Free Daily Post: 10/02/20 (complete)

Nothing today

Nothing from me today


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  1. Good Morning all, an early post pending a further look later. I’m having a stab at another treble currently paying around 13/1 at B365 prices.

    7.10 Beau Geste
    7.40 Felix
    8.10 Jorvik Prince.

    Probably back later, all the best. GB, anything for tonight old fruit?

  2. nowt from me i am afraid ………… me old mucker
    as usual i promised loads .. but have delivered nuffink 🙂
    good luck my Turf Investing compadre 🙂

    gbster (going back to my systems 🙂 )

  3. Hello again. Two more of interest at Wolverhampton. In the 5.40, Gay Kellaway is going well at the moment so Robero has a fair chance at a decent price. In the 6.40 I think it is between the front two in the market, going for Cat Royale to pip Windsoralot.

    Good luck if playing.

    1. Hi Mark, another good night, thankyou as always to you and George for taking the time and trouble to post. Profit, what a lovely word that is…..happy days!
      Best wishes, Tom.

      1. Cheers Tom you are too kind. A frustrating outcome, Robero failing by a neck and Felix spoiling the treble. Glad you made some profit tho!

  4. Sand Investor .. i mean’ t of course .. dohh !!! sorry to swear like that !! 🙂

    Well as i say i had a full page of hopefuls this morning but all were thrown out under todays races criteria But .. these 3 were mentioned at least twice in various systems
    5.40 Wolverhampton 6 Mamillius
    7.40 Wolverhampton 2 Felix
    8.10 Wolverhampton 6 Superseded (IRE)

    good luck to all 🙂

    cheers gb 🙂

    1. Thanks old chum, could do better tho. A fab day tomorrow just AW! Probably swerving Chelmers as will be out doing holiday stuff but back in time to attack the evening meeting 🙂

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