Results Update: Jan 2020

Jan results update (complete)

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All details in the various links above, but in focus…

My Tips  (main/3m+ hncp chases) 

Jan 2020: 23 bets / 1 win / 4p (inc wins) / -18.5 advised / -18 (bog) 

Notes: Nothing much to shout about in Jan, a period of woeful form this jumps season as you can digest in the spreadsheet. I’m always bullish longterm and an profitable weekend just gone has helped reduce that loss figure slightly, but much work to do. It will turn around but it’s been a bit too choppy for a while and clearly there are areas for improvement. 

The long term total since start of 2014 for my 3m+ chase tips and Festivals is around +450 points (mostly 1 point win). 2018 was a big year (+183), last year not so much but you can’t keep looking back and are only as good as your last tip! I’ll be working hard to get 2020 into decent profit – I want my own tipping efforts to be averaging 80+ points a year ideally and there’s work to do. The Festival isn’t too far away and a repeat of 2018s +92 points during the week would be welcome. 


Advised Strategies

Please do read the various links at the top of the post. 


Jumps S1: 14 bets / 1 win / 4p / +1 (bog)/ +6.9 BFSP 

Jumps w2 : 27 bets / 3 wins / 8p / -12 (bog) 


Selected others…

From the ‘micro system test zone’ 

These angles are designed really as starting points/ways in, and if nothing else to help in my own tipping endeavours but to also give you more ammo if you like picking out your own bets etc. 

The ‘Monthly Trainers’ are developing into something worth following I think. 

I will update this post with figures from the start of September, when taking this approach more seriously (around +35/40 I think from Sept-Dec) however in 2020 to date (up to 3rd Feb) they are…

28 bets / 10 wins / 14p / +21.62 BFSP 

  • Sue Smith: 7/22, 11p, +15 BFSP 
  • Paul Nicholls: 3/6, 3p, +6.62 BFSP 

Hopefully I can continue to research good monthly trainer angles as the year goes on, and homing in on those who’s strings look like they’re about to hit a rich vein of form, as have the Smith and Nicholls yards in recent week. 

If these angles could average 5-7-10 points per month that would be a valued addition to the systematic armoury! 

September/October (Twister season): 14/51, 30p, +38 BFSP

November (Tizzard/Pauling/FoB) : 12/55, 31p, -9.75

December (Hobbs) : 5/24, 13p, -10.69

Jan/Feb 2020 (S Smith/P Nicholls): Ongoing, as of 4th Feb… 11/29, 15p, +30.68 BFSP

Total: (4th Feb) :  159 bets / 42 wins / 89 p (inc wins) / 26% wsr/  +48.24 BFSP








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2 responses

  1. Hey I was just wondering what happened to Nick or Member X as I recall him being called ? I used to follow Racing To Profit but have been suffering from ill health for quite some time, but if memory serves this member had a colossal 2018 does anybody know if he managed to repeat his exploits in 2019 and 2020 ? =)

    1. Hey Laura,

      Nick still posts, mainly Saturday’s now and for various reasons not as much as he once did. 2018 was silly, and some correction in 2019, which ended -30 or so off top of my head, but I’m not quite sure – it was a losing year, but not my much in the grand scheme of things.
      Sorry to hear about your ill health- you can always dip in for Festival week , where we will be trying to bring some cheer to all,
      best, Josh

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