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Section 2 (complete), test zone, notes

1. My Tips

2.Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.General messages/updates/new reports etc


1. My Tips

None. Next tips will be Wednesday at the earliest. 


2.Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



3.35 –

Takingrisks (all Hc’s,micro class and +class) 14,30 w2 I3 G3 11/2 (S1 IF 11.00+ BFSP) 

My Old Gold (all Hc’s,m class) 14,30 w2 H3 I3 4/1 

4.10 – Dandy Sue (all Hc’s)  25/1 S2A 


Market Rasen

2.50 – Diamond Rose (all Hc’s) H3 I1 12/1 

5.00 – Valseur Du Granval (all Hc’s) 22/1 S2A



2.40 – Offshore Oscar (HcH) ES+ 7/1 S3A



Please Read: All information re the members club and how to engage in the content, what all the red symbols mean, etc. Inc contact info, research articles ,Guest Tipster info can be found HERE>>>



3.Micro System Test Zone

Chase Eye-Catcher 2019/20

3.25 MR – Lygon Rock (Hot Form/3rd run-back over hurdles) G1


4.General messages/updates/new reports etc

The Future

Just to note I’ll detail more thoughts on Monday. However, I’ve made the decision that nothing much will change until the end of this Jumps season (end April/Sandown) in terms of the daily content – I can’t just take a hacksaw to that overnight for obvious reasons, even if no one uses certain elements. 

In the meantime there won’t be any ‘Micro Monday’ ‘Tracker Tuesday’ or ‘Trends Thursday’ this week (Sats racing a tad mediocre anyway, but i’ll dig out any trainer pointers etc) – this is just to give me a break from my self imposed structure but I do enjoy pulling together those posts, and such content, could be more the core non tipping content moving forwards, esp for the Flat (in addition to any ‘big meeting notes’ which I enjoy also). Maybe I do need to simplify things a bit and focus on quality over quantity, less is more. I will do a couple of ‘Festival Eye-Catcher’ posts at some point. 

I do need to reinvigorate my love for the game, that’s the reality – that’s mixture of elements and not just what goes on here – I need to change things up in my life generally to improve my mood/life experience and that will impact things positively –  a move back south will be good for me and probably long overdue. As will being back near/in the countryside. I need to do more in racing other than this, and i’m exploring options re syndicate management. Maybe i’ll doorstep Amy and see if she needs a poor man’s Kevin Blake 🙂 I do need to be more immersed in the game, but I have to ask why I haven’t had the motivation to do so, and there’s multiple reasons behind that. 

But there was a lot of sense spoken in yesterday’s comments and all appreciated – in fact i’m not sure Colin has ever made so much sense!! 🙂 (he won’t read this so i’ll get away with that) 

This could be the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning. We shall see. Obviously I won’t be shocked/offended if many of you have had enough and unsubscribe etc. I’ve probably tested the patience long enough for some. 

Anyway, back tomorrow. 



Captain Drake ran a cracker, 2nd,  11s>7s which was pleasant – it was pleasing to watch a horse who you knew would be bang there on the turn for home, I lived him hope that Truckers would stop, alas – CD travelled so well through the race, and jumped. Exciting all the way. He has just got tired after the 2nd last and thankfully Bryan somehow stayed in the plate after that final fence error. A -0.2 point loss on the race if getting 9s. Truckers Lodge did make his morning odds 0f 9/2 or so look decent and another where the SP was more palatable, 6s, – some effort for such a young horse in that ground – this was over 4f further than Chepstow and in more attritional going, so I thought worth leaving at that price although he wasn’t stopping in Wales- but all credit to him, he looked pretty fresh come the line, relatively. Great ride on all the front 3. Some run from Joe Farrell in that ground, and they should find something for him on Good to soft+, as the fire clearly still burns. As they will Captain Drake, maybe 3m6f is the furthest he wants- he’s got the odd regional national at his mercy I suspect, i’m not sure how many are left, but certainly next season.  But he will be winning more marathon handicap chases. 




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  1. Must admit i don’t really care if Carlisle is on or not, one of the worst cards for a while with the highlight of it being First Flow @1-50 in the 2-30. Of the others i’ve found 5 that might be worth an ew punt.
    2-40. Seskinane 12-1
    4-50. Witness Of Fashion 14-1
    Market Rasen.
    2-50. Rockliffe 10-1
    3-25. Its’afreebie 10-1
    I’ll do these small singles and an ew L15
    finally i’ll probably have a go at Scrutinise 16-1 in the 5-00 , has only ever won at Plumpton but did come a very close 3rd at MR back in November in a very similar race and i thought it worth the risk at the price.

    1. Not much else to do in Carlisle! I spent time there as a young auditor back in the day.

      North American racing – 2/5 +15 for March. My associate in Canada has gone missing!! If you see him send him back and hopefully we can get going again if they race across the pond.

  2. Hi Josh
    You sound a bit more upbeat and positive this morning which is good, and i must have misled you i do read your posts but do not back anything off the site, however will look more closely to the mico’s.

    Cannot seeing many leaving so do not thing you have to worry about that especially if you promote the micro’s more.
    Martin Coldwell and myself are doing well on our stats , so do feel this is the way forward for you and totaly agree with you, take note Ha Ha for tipping at the big festival race which you have a passion for you.

    Not sure Colin has ever made so much sense!!
    Must get this statement from you framed!!!! Ha Ha for this cannot last.

    On a more serious note if you do not have a pass time to burn up your energy then must strongly recommend Jive Dancing it is a fantastic social activitity and after 4 hours dancing you will come away feeling great about yourself and i only drink water like most dancers do, meeting up later with a lovely 54 year old lady for a walk today again all through dancing.

    It will all work out in a few weeks and you will have your mojo back and once bitten by this racing bug it is hard to walk away. moving back home is a positive for you will have easy access to the stables, always found i was a different person down at Dai’s calm and stress free hooray!
    Take Care

  3. I have never played golf but to me it the concept is to give the ball a few good wallops to get it on the green,avoiding buners,trees,water obstacles and then use a bit of finesse to get it in the hole.
    I would say most golf prodigy’s started off with a standard golf set and.Im convinced Rory Mc’Elroy went backwards after he landed the deal with NIKE.he probably had to use tools that he never used before,coaches and advisors.There is many a golfer that unlearned
    the basic concepts that made them good and had to return to basics to re-learn.
    In the early days of RTP I think josh just published the stats and we had to do the legwork and the later put the stats up here.These was the basic golf set that got us close to the flag.We could then take these and decide what to do with them according to our own prferences.It was simple and fun and we found the odd big priced winner.Maybe in the last while there has been information overload,a case of not seeing the wood for the trees.
    When the game stops being fun its time to make changes.I thing most of us have days we couldn’t be arsed or have a bad run and we take a break to clear the garbage.Unfortunately Josh has to put something up everday.Betting is a lonely and solitary place when things aren’t going well.You would never go into work do a shift and give the boss a hundred quid on the way out.
    The flat season is always a time of race overload.Maybe the way for;
    A paired back stats pack
    Trainer in Focus or something similar

  4. Hi Josh, I’ve now been a member of RTP for about 16 months and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it (smiley face). Regarding your own dilemma I think I have read so many times that this is NOT a tipping site and certainly did not become a member for your tips. You offer up so much content and good advice and to me that is what RTP is all about. You also have some truly amazing members who take lots of time and trouble to post their thoughts and this is all because of you Josh. You are clearly so well thought of and respected. Moving forward Josh, if twice a year you were to decide it was time for a holiday for however long I’m sure most if not all of your members would be more than happy for you. I’m sure it would totally recharge your batteries and you would come back refreshed and raring to beat the dreaded bookies (smiley face). You might be able to find a way of putting your free post up every day for your members to post their thoughts, tips etc. Just thoughts Josh, I wish you well in whatever you decide and in the meantime I ain’t going anywhere!!
    Best wishes, Tom.

  5. Just wanted to say I think I don’t live too far from you Josh, so if you ever want to have a chat over a coffee don’t hestitate to give me a shout. I’m a fellow Liverpool fan too! I too do this to actually make an income and live away from mates so have some understanding of what you’re feeling.

    1. Leif Collins, cool name. You sound like a film star!

      Colin making sense, that concerns me (only joking). Jive Dancing, yes I can see Josh in a white suit cutting some shapes. Suffolk is more barn dance territory though. As a city boy but having lived in the countryside for a few years now the lifestyle is different.
      I will do a bit more on the site in future with micros and eye catchers and can talk about my experiences as a tipster in other places in down times.

      No football or Golf and horse racing on the brink. I will end up in the garden or doing DIY if I am not careful!

  6. All i can add is as John Francome once said ….. ? ” If racing begins to stop you or gets in the way of living an enjoyable life ….. then STOP !!!” ……… for a while at least and then wait for your brain to tell you “right i am ready to go forth into the breach again” …….. it’s happened to me many a time …I am still useless and try my best to be a loser at all times ( 🙂 ) …. But when i lose MC Maestro wins .. so all good in the hood !! …. but it is amazing how a break does the racing mind good !!
    If it wasn’t for Josh i would never of heard of the “HRB” system 🙂 … and for that i will be eternally greatful 🙂
    Betting for a living and betting for enjoyment are too totally different entities and should be treated as such .. i know i have tried to seperate them and failed miserably many a time ……. but i may have to try again soon though now as my business will have to shut up shop until june because of this “coronation street” viruss finggy 🙁 …. worrying times for Mrs Gb i expect 🙂
    Josh you provide the best “all round” service on the net and i just hope you can make a way to make ends meet and we can all live happily ever after !!
    Heaven forbid for Josh’s sake …… if they scrap the premier league this season 🙂 ………
    Keep the faith of RTP
    on y va !!!
    p.s. I did have a good go at giving back all my Chelters winnings last night on the sand … but see once again Mc told me to go steady on a trappy evening .. and so it was …….. i could cry .. but i prefer to laugh…. always 🙂

    gbster 🙂

  7. Greetings GBster, you speak much sense Grasshopper…if I had to rely on betting for my income I would be living in a tent on a nearby roundabout. I would also make different betting decisions if I relied on betting to live, probably be more cautious and miss some nice winners cos I was scared of losing. A tricky conundrum for professional punters.

    Surely G people still want to import and export things? I fear for Mrs GB if you become a professional punter lol. No more trips to the Harvester salad bar for you my lad.

    Last night was awful, all small bets all lost. And there I was getting excited about a free Timeform racecard for Southwell on Monday only to find its a jumps meeting double d’oh!! No AW till Friday can you believe?! The dog will need to be walked for longer.

    Anyway Josh has had a lot of good advice on here. Lose the tipping, focus on trainer stats and micros, if possible cover the AW as I think a fair few of us on here and especially the free post do enjoy it. Speaking of which how long are you on this post GB and when do you get kicked back to the free one?

    Have a great Sunday

  8. Hi Josh. Perhaps a simple thing you could do, is to employ someone part-time to extract the daily stats and micros. I know my situation is nothing like yours but when I was posting my AW tips, the daily grind of finding and recording them eventually took its toll. Once I stopped it was like a weight off my shoulders. An employee would perhaps also allow you to take Mon/Tues off, when racing is often poor quality. Hope it all works out for you.

    1. Not so sure about that. You would have to pay them and you need to check their work to ensure that there are no errors. That does happen at Smart Betting Club and it is a grind. Plus Josh is likely keen on watching costs. But by all means take a day off each week, Sunday or Monday I guess is best.
      From my perspective I always look for micros/trends for an hour or a few times per week but with some thoughts in my head as to what approach to take. Dog walking and podcast listening is a good prep for giving you a starting point (I am not suggesting Josh gets a pooch). If you do it for too long in one go your brain gets itchy I find.

  9. I agree with all the comments made to you so far Josh. We are a caring community (which you have created) and I’m sure you realize now that we want what is best for you. It’s strange isn’t it that when we’re not right/unhappy/unsettled it does seem to affect other areas of our life?
    I’ve been a member for quite some time and as long as you want to continue I won’t be leaving (no pressure of course!!).
    I hope you can have a good rest and feel better soon. Best wishes.

  10. Hi Josh….Good to hear your voice in todays post being more upbeat…I am sure you will work things out…. you have to do whatever is best for your own welfare…your site has NEVER been about you tipping winners so not a problem to any of us if they turn out to be wrong…for me it is all about the great people who take the time and effort to post on here, regardless if you agree or disagree….. if not for the site no one would have met here online….that is the important thing to remember going forwards and things tend to evolve organically so if things change or if you decide to scale things down, revamp or give the site up altogether, no one is going to think any the worse ….my only regret will be that all of us did not get the chance to meet up once a year for a race day out….this was once mooted sometime back…perhaps that is something that can happen next year if everyone is still around….whatever happens and whatever you decide …..all the best going forwards…Hi Ho

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