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  1. Good afternoon all

    Back on here after a short break while getting my eye in again. Given up backing on the jumps except for Saturdays as proving less than profitable so more time to look at the AW.

    First of all I have three for a multiple, not a treble for me as slightly more speculative than my usual multiple selections, but a patent or trixie might give us a bit of fun.

    4.30 Greengage
    6.30 Mount Wellington
    7.30 Glorious Caesar

    If you’re feeling flush and don’t mind risking some change I quite like Sauron’s Eye and Scrafton EW in the 5.30. Not a race for big bets however, quite competitive for the grade.

    Finally it might be worth backing Saikung in the 7.00. This is another competitive race but Saikung’s trainer and jockey are 50% win and 62% place over the last year and she had no chance last time due to a blindfold rick by the jock.

    Good luck whatever you decide to back.

    1. Hi Mark
      Not treading on your toes 7.30 Glorious Ceaser, trainer Ed Walker is very sweet on this one was 4/1 this morning now mainly 2/1.
      C Hills not a mention about Saikung, will be interesting to see how it runs, so far no money for it.

  2. Hi Colin, thanks for your comments. I did see those Lambourn comments and was pleased they backed up my selection. Never sure how significant it is when Charlie fails to comment though but it will be interesting to see how the market speaks nearer the off.I

    All the best.

    1. Glorious Cesar did not see race however the write up said slow away and not a clear run, more than likely they will get their money back next time it runs.
      C Hills runner noticed before no write up often do not win, he often does not do a write up when evens, 5/4 and some at these prices will win.

      My subscription sevice had a 2/1 and two 2nds at 8/1 backed into 9/2 and 4/1 so close yet so far away the 8/1 went 1.36 in running.
      Colins bets 1 bet 2nd 11/2 drifted 13/2 lost by 1/2 length
      Favoured 1 bet won 2/1
      Could have been better but not a bad day.

  3. Absolute carnage at Wolverhampton. Hope your selections did better than mine but I did set a low bar 🙁

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