your families are keeping well, which is the most important thing.

In summary of what follows:-

  • Members Content will be free to access for the foreseeable future (prob to Sept/Oct) 
  • I can no longer use my Paypal Business Account/accept payments
  • You can keep informed on my Members Club with a new email list HERE>>>
  • More info below (esp for existing subscribers) 


This post is primarily aimed at existing members (who I emailed earlier, but if you didn’t receive it, this post covers everything) but is relevant to anyone who reads the blog. 


I’d appreciate if you could read the following in full as it contains important information in relation to your membership and the future of my Members Club.

Given the ongoing lack of racing I was pondering what to do with your subscription, in terms of pausing/suspending, until further notice. I was hoping by now they’d have been an announcement/timeframe of sorts  from the BHA but in any case, as we roll into May it was getting to the point where I couldn’t justify charging, for limited content and no racing.

However, Paypal have now forced my hand and also removed the ‘pausing/suspending’ option, via them. For some reason unknown to me, as of 20th April, they closed/locked my business account with immediate effect. No more Paypal. No more income. I have been unable to receive payments since that date. Given their treatment/behaviour (no forewarning /email / transition period) they’ve now joined my ‘bastards/not to be trusted/i won’t deal with them again’ list.

This isn’t the sort of headache you want in business, but every problem is solvable and there’s always an opportunity. And many business are in a much worse position than I am. You have to stay positive and I’m working my way through the issues now.

In time it will mean ‘starting from scratch’ including a new payment system and for various other reasons, also a change of members’ software.


What does this mean for you/what should you do?


As of mid-May I’m in effect making all future members’ content Free of charge, for the foreseeable future.

I suspect this may be into September/October at the latest. Of course, that very much depends on what racing action we get, and what shape the ‘new normal’ takes, and how useful my content is.

I very much plan to approach my Members’ Content as if I were charging. Come September/October we shall see how many think this content is worth paying for, and what my longer-term future may hold thereafter. However, the current plan is to continue and the subscription service will return one day. 



1.     For now, if you pay via PayPal PLEASE DO NOT do anything. I will cancel everything my end in the next few days, however first I need to make sure I’ve extracted relevant information. If for some reason I start receiving payments again, anything made after 21st April will be refunded and cancelled. If you pay via another means (to my business bank/ClickBank) please feel free to cancel now.


2.     For those of you who ARE NOT monthly subscribers (so annual subscribers/ quarterly etc) your subscription is being ‘paused’ as of End of April – when I start charging again, you will be added in for the amount of time that was left on your subscription, obviously ‘free of charge’.  EG – if you paid an annual subscription on 1st Feb 2020, you will have in effect paid for only 3 months (to end April) – you’ll be added in for a further 9 months, once I start charging again (Sept/Oct). I think that’s the fairest way to proceed.  Due to the decision by Paypal and the changes I will need to make to my back end systems, I will most likely have to add you back in ‘manually’ to my new membership software – I will be spending time ensuring I’ve recorded accurate details of how long remains on your membership etc. I will then cancel your membership through Paypal.

(update: i’ve all the details I need I think, and on Thursday will manually cancel all existing active Paypal profiles. A brave new world awaits) 


In the meantime…

If you would like to keep informed about my Members Club moving forwards you can join a new email list I’ve created. 

Free Email List : JOIN HERE>>>



At the moment, you do not need to do anything, bar note the above/ join the new email list HERE>>>


My job in the next few days is to record relevant details for annual/ quarterly subscribers so that one day I can add them back into my new software, for when I start charging again. Once I’ve done that, I will then cancel all memberships via Paypal, which should instigate an automated cancellation email from me also. If I require you to do anything I will email again. 

Obviously, you can keep checking the blog as you usually would – there will be members’ content ongoing, just not behind a paywall. And at some point, in the future you will have the chance to sign up for paid content again, if you so wish. And if i’ve done a good enough job. 


Hopefully that all makes sense. As always if you’ve any questions, do post below or email me, 

All the best and take care,


p.s my ‘content plan’ for the members’ club can now be found on the blog.  

p.p.s please do join my new email list, to keep informed on all things The Members Club, JOIN HERE>>>


That was the email I sent to existing Active members earlier on Wednesday. I’ve not much to add since then really. I have received approval from ‘Stripe’ which is the other big player in the payment processing world and by all accounts are much better than Paypal. Although after recent behaviour, it’s a low bar! 

My aim in the months that follow will be to carry on with the members’ club as set out in the ‘Content Plan’ post – I’ve still some pondering to do – but it will be accessible to all with nothing to pay. Regardless of Paypal’s decision, that was going be the right move in the next couple of weeks anyway, given the lack of racing. But, this phase will give me the time to sort all the technology and  to get as many new eyes onto my content as possible, while doing the best job I can – in the hope that come Sept/Oct I have something to sell/a business. The ‘community’ and comments is one of the best features of this place – so, when racing returns, a return of relevant / useful / humorous chat will be welcome! 🙂 This feels a bit like starting again – but thankfully with some sort of captive audience already. And an idea of what I want to do! Onwards. 


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7 responses

    1. YEP WE ARE ( oops caps off soz mc) all feeling your frustration, although i am yet to see the ugly side of paypal yet , it’s on it’s way i am sure . I really think this enforced break for us Turf Investors will eventually be looked upon as either a “time” wasted (you still have time for it not to be ! 🙂 ) or a time when you were able to re visit all your betting methods and systems and adjust and learn accordingly without having to do this and run with the daily avalanche of live racing at the same time. I estimate i have been able to do 4 months work ( old/new systems) in about the last 6 weeks….. and i look forward to the whistle blowing again for the resumption with my systems all upto date and raring to go .. can’t wait ! 🙂
      Make the most of any situation there usually as many pluses as there minuses !! (Keep looking) P.M.T. ! or is it “A” 🙂

      May we all live to fight another day !!!
      Father G.B.

  1. Good luck Josh,

    a brave new world awaits us all, but we can make it bigger and better…

    onwards and upwards!

  2. Thanks for the update Josh. I understand your issues with PayPal (I’ve had them myself at times and no longer use them now you’ve cancelled my subs). On the subs front I would have been/still am, happy to continue paying them during this very worrying time. If your thinking changes please let me know.

    Good luck with your plans and here’s hoping we can resume sooner rather than later. I certainly miss all the “community, comments and humorous chat”.

    Take care.

    1. Thanks Hilary,

      I should be ok for the time being – many are in worse financial straights that I am – I am owed some affiliate/writing income from a couple sources over next couple of months – IF that materialises, it will help see me through, and i’ve drastically cut my costs down (mainly living costs – having had to move back home with my parents!! The joy haha) etc – Also, I could justify charging for a time with no racing I thought (unlike tipping services) given content I could produce, but I think that was reaching the point into May where that would have just been morally wrong.

      And there’s the wider context as areas of the content need dramatic improvement, and also some of my technology back end needed future proofing/ upgrading/ changing. Paypal have forced my hand on that front and I still can’t quite believe they’ve acted in that way with a business account, but there we go. The reality is that if I use this time as I should, ironically it should ensure the future is much brighter than it otherwise may have been! Trying to juggle all of this, and needing a mental break, while racing was ongoing – would have been a fun challenge!

      If i get desperate there’s always a ‘donations’ type option although i’m far from a charity case as yet! 🙂

      Best, Josh

  3. Hi Josh
    Paypal may have decided that they do not wish to transact racing accounts anymore for whatever reason, may have been a buyout, new owners.

    Sportsworld, Neil has used for 10 years for placing his advicers information, new owners have closed the account do not want anything to do with racing accounts, he obviously as found another outlet for when racing resumes.
    Racing still as a bad name out on the open market.
    Agree with Hilary can you please put up the members chat page.

    1. Hi Colin,
      Yep who knows. They don’t really need a reason of course. Someone has assumed the nature of the business but they confirmed on phone it shouldn’t have been done. But 8 days later they hadn’t reversed decision so decided I’d best be rid of them. Even if they unlocked it clearly couldn’t be trusted longer term. Anyway, we move on.

      I’ll put up a normal members post when there is some racing, plenty of other posts to chat under etc if people so wish. But maybe I’ll put one up just for chat early next week. Have a great weekend,

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