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Nothing today

Nothing today.


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  1. Hello this gb calling mc …. do you have anything for todays fayre ?? 🙂
    my bedraggled lot that have survived to the betting stage are :

    Today 3.05 Never A Word (USA)
    Southwell (LH)
    Today 3.05 Scrafton
    Southwell (LH)
    Today 4.10 Telekinetic
    Southwell (LH)
    Today 4.45 Cape Greco (USA)
    Southwell (LH)
    Today 5.30 Dancing Feet (IRE)
    Wolverhampton (LH)
    Today 8.00 Thawry
    Wolverhampton (LH)

    What are you saying mc !! ????????
    windy wet swept of hampshire 🙂

    1. Hi George B…..Always read your lists and MC’s but had nothing to comment on before other than to say great to see you are both still posting so thought I would share a web site dedicated to the All Weather by way of thanks….the site is and run by David Bellingham who has contributed to all weather racing via Race Form and Racing Post…not sure if you are aware of the site, so apologies if you are…but as the info is free thought you may like the site…all the best, keep posting …Silver

      1. Hi Silver, great to hear from you hope you will be posting again once the flat turf starts? Thanks for the pointer to the website, will defo check it out. To be honest I think I will jack in betting on NH other than Saturdays and big festivals as proving pretty useless, the sand has been saving me!

        All the best.

        1. Hi Mark….Not sure about posting on a regular basis as depends on time etc., but will be posting at some point when the flat gets underway proper in the better quality races …NH racing not really my cup of tea either. Low grade racing over jumps is definitely worse than low grade over sand races …glad you have been saved by the sand!! All the best.

  2. Good afternoon GBster and fellow AW enthusiasts. Thanks for the list G, gonna take another look at the 8.00 now you highlight Thaawry, thought I had it sorted.

    Quite a good card for dutching at Wolverhampton tonight so here goes:

    6.00 Queen Aya and Bal Mal
    6.30 Becker and Jorvik Prince
    7.00 Reeves and Street Parade (Three Saints Bay may be worth a small EW)

    Might have some fun with those, here’s hoping.

    Good luck if playing.

    1. thANKS HI HO !!!
      i NEED all the Help I can get …lol 😉
      Just getting close but ..constant winners eluding me at da mo .. although my girl hollie’s Dancing Feet . .. just got all my money back today 😉
      and now mc puts me into profit in the 6.00 !!!! u da man !!!

      on we go maestro .. in mc we trust .. all others in line behind me please 🙂

    2. re 8.00 mc
      i quite fancy mr brittains 2 runners in this race
      and mr hardie is just riding on cloud 9 today as well … so it could be a case of beatbydeat by beat ..and all that jazz 🙂
      laterz gb

      1. Yes my friend, very true. Trouble is I think Beau Geste is a worthy fav, and also like Fair Power a bit…methinks I should swerve it 🙂

      2. told ya about cammie wammie hardie wardie !! .. just booted another home !!
        when they are right you can’t go wrong wiv dem dare jockies in rude health 🙂
        gb 🙂

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