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  1. Sorry meant to post this here …… silly boy gb !!!
    First of all :
    Lord George Bentinck who on May 18th 1847 in Parliament proposed a motion ‘that this house at its rising do adjourn till Thursday’. Tomorrow the Derby would take place at Epsom and Bentinck stated that for more than half a century the Derby Day had been a recognised holiday. The motion was agreed. As Lord Palmerston answered to a similar motion in 1860 ‘ to adjourn for Derby Day is part of the unwritten law of Parliament’.

    In 1848, the year of his Death Lord George Bentinck saw a colt win the Derby that he bred called SURPLICE. In 1846 Bentinck decided to concentrate on his political affairs and sold all his racing interests including the yearling SURPLICE. What must he have felt as he saw a colt he bred win the Derby. The day after the Derby Benjamin Disraeli was trying to console Bentinck who was heart broken. When Bentinck told Disraeli that a man not involved in the race could possibly understand what the Derby is. Disraeli replied that he knew very well what the Derby was “It is the Blue Ribbon of the Turf”.
    Lord George Bentinck died on September 21st 1848 which must have been around the time of that years St Leger Stakes which was won by you know who, SURPLICE – the first horse to win the Derby and St Leger since 1800. SURPLICE had further entries at Newmarket that Autumn but could not take up those engagements due to the Death of Bentinck his breeder who made the original entries. (AND HE INVENTED THE FIRST MOBILE HORSE BOX AS WELL ! )
    So there you have it Mr Racing himself .. we all owe it to him ..,… racing for the people !
    (Don’t laugh ! ……… But our Family legend is that we have descended from the Duke of Portland (5th) Family ( allbeit Illegitimately … I said no laughing ! …. oh go on then )
    Well further down the line my Dad’s great (not sure if or how many great’s it is ?)
    Uncle John Butler was in charge of the Flat racehorse “FELSTEAD” whilst at stud.
    Stud career :
    Felstead had little success with his male offspring, but sired two excellent fillies. The better of the two was Rockfel who won the 1000 Guineas, Oaks and Champion Stakes in 1938, while Steady Aim won the Oaks in 1946.[17] It is mainly through Steady Aim, the female line ancestor of Danzig that Felstead continues to appear in the pedigrees of modern thoroughbreds. Felstead died in either 1946[17] or 1947 and was buried at the Kingwood Stud at Lambourn.[18]

    It was John Butlers son ( i think ?) that i have always known affectionately as my Uncle Fred Butler ( probably great uncle ? ) that i start to have distinct memories of … he used to run the Chievely Bakery in Berkshire ( Shepherds Bakery i think possibly ? ). So every time we had a family visit to “Uncle Fred’s” (always on a Saturday and more often than not when Newbury was on ? ) was a time of great excitement . Dad would always drop off my mum first to Fred’s house and then take us down to the Bakery to see Fred ……. and then the magic happened ……. out came the largest “Lardy Cake” you ever did see ! ( the finest “crispiest treaclyish beauties ” ever known to man kind ) … honestly i had never tried anything as tasty then or even up until now to the present day …… days and memories of pure joy ! emmmmmmmm ) . My dad and Fred then got down to the real important things such what “news ” had some of the “travelling lads” divulged on their way out to the races ( the Major Dick Hern boys always … and I mean always headed to Uncle Fred’s Bakery before they went anywhere! along with a few other yards in the very close vicinity … they were very, very busy information days for my Uncle Fred in the 1950’s ,1960’s and 1970’s . When i was too young my dad brought Fred and I back to Fred’s house to see my mum and my aunty and then would wisk Uncle Fred off to Newbury races for the afternoon…. with all the information at the ready and when i was deemed old enough they began to take me to0 … and the bug bit and has never managed to escape me : ) Happy days and memories for me ( i do have loads of other racing stories / memories of doing the “running” for Uncle Fred and dad at Newbury and Kempton but won’t bore you with them now )

    I remember my mum telling me that whilst on Honeymoon (married on the 22nd December) on the isle of wight … it nearly ended in divorce immediately as on boxing day ..she thought she was being driven up towards the cliffs for a romantic time only to find the car stopping up at the top of the cliff area and on goes the radio to listen to the 1956 King George … because as my dad explained to his new wife the signal was much better up here on the cliff top for the radio …… way to go dad !!! … the winner he thankfully wanted ROSE PARK …. backed because he was born and raised at Marble Hill PARK Nr.Richmond / Twickenham area and he was in charge of the roses (his dad was in total charge of the grounds and the front gate house came with the job )
    and I am pleased to report the marriage went the full term and resulted in me being one of the fruits of there endeavours

    Anyway folks .. that was very enjoyable for me to bring some of those memories back to the front of my memory bank …… hope you enjoy and can share any of your racing memories especially like Colin often does

    P.s. Colin ….. I once was in a racehorse syndicate with Dai Burchell ( that is the Dai you knew wasn’t it ?? ) The nicest family and run syndicate i ever joined ….. they often used to ring me for weather conditions down south .. the syndicate colours were orange if i remember rightly ???
    I was also a member of the “Palacegate” racing club (white silks with red “V”or “X”” ?? ( PALACEGATE EPISODE ? / ANOTHER EPISODE ? etc ….all with the great Jack Berry … again happy days … especially when we we attempting the windsor track record with one of them … can’t remember if it was actually achieved or not over the 5/6f ?? … I know the horse won by about a furlong Pat Eddery up i think .. or was it white paint Willy Carson ???
    I did once own my very own racehorse in my very early twenties !! I brought it direct from a retiring breeder near cirencester for £ 1000.00 .
    I named it COTTESLOE BEACH ( Gabitat / Dubacilla / Georgina Quicksteps? ) I now realise it would have been better to put it away for a NH campaign (oh if only )….. but it obviously struggled as a 2yo .. I should have persevered !! grrrrrr ….. but couldn’t afford to carry on with the £ 1000.00 a month training fees with Ken Ivory or had the knowledge of breeding in them days

    I must stop now !! …………….. no really .. I must !!!!
    Keep the faith folks it won’t be long now …… it may even be all over by the time you read this
    We just now desperately need the warm weather to kill of these pesky germs !!!!
    Keep smiling
    the Smiling wannabe Lord GB
    Who nearly has all his Micro’s now re-jigged and re-mastered .. oh happy days !!

    Peaty Sandy was a former Welsh National winner, although beaten third in the race the previous Christmas[4] but his quality ensured he went off at 12/1 as the best backed horse ever trained by a woman.[2] The ride on Helen Hamilton’s horse was given to T.G. Dun. He was never in contention during the race however, jumping Becher’s Brook last of the fourteen to take the fence on the second circuit. He picked his way through tired horses in the latter stages of the race to finish a remote sixth.[3]
    WELSH NATIONAL 1981 : the race was won by the hugely talented Peaty Sandy, a young horse, absolutely thrown-in at the weights, who would become a standing dish in staying chases for years to come.
    AND THIS WAS THE RACE .. which summed up Peaty Pandy .. a bit like me awkward but determined and full of life 🙂
    with probably most inaccurate commentary over then last I have heard 🙂

    keep safe out there 🙂
    gbster 🙂

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