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4 Days And Counting – This Is Your Risk Free Cheltenham Festival Invite 


Well it’s time to tell you about this year’s Cheltenham Festival Offer.

I’ll jump straight to it – for just £9.99 you can sign up to my Members Club for the next 21 Days, with the main focus on next week’s Cheltenham action.

As with every year this offer is through ClickBank – which means you get a full 60 days to process a refund if I fail to add to your enjoyment of The Festival 2020. Or indeed if it’s cancelled last minute due to ‘the virus’ .


You can find out more, and watch an introductory video, HERE>>>


What do you get for your money….

When you sign up you’ll get access to my 40 page stats report – with stats /trends /trainer pointers for my 13 target races (inc all 10 handicaps) as well as other trainer stats and micro angles.

Each Day of the Festival they’ll be a Festival Post (first posted the evening before) which will include…


  • My TIPS : +141 points profit at the previous 3 ‘Festival Weeks ‘(+£1410 to £10 bets) with a focus on the handicaps and other races over 3m+ .
  • ‘Through The Card Selections’ : Last year I had a dabble in some ‘through the card’ picks, outside of my target races. They pulled in +36 points profit and add something else of interest.
  • Information: If you like picking your own winners, you can use my stats pointers to help. I provide a lot of stats/trends/trainer/micro angle pointers/qualifiers using my for each day (using my stats guide) that you can use the evening before to help land on your own bets.
  • The community: Winning with others is great and it’s always lively in the comments section during Festival week. There will be opinions, tips, debate etc, and you’re welcome to join in.


You obviously get access to all of my normal Members content during that time but can just focus on next week’s Festival Posts, which is my main focus in what is the most intense, challenging and enjoyable week of the year.

So, if you’d like to join us all, now is your chance.

I’ve kept it as cheap as I can to make it accessible to all – even if you just want to spend the week absorbing the content, or indeed if just betting in £1s and £2s, wanting to have some fun.

For the price of two or three pints of beer, some fancy coffees or a bottle of wine, you get exclusive access to my unique Festival content.

As as I said you’ve a full 60 days to process a refund via ClickBank if you’re unhappy with my efforts come the end of the week. Obviously I can’t promise profit and I could be in better form – but I usually come alive next week and will be working hard to do so again.

I doubt there are many that could match my tipping record in my 13-15 target races, in recent years. (+141 points, all mainly 1 point win) I’ll be working hard to add to those profits and to your enjoyment of the week. I’ll try to find my 3rd 50/1 Albert Bartlett winner in the last 6 years. You also get the bonus of my Midlands National picks on the Saturday, 22/1 and 25/1 winners in the last 3 years.

As with my general approach you can dip in and pick which bits to follow, including my tips, stats work, other members’ musings etc – the choice is yours. You can use the content to help with the free ITV7 game, placepots, etc etc.

If you’re as excited as I am, then join us today.

You can find out more HERE>>>


Or sign up directly via the blog HERE>>>


(as always all content is delivered via the blog. It is not an email service. I give myself a 10.30am cut off on the day of racing for my tipping efforts giving you plenty of time to get on before race 1. All stats work will be posted the evening before for the following day, and possibly the odd tip, finishing of in the morning)

An argument could be made that if you’re ever going to dip into my Members’ Club, Festival Week is the time to do so! 🙂

With just 5 Days to go, don’t miss out, join us HERE>>>

All the best,



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10 Responses

    2.00 Chelmsford City N Over J = (JIF)
    2.00 Chelmsford City Telekinetic = (JIF)
    hust toooooooooooo many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but hey hum 🙂
    3.10 Chelmsford City Alaskan Bay = (JIF)
    3.10 Chelmsford City Deeds Not Words = (JIF)
    3.10 Chelmsford City Rebecke = (JIF)
    3.10 Chelmsford City Tomshalfbrother = (JIF)
    3.10 Chelmsford City Islay Mist = (BREEDING)
    3.10 Chelmsford City Vincenzo Coccotti = (BREEDING)
    3.40 Chelmsford City De Little Engine = (JIF)
    3.40 Chelmsford City Mochalov = (JIF & TIF /MONTH RACE TYPE)
    3.40 Chelmsford City Royal Dynasty = (JIF)
    4.15 Chelmsford City Cry Wolf = (JIF)
    4.15 Chelmsford City Social City = (JIF)
    4.45 Chelmsford City Bullington Boy (FR) = (JIF & TIF /MONTH RACE TYPE)
    4.45 Chelmsford City Long Call = (JIF)
    5.30 Wolverhampton Dancing Rave = (JIF)
    5.30 Wolverhampton Javelin = (JIF)
    6.00 Wolverhampton King Citric = (JIF)
    6.00 Wolverhampton Latent Heat (IRE) = (JIF)
    6.00 Wolverhampton Zebulon (IRE) = (JIF)
    6.30 Wolverhampton Chetan= (JIF)
    6.30 Wolverhampton Symphony (IRE) = (JIF)
    7.30 Wolverhampton Al Ozzdi = (JIF)
    7.30 Wolverhampton Daafr (IRE) = (JIF)
    7.30 Wolverhampton Thunderoad = (JIF)
    8.00 Wolverhampton Blue Medici = (JIF)
    8.00 Wolverhampton Hooflepuff (IRE) = (JIF & TIF /MONTH RACE TYPE)
    8.30 Wolverhampton One One Seven (IRE) = (JIF)
    ( and it was my Bus Number for School ; ) )
    That’s all for today on a limited menu board 😉 sure you’ll find something takes your fancy though ! …. enjoy 🙂

    laters MC & Co
    have fun today 🙂

    Just gotta work out how i can turn the green grass on my compooter screen into a sandy colour …. and i will feel right at home 🙂
    bring it on !! 🙂
    gbster .. excited 🙂

  3. not a bad start mc .. wot aboutcher 😉 .. it’s a nice day to cane the bookies my friend ! 🙂
    gb on a roll (cheese & onion probaly) !!

  4. Greetings The GBster, and good afternoon anyone else listening to us. Assume you mean Tomshalfbrother, well done just too many on the list to sift through. Also assume you mean you have signed up to Josh’s offer, good move, anyone on here who’s not on the members post you really should give it a go for Cheltenham you cannot lose cos of the Clickbank refund and it will be a fun ride. Still gonna post AW stuff on the free post next week hopefully time permitting, am off to Cheltenham for the Tuesday/Wednesday so we’ll see how we go.

    Onto Wolverine tonight, no tips from me as nothing making me ultra confident. However, working through Chef Georgio’s menu:

    5:30 agree Dancing Rave
    7.30 agree Dafr. Probably my best bet of the night. Wouldn’t be surprised if stable companion Beatbybeatbybeat ran into a place. And Iconic Code’s trainer/jockey strike rate here over 5 years is 44% win 44% place so she might be worth backing EW.

    Finally as Colin hasn’t mentioned it, Ed Walker sweet on the chances of Silent Witness in the 7.00. Has a hot fav to beat but you never know.

    Bon appetit Chef GB, and have fun tonite everyone.

  5. Evening gents, lively afternoon at Chelmsford George and well done on some decent results. Unfortunately I was unable to play as needed to put some time in the garden!! However, am playing tonight and a lovely result in the first, well done to your good self and also to Mark for giving it his seal of approval. Happy days gents and as always a big thankyou to you both.

  6. Lads, another brilliant evening on the sand, thanks for putting these up, it’s a winning formula you have between you!

  7. A good time had by all …….. let’s see what we can find glistening in the Sand on Saturday !!
    Thanks for giving me the confidence on some of them last night Mc …….. on we go betting buddy ! 😉
    Thanks for all the kind comments you’ll ! 🙂

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