Trends Thursday: 27/02/20

Saturday pointers >>>

A day late, but better late than never…

In truth the two chases i’ve focused on don’t have that many great pointers, but the trainer records are always useful for those of you who wish to crack on…


Saturday Big Race Stats/Trends/Trainer Pointers


3.15 Newb – Greatwood Gold Cup Handicap Chase

16/184, 45p (prev 15 renewals inc a dead heat)

Note: not the strongest of ‘trends’ races, there’s seemingly no ‘profile’ of sorts to look for really with all sorts taking this down the years…

15/16 ran in race for 5yo+ LTO (4yo+ : 1/31, 5p)

14/16 aged 6-8 (9+ : 2/95, 20p)


Not much of a guide but don’t be put off by bigger price… 11/1-22/1 SP : 6/66, 14p


  • Oldest horse in race: 1/28, 6p
  • 1 chase win at track: 5/33, 12p
  • Ran 76+ days ago: 0/25, 3p

Track LTO

  • Kemp: 3/14,5p
  • Ascot: 3/16, 6p
  • Chelt: 3/30, 5p
  • X1: Winc/ Donc/ Sand/ Muss/ Hayd/ Warw/ Exet


  • P Nicholls: 9/31, 12p, +72
  • X1: D Pipe/ V Williams/ R Dickin/ N Henderson/ P Hobbs/ C Mann
  • NTD: 0/11,0p

Trainers (48 decs – to have won race /with runners)

  • Mont Des Avaloirs / Secret Investor / San Benedeto
  • Gala Ball


3.35 Donc – Grimthorpe Handicap Chase

15/139, 40p

Again, not that much to go on here really either, a variety of profiles have taken this down the years.

15/15 ran 16-75 days ago

  • 15< : 0/25, 6p
  • 76+ : 0/31, 3p

11/15 had 3-4 chase wins (11/66, 23p)

10/15 had 2 runs only prev 90 days (10/44, 15p)


  • WON LTO: 7/26, 8p

Track LTO

  • Donc: 3/29, 9p
  • Hayd: 2/12,5p
  • Kelso: 2/4, 2p
  • X1: Newb/ Ayr/ Warw/ Ascot/ Leic/ Exet/ Kemp/ Catt
  • Weth: 0/12,1p

Trainers (18 years)

  • X1: K Bailey/ N Richards/ M Sheppard/ N Henderson / P Hobbs/ D McCain/ H Daly/ B Ellison/ P Nicholls/ T Easterby/ O Sherwood


In Saturday’s post I will try and pull together any trainer pointers/runners for the two Vets races.




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