Important Message: (Please Read)

Important message –


Hello friends, 

What follows is some information/thoughts on the coming months and how we will pull through. (in our little bubble) 


Short Term 

I will be taking 2 weeks off from blogging/thinking about horses, as of today – I’ll return on 1st April. It seems the appropriate time to take a break, which I’ve needed for a while anyway – and I don’t think such a move is going to impact any decisions re subscriptions, which I will get onto in a moment. I will touch on possible content below. I will schedule the odd post during that time so that those of you who wish to chat can do so – Ireland may well keep going but if so I can ponder attacking that fresh at the start of April. I’ll also pull together a master post with links to various content you may wish to read / or watch. If you’ve never spent any quality time immersed in my youtube channel, may now be the time!! You don’t know how lucky you are 🙂 



I have no intention of pausing or cancelling subscriptions my end, as I still plan to provide interesting/ useful content, that may or may not get us through. And such a decision will cause me financial bedlam my end, if I am cancelling subscriptions of people willing to stay. If you do wish to or need to cancel…

Cancelling is straight forward – you can do so via the members panel in the top right hand corner when logged in (desktop/tablet), or via Paypal etc. 

Before this current economic situation I expected a drop off anyway, esp post the Festival as I suspect some were waiting to see if I could spark myself into life. And it all felt so good after The Ultima. Alas. But as always it’s up to individuals to make an assessment of the content, what they enjoy and whether it’s value etc. But of more importance now…

Obviously there are now other, more pressing factors at play and subscriptions to services such as mine will rightly be first for the chop, if you hit your own financial struggles – I will still be here if and when you return and I can only wish you/your families all the best for what will be challenging few months ahead. But we will all get through it. 


My Financial Situation/future 

Well I’m not one for bull-shitting or dusting off the violin, and i’m generally an optimist – IF the very worst case scenario unfolds and my income drops to Zero, I will be fine. I’ve my health, a roof over my head, food on the table and my parents are financially secure. In that sense i’m privileged, although it may take me a few days to get used to my box room again! I’ll be keeping tabs on what gvt support may be available. 

I do have X amount of current fixed expenses that I need to think about/reduce – The Festival and this current situation has forced me into some decisions (that i’m actually pleased about – feels like relief more than anything) and it’s likely i’ll be handing my 3 month notice in on my Liverpool flat asap and moving back down south. In one fell swoop that’s a large chunk of my expenses gone.  This business was built from nothing and if I have to do so again,  in whatever form, so be it. While not ideal, my worst case situation isn’t that horrendous in the grand scheme of things – i’ve no responsibilities, dependents and no mortgage. I can only feel for those of you who may be about to hit far tougher times, and send you my best wishes. We will all get through to the other side. 

I suspect come the end of March I will know more firmly the member numbers i’m dealing with and can make plans from there.  Around 20% of my income drips in from other sources, affiliate income from various other respected services (Geegeez Gold, handful of decent tipping services etc) and I’m anticipating much of that ceasing. 

Clearly i’d be delighted if a large core of you remained during the tough times ahead, both if you can afford to do so and of course you actually enjoy the content / the community etc. But obviously that’s your call. 

If you’re in a financial position to support local/small businesses (and there will be many more worthy than mine) please consider doing so. Hopefully we see the best of Britain in the coming months – I suspect we will. 



On my return from my short break I will get busy with some content that with any luck will be engaging/ useful. Quality over quantity.

First up will be a review of The Festival – not some pity party where I indulge in my shoddy performance but something useful for us all- a look at the micros/trends and how they got on, and then ‘eye catchers’ / ‘hot form’ etc and any general learning points. 

I do need to ponder my tipping in some depth and what I need to do there –  what aspects of that process I can turn into useful content, we shall see. The ‘how to’ or in my case ‘how not to!’ type content may be interesting. 

Stats/trainer Research etc – this is tricky now – given i’m not sure when racing will return and in what form. I don’t want to waste time on a ‘TTP Flat’ stats pack (my 1 trainer per track profile idea) if there’s not going to be much flat racing – maybe I just save myself for it/when any big meetings return etc and have a more fluid approach to the stats elements when it does return – although all normal patterns of trainer behaviour will be going out the window anyway, so it may not be a great year for such an approach! All things for me to ponder. 

There are some good ideas floating around in the comments already and various postings/musings that may give us something of interest to read on a more regular basis.  

I do of course have the time/space now to think in depth about many of the issues touched on in previous posts about the future. The irony. 


I think that’s all for now. 

In the very short term I will post a ‘master post’ with links to various historical content, and put up a post where you can chat to each other. 

Once those posts are up I will be taking time away from ‘thinking horse’ until the 1st April. 

As always if you have any queries or questions do post away or email me ( / 

In the meantime I can only wish you all the best in what will be a challenging few months/year+ ahead. Do look after yourselves and your families. 

Take care , and if it’s time for you to say goodbye, hopefully you’ll return to these pages again one day, and I’ll be doing a better job than I may have been in the past. 

with warmest regards and my best wishes,  



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12 responses

  1. I plan on staying. Perhaps others amongst us may wish to add to colin’s interesting memories with racing related stories. Maybe selected items from the days racing news for discussion and debate would generate some content

  2. Anyone already suffering withdrawal symptons might care to have a look at Happy Valley for the odd bet. Trainer P F Yui and Jockey Grant Niekerk have healthy returns here.

  3. Hi Josh – I won’t be going anywhere either – really enjoy the site – it’s going to be weird not looking at what other members are picking!!
    I can do a few Historical Facts if anyone has a particular race that they look forward to – I will then choose a year to show a replay – may be of interest it may not.
    I will try and do one for the Midlands National that I missed at the weekend
    One of my favourite races is the Foxhunters at Aintree mainly because I have a decent record in it, so will look to do that as well
    As I say it may not be for everyone – just a suggestion

    1. Hi Harry
      First race on Tuesday 1980 Cheltenham Festival
      Two Irish jockeys absoulutly thrashed their mounts with the whip and it was utter discraceful, afraid cannot remember the jockeys or horses name but pretty sure it was the first race.
      If you manage to find it it is X rated and if i recall they both jockeys got 3 months bans, it was certainly a ding dong finish up the run in.
      I went to all 3 days racing in 1980 and the nightime atmosphere is magic.

        1. Thanks Harry no enjoyment in watching that finish for those whips were made to hurt not like todays featherlight whips.

  4. What about looking back at the micros that related to the festival?

    Not just those that Josh published but others that were being bandied around.

    members can join in with this. One to start with – Nicky Henderson cannot win the Supreme Hurdle – but he did. I think that if you look back a few years he had a decent record but that is just from memory.

    Also perhaps we should now look forward to the flat season and look at angles in from May onward?

  5. You know I’ll be staying mate. See you on the other side of this and take care everyone in the interim.


  6. I plan on staying all being well, strange times indeed. Is it my memory or before you started charging for the blog Josh, did you not put tips up anyway, just trainer track profiles etc ? Anyway, regardless of that, if the tipping aspect is causing you angst I doubt you’d lose many extra subscribers if you cut them out would you? Stay safe and see you after the break

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