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That last post is getting rather full with comments etc so a new one for you to post/chat under, if you so wish.

I’m enjoying my non racing/blog time, but I’ll be back next Monday somewhat refreshed and will work hard to provide some content of interest.



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  1. There is a section 2 qualifier @ Clonmel tomoz 23/3.
    4.30 – Robin Deuz Pois (all Hc’s)
    odds will prob be shit , though do what you wish. I’ll check for G later but don’t have H & I so if anyone can add them if qualified that would be appreciated.

  2. Just a note of pedantry for GB: “donut” is an acceptable Americanised spelling of doughnut, you donut.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. YES einstein ago-go … but your neither American or in America ??? and I don’t fit any of the American or English descriptions of noun do-ugh-nut
      P.s. If your words are not to do with equine matters please can you refraine from using them on this post please , they could be deemed offensive …… you Krispie Kreme Head !! (which is American btw 🙂 )
      I think you may have called me a do-ugh-nut once to often for my liking already 🙂

      toodly pip !!
      always smiling 🙂

  3. Living approx 20 mile from Eyam the plague village where they sacrificed their lives by isolation in 1665 so the plague would not spread, now begining to really understand their bravery for they knew they would die!
    Google Eyam and it tells you of their sacrifice, so please obey the government rules and stay safe.

    Also nodoubt the low lives will be appearing with their scams on the old lonely and vunrable so beware and keep in touch with people you know for these dark days will be very trying for many.

    Take care to all and above all stay safe.

    1. sadly already happening Colin, scum going around trying to get in homes by saying they are going to a assess their needs, dirty *%^&*%^ i’de have their knackers off with a blunt knife given the chance.

    2. Hi Colin once stayed in a holiday cottage in Eyam, incredible place, we spent hours walking around the place taking in all the history of what happened in 1665, when this is all over anyone interested in history should visit, one of the most memorable breaks I have ever taken

      1. Yes the Peak District is a lovely part of the world
        Castleton is a lovely mining village where they mined for Blue John
        Chatsworth House fantasic and well worth a look
        Eyam plague village
        They are so close to each other but each one cannot be rushed.
        Bookings are now being taken send cheques to Colins tours, have to divert now the racing off.

  4. So, they carry on in Ireland for a few days still as they are behind the COVID curve.
    Looking at the flat results the other day I saw that father and son O’Brien had winners and so they were ready to go. Who knows who will go well once racing returns to these shores?

    I have had a go at Clonmel today to keep my hand in.

    2.00 Rebel Gold.
    3.00 Shantou Sisu.
    3.30 Empire Burleque.
    4.30 Misty Adage.
    5.00 Frontal Assault.

    Moderate fare but they all four legs (I guess).

    Good luck.

  5. i have had a go at Clonmel today more for something to do than anything else so here goes with my picks.
    2-00. Coolagh Park
    2-30. Elusive Star
    3-00. Balkos, tiny each way on Deauville Society
    3-30. Global Fert
    4-00. Bachasson will probably win but i’ve had a little on Discordantly for the upset
    4-30. dutched Ask Heather and Highest Benefit
    good luck to anyone having a go today and more importantly keep safe.

      1. Hi Chris totally agree with you was going to make a comment a few days ago for the life of me could not understand how Downpatrick could race when the course is in Northern Ireland which is of course the UK, which stopped all sport, for which England,Scotland and Wales agreed.
        Talking to my neigbour yesterday whos wife is a Doctor working on this terrible virous at one of Sheffields hospitals will not say what he said but very worrying and he his an NHS admin manager.
        Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland have totally ignored common sense in their greed for money, lets hope the virous does not come to haunt them over this policy.

        1. I feel sorry for all the yards but not the Saudi owners, plenty of despicable sorts there especially Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, what a piece of scum he is. Hope everyone realises there’s a very real chance of no racing at all this summer, I can’t see this lockdown being for 3 weeks, more like 6 at least. Nice sunny day today though 🙂

  6. Hi Josh,

    I have today cancelled my subscriptions for the foreseeable future. The current hiatus and longer term performance is generally the catalyst for this. I had previously articulated my particular reasons for using this blog (more tipping oriented that use of additional content). I’d like to take this time to thank you for your relentless hard work over the two and a bit years I’ve been here, there have been some undeniable highs (Albert Bartlett / Joe Farrell to name but a few). It has always been my intention to step back from racing a touch as I’ve lost most of the desire to chase my tail day in – day out to try and win what turns out to be nothing more than a few quid here and there. I wish you every success going forward and hope you can find the spark to bring your form back to life. I will definitely keep a close eye on here and twitter and one day may well even become a subscriber again. I’d also like to extend my thanks and best wishes to other members who have contributed along the way, Nick, Stuart etc.

    Best Regards,

    1. Thanks for posting Lee. No problem.
      Best of luck in any future punting etc and hopefully you may return one day,
      Stay safe, Josh

  7. Prince Charles mild form of the virus, saw my NHS manger this afternoon and asked him what you should take for the mild form.
    Drink plenty of water
    Take Paracetamol
    Do NOT take Ibuprofen for it does not work with the virus there is a reaction
    Smokers in general are getting the worst symptoms
    21 year old girl sadly died today according to the press nothing wrong with her, will see what the autopsy report says in time before that statement nothing wrong with her can be valitated.
    The NHS manager future wife is a Doctor and she is starting work at 8am and finishing at 10pm, it is great the press and everone for once is not slating the NHS and the government.

  8. Saw this on the Sporting Life website, thought it may be of interest if you have time on your hands – as I have said before I have my own business as a mortgage adviser – currently still working but not sure for how much longer!! Can see mortgage applications being stopped while the banks deal with everything else, so may need some of these
    Also, and more importantly wanted to say that I hope everyone is keeping safe in RTP land – my 85 year old dad lives me with me so he is definitely on lockdown!!

  9. not sure if your still looking in Martin but have you got anything for the big meet at Gulfstream ?

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