Members Daily Post: 16/02/2020 (complete)

No UK jumps today

No jumps racing in the UK today so nothing on here to report, content wise.

Not much to report from yesterday. Geronimo was woeful, his jumping going to pot down the back. They were conditions you either handle or you don’t and seemingly he didn’t when I thought he would.

A nice double for the Nicholls monthly trainers angle and I’ll update those results later but they continue to tick along.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Fingers crossed the weather eases off soon.



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  1. North American Racing:

    We had out first winner on Saturday evening, so 1/27 -17 points.

    We have broken the duck after my trial before that went very well!!!!

        1. Digital won at 6/1.

          If you google Fairgrounds results you can see all results at the track.

          Most North American tracks have their own websites with entries and results and the detail is good on them. I tend to look at them rather than ATR or RP, plus they do not cover all the tracks.

          Bet365 does have it as a loser but paid out on it?

          1. Hi Martin,

            Bet365 settles it as a loser and have not paid out.
            Should I reach out to them ?

            Many thanks
            Utsav killa

          2. Mr Monomoy won the race, Digital’s cloth number was 1, that’s where the confusion may have arisen.

  2. No bets from my methods today

    Tale of the turf.
    Left the RAF in 1985 and in 1986 joined a Northern based syndicate based in York, who had our horses with Chris Thornton and Mel Brittain stable jockey Alan Munro, a wonderful experience with a superb syndicate.
    One weekend going to Ripon races on saturday and Sunday was a visit to Mel Brittain’s stable followed by lunch, so had booked into an hotel in Harrogate for saturday night.
    After a night on the town arrived back at our hotel the main bar had closed and just a small annex bar was open, and how fate plays into life for there was a chap and his lady friend sat at a table for 4 and those 2 empty seats were the only ones free, so we sat down with them.
    Started chatting and it turned out it was Dai Williams and Beverley, after i short while started talking about a dental product Kaltastat which is 100% seaweed woven into a gauze square which when placed into the socket promotes rapid healing and turns into a gel so the suture cannot be tied to tight to allow the exspansion of the gel.
    Having ridden horses i strongly belived this product could be used on racehorses where the trainer was looking to run the horse in a few days time.
    Dai said have lunch with them Sunday anyway i bought a box of Kaltastat and forwarded it to them in Bromsgrove where he was training at this time.
    A few weeks later Beverley called me and asked if i could supply 4 more boxes she said that she found that she could purchase them from there Vetinary suppliers but thought that i would like to deliver them myself and have a look at the stables so a £6 product at the time opened up a friendship of 35 years so far.
    When ordering the 4 boxes from our wholesale company on my account, Trevor the boss said that he has had a complate about me from Kaltastat, for Dai rang the company to check that i was correct 100% seaweed nothing added which could disqualify the horse after a dope test.
    Kaltastat said that i should not be supplying vetinary products, anyway delivered the 4 boxes and the rest is history.
    Dai still uses Kaltastat to this day, so lady luck shone on me that night in Harrogate.

      1. Thanks for that Ryan, its nice for me to remember the good times in racing and share what can happen when you are not rich nor an owner, Dai has never asked me to invest in a horse, maybe this is why we are still friends for most trainer/owner arguments are over money,and betting, used to go racing most saturdays when Dai had runners and often would not have a bet.
        1985 and 35 years old if only, i would certainly turn the clock back.

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