Micro Monday: 02/03/20

Two ‘monthly trainers’ for March…


Monthly Trainers 

2019: +17.56 BFSP; 2020, +67.7 SP, +151.32 BFSP

These have been ticking along well since introduction and have done especially well in Jan/Feb 2020. They were helped by a 33/1 (110/1 BFSP) winner for Paul Nicholls but even if you stripped that winner out the stats look goode. If these angles could pull in 5-10 points per month (on average) to BFSP that would be superb.  +67.7 SP after 6 months is solid.  I would advise starting small (£2/5 bets) and building up over time. With any luck a 50-75 point back would be more than sufficient. There will be losing months and there’s always some risk with this approach – certainly for 2020 (well up until Twister season in Sept/Oct which done well live for a few years on here) as I am researching ‘new’ angles that are proven on paper, but not ‘live’ . There are two trainers below for March who both appear to be in some sort of form/could be about to burst into life- combined they averaged 1 bet a day and there is no ‘odds cap’.


Ian Williams

  • National Hunt & Flat Turf
  • Handicaps
  • Any Odds (16/1< best, 0/5, 0p above)


Historically Ian Williams has been rather consistent in the month of March and when you flick through the stats, this month stands out somewhat , suggesting he could well target his string for this month. While he has runners/winners on ‘the sand’, his all-weather handicappers have lost -22 points SP in the same period. All bar 2 winners above cover his jumps handicappers. Last year was a losing year to SP/BFSP but there’s every hope he will return to profitable ways this year… his string appear to be in form/about to bust into life (potentially) – 3/23,7p in the last 30 days in all handicaps, 1/5,3p in the last 7 days.


Jennie Candlish 

  • National Hunt
  • Handicaps
  • Aged 7 or older (1/16,4p, -9 younger)
  • Any odds (22/1< best, 0/7,0p above)


I’ve researched this one this morning as I thought it may be too quiet with just the Williams angle. I’ve missed one qualifier, and she’s another in the 4.45 Wetherby (Spirit of Hale).

Smaller numbers/fewer qualifiers with this one but again when you breakdown the general angle ‘by month’ you can see that March stands out, indicating that it may be a deliberate strategy, and/or maybe plenty of the Candlish horses enjoy what should be better ground than the deep winter months.

The yard are going ok with some hope they could burst into life and build on those stats above. In the last 12 days their handicappers are 2/11,3p.

Fingers crossed these two can have a profitable month.




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