Free Daily Post: 08/03/20 (complete)

Last free post for a while…

PLEASE NOTE – there will be NO Free posts as usual during Festival week, from Monday-Sat –  those of you who like to discuss the AW etc are of course free to just keep commenting on this post (you’ll have to scroll down further as week goes on, but you can use the bar to the right hand side when on desktop to see who’s been commenting where etc)



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  1. Good morning all. Just one for me today, 3.25 Cassina de Nottes. As I said, travelling to Cheltenham tomorrow afternoon so probably no time to look at the AW. Hopefully be time Tuesday Cheltenham study permitting but will keep in touch on this free post for those who are not joining the members for the week.

    GBster, I guess I will see you also on the members post, take care my friend.

  2. YO .MC … Your off to Cheltenham then ??? … for the races or the markets ??? 🙂
    is this a yearly pilgrimage or a special treat this year ?
    Have a fun time my friend …. send us bag your paddock picks ! 🙂

    mr gbster in admiration 😉

  3. ***********************************************************************
    1.50 Southwell Battleofthesomme (TIF)
    1.50 Southwell Nesterenko (TIF)
    2.50 Southwell Tractor Fred (TIF)
    2.50 Southwell Uhlan Bute (TIF)
    3.55 Southwell Alrightjack (TIF)
    4.30 Southwell Dapper Man (BREEDING )
    4.30 Southwell Highland Dress (BREEDING)
    Have fun out there !!
    gbster 🙂

  4. Hiya GBster, I’m going on the Tuesday/Wednesday, driving back Weds evening. Meeting up with two schoolfriends celebrating the year of our 60th birthdays 🙁 .

    We last went in 2010 for, you guessed it, our 50th!

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