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A quiet day, some reflections…and a potential new additions…

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1.My Tips

Daily Chase Tips Main (2019: 24/165, 49p +16.8 ) Jumps Festival Tips (2018:+143; 2019: 6/99,27p, -45.8,)

Daily Chase Tips: Main (2020: 1/10,3p, -4.5)

(handicap chases, 2m7f+, C4+)

None. Ah another 2nd place, the stuff of dreams. I think that’s 20+ of those in recent months but that’s the game, fine margins, even at the end of 3 miles! One jumping error, one jockey error/bad timing, etc. Sadly for me Big River decided to jump – it was getting so bad Lucinda was going to send him over hurdles after today if he didn’t get it together. Anyway, it will click in these races at some point and patience will be rewarded. I’m close to plenty, just not close enough. As well as some shoddy analysis and picking the wrong ones – danger horses/the first I mention in the write up or underline flying in is always bloody annoying. The new ‘test’ below isn’t going that well either at the moment – i’m trying to stick to stats quals with a H1/H3 next to their name and that race prominently – as per the ‘ratings research’ (link in Welcome Post below/in one of the Micro Monday posts) those tend to be the best ones and I thought that may be a good way of ‘shortlisting’ the various stats etc. That will end up a profitable section for the jumps stats, as I don’t really contemplate long term failure – but some work to do even at this early stage. For those who follow any of my tips the stakes shouldn’t be anywhere near the ‘main tips’ level, and the wise thing is probably to keep a watching brief, but every previous ‘test’ has ended in profit and i’m determined to make this one work, in time. Hopefully some of you are doing a better job that I am of using the stats, although as ever there is plenty of good stuff in the comments from Colin, ‘the Martins’, Stewart, Tim, numerous others and Mike- who’s doing a great job in posting my TTP AW Qualifiers (that report is in Welcome Post link, near bottom) – i enjoyed reading that one of you put Saturday’s quals in a RFC and scooped a nice return for small stakes. And a few of you had small nibbles on the ‘bonus’ 190/1 winner the other day. There’s some news on a new idea i’ve had below, to try and add some more value…


Best of The Blog? (test: 0/8, 3p; -8)

None, no jumps stats quals at all on Monday, over to you guys/girls in the comments! πŸ™‚Β 


2.Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



Please Read: All information regarding the members club and how to engage in the content, inc Videos. Inc contact info, research articles and much more can be found HERE>>>



3.Micro System Test Zone



4.General messages/updates/new reports etc


Please Read >>> A new idea… and as it’s a quiet day, the perfect time to read/absorb/ponder >>>Β 

Monthly Guest Tipster?

I’m not sure how you will react to this but I thought i’d flesh out what I hope may be an ‘enhancement’ – I’ve been pondering ways to improve the official ‘tipping’ content forever it seems. TheΒ  main way is obviously for me to up my game but it is what it is on that front and I’m still not sure with the main tips that there’s enough action. And i’ve tried the odd other thing/addition. However, I had the idea of sourcing/posting tips for a month on here from an invited Guest tipster. I’ve enough contacts in this game and people I trust who do good stuff. The thinking/approach…

  • You/we get ‘complimentary’ access to tips for a month as part of your current membership from a respected/historically good racing tipster (I could even branch out into other sports from time to time maybe). These tips would be posted on this page, at a time to be decided that doesn’t affect said services current members etc.
  • What can you do with these tips?
    • Nothing – you can just ignore that section, and carry on with whatever approach you take to the content now.
    • Use as starting points in your own research etc
    • Paper trade / monitor / play to small stakes etc
  • I can’t promise 12 Guest Tipsters a year, it depends how reciprocal my colleagues are, but i’ve one basically agreed in the pipeline and a list of more than 12 services I know/respect. I may even try and get Colin’s Elite selections on here for a month (I haven’t spoken to him about that yet!) But it would be fun if I could get 12, and maybe some of the best ones coming back one month every year, and over the course of said year, with X different tipsters, they collectively make a profit. That would be fun, and obviously beneficial to you/me
  • Business wise… of course there’s always a consideration there, the main drive is trying to add value to this content – it isn’t about convincing my members to join another service- however i’m conscious some of you may wish to add to your portfolio, or indeed may wish to leave here – you’ll have had complimentary access for a month to Tipster X in which to make a choice. I’ll try to get special offers for my members, and yes there will be affiliate links. I never hide that, however…
  • .. the main ‘pushing’ will be to the free email list / free post / twitter etc –Β  I have around 80-100 people signed up to various services and obviously that spreads the risk to my content driven business, which is this members club – as if people don’t like the content/it doesn’t perform over time etc, i’m in trouble πŸ™‚ And that does occasionally keep me up at night and has in recent weeks. – obviously in order to get Guest Tipsters to agree, I need to offer them something. I get another element I can use to drive members to this club, but also a true story I can push to the free list – ‘this month we trialled X, this is how it went, long term results, special offer here etc etc.


In my head I don’t think there are many downsides – the main one being is if you all leave for Guest Tipster X πŸ™‚ But many of you are not here just for tips etc, that has never been the sole aim but I thought you may enjoy such an addition. And if you do leave and use my link, I don’t mind. There’s a few who’ve left and joined Geegeez Gold for example but through me, so I still get paid in that sense, which is the reward for you finding a service you like thanks to my efforts/shining a light on them etc. I say that as someone who lost Β£2650 on a tipster service in my first year at Uni and ever since have tried to be very picky with what I judge to be good/worth trialling/who I will work with. And there are some bloody good services/people out there, you just have to wade through the crap to find them! Of course I often have the habit of finding a trial and the wheels fall off – I suppose actually the best time to wade into something is on the back of a losing run, but of course many ‘promotions’ are following a good run, and then the losers come. Alas.

So, that’s my thinking at this stage, and the first one in the pipeline is Racing Consultants (Rory Delargy/hosted by my friends at The Betting School/Insiders Club) although there’s still some chat to be had on that front.

But, moving forward, that may depend on your reaction. I don’t wish to do a poll etc but as always you’re free to comment – if you’re apoplectic with rage i’d rather you send me an email, but that’s up to you πŸ™‚ I’m always trying to think a year or two ahead as I have to do given this is my livelihood and I thought this ‘could’ be a good idea, but you may not think so!Obviously some Guest Tipsters will do well in the trial month, some will do woefully no doubt. And I’ll try and get a mix over time of ‘big race’ and ‘daily’ tipsters etc, more focused and higher volume etc. A varied menu! And you may even suggest people you wish for me to invite. Thoughts welcome.

Thanks for reading,


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42 Responses

  1. Hi Josh

    While i do use a few tips on here (you, Nick, Colin and others (thanks)), I feel the real value of this site is in the stats that are provided.

    For example, in your most recent stats on speed ratings, it has shown that G1 and G3 win on fewer occasions than the others in handicap chases and hurdles. But I’ve read on Geegeez that backing blind the top speed rating in a 5f race is profitable. Therefore it may be worth extending this approach for all-weather and flat to see where the best value on the speed ratings is over certain distances and types of flat race. Correct interpretation of this type of analysis could then increase your hit rate in your best of the stats qualifiers.

    The basic all-weather stats have proved useful, but it might be difficult to translate to the flat season as there will be less data than for all-weather tracks.

    I would be interested in guest tipsters, but wouldn’t see it as a deal breaker if there wasn’t one. I’m nicely in profit from using a mix of stats and tips so just keep up your good work on providing the stats and the interpretation will pay off soon enough.

    I learn from what I read on here every day too, so thank to you and those in the comments for that too.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – in a way you’re the ideal subscriber really for the approach here! πŸ™‚

      I don’t plan to remove anything that I currently do so nothing will change on that front – when it comes to researching the best ways to use the stats etc there’s always plenty to ponder on that front. The ratings analysis etc has helped for sure – yea the Geegeez do well blind over 5f – low win SR from memory but that’s the sort of approach where any form analysis is pointless, one of those where you just follow I think as it throws up biggies/ones that are hard to explain on paper. I suppose combining it with pace analysis / lead+prom, as with the stats content on here, is a good starting point.

      Ive some pondering to do on the Flat Turf stuff and may replicate that AW template – I know what you’re saying on that front- i’ve moved to looking to 5 year stats (was 3 generally) and throwing in ‘all handicaps’ inc 3YO only may give me more to wade through.

      Interestingly the Flat S4 (Flat Turf qual in section 2, x3 ratings pointers/red symbols) have been consistent over last 3 years… 2017 +38.5 points, 2018 +12.35, 2019 +35 points (to 8am prices/bog) No too bad.

      Jumps S4 was -32 2018, +36 in 2019 – i’m not sure if that’s linked to me changing the stats (5 years/higher thresholds maybe for what I include) or just one of those things.
      If S4 (jumps/flat) could average +35 or so a calendar year that wouldn’t be too bad for a systematic approach like that.

      Just shows how it can go though… Jumps S1, S3A# and Flat S6 were combined +163 points in 2018. In 2019 they were -38. Place stats I think are similar so just one of those things but then again any systematic element has a shelf life, which in part is why I want to test myself of the ‘best of’ and using as starting point.

      The tipping will get there- in part it’s always been like this to a point given my approach – big lulls and big spikes. If only it could be a steady +6 points a month which my tipping has averaged over recent years – alas it never goes like that.
      On we go.

  2. AW T/T

    No winners Sunday.
    2 runners for Monday.

    3.00 S Sylviacliffs…K Burke Cl…9/2
    6.20 S Sha lalala lee…T Dascombe Hcp…11/2


  3. I suppose it`s a balance Josh, I for one applaud anything you do on here. i would not have stopped for as long as I have If I didn`t feel the service was anything but brilliant. There have been loads of people come in and leave through the gates of RTP. I do think that there may be a few looking at their betting slips/ online bets come a weekend and thinking hang on a minute I`m doing half the field here and if an 8/1 goes in I`m not gaining any profit, but, like wise, if they then narrow it down to maybe 2-3 selections and one of the others goes in, they then curse their luck for not backing half the field. The number of comments I see on any given big race meeting of, wish I`d done x`s selections, or, y`s selections and I`m sure as eggs is eggs that I`m not the only one who looks and thinks we can`t do everyone`s selections. Think someone used to do a poll of each big race with everyone’s selections on and maybe if that happened on a regular basis then at least everyone could possibly pick their 2-3 in a race off that, there are some knowledgeable people on here and I feel that could be an option moving forward. Like I said I applaud everything you do on here Josh, just think we need to get back to the main reason we are all here, it`s profit, not winners that drives the majority of us at the end of the day!

    1. Thanks Stewart.
      Indeed everything is about balance, I’m in the less is more camp – such is the approach here it can take time to work out how you wish to engage with the content – depending on the individual and the approach they wish to take. There’s no right or wrong there. I have to try and give ‘official’ choice when it comes to turning a profit over times, hence the tips/the strategies – 2019 has just been a bit pants on a few fronts whereas 2018 was a bit barmey – if 2018s profit inc advised strategies, Festivals, and what were free tips (the 3m+ which now live here) were spread out to 2019 etc – it would look brilliant still. But it rarely goes like that.

      The chunk of members who are here have been for an age and those comments on this page today would probably echo that sentiment – and those people have found an approach that works – and I suppose the maj that stay for a long time like the element whereby they are using the musings/stats/comments etc to also help find their own bets – ultimately that is what sustains engagement.
      But at same time if you joined in recent months and had no interest in using any of the info to find your own bets – or indeed were not successful in doing so – and/or didn’t like the ‘magazine subscription’ element (ie enjoy reading everything, in part for educational purposes) then you may question why you are here – well many will – and have since back end of last jumps season.
      That’s the game, and a ridiculous number have been through the door, trialled, left etc. I’ll lure some of them back in time.

      But at same time the bottom line of the possible profitable official content (not comments) has to improve. I’m aware of that.

  4. Personally i consider RTP more of a club than a tipping service and worth every penny, i’m sure we all use the info in our own way and we have the considerable bonus of other members input. It’s also nice to put my mad thoughts into words. Any added features will just be the icing on the cake.

    1. Thanks Martin – yep I agree with that . The issue is the package and indeed what any new member may judge success on in short term, or indeed me having an element that for small stakes (5s-10s) will cover subs with something left over- that’s where any tipping element comes in I suppose- and I do enjoy the challenge of that side esp in 3m+ chases / Festivals. Over time they will be fine. The hope of course that in time any member absorbs what they wish, takes the time, and generally enjoys the journey for the bits they plug into – and that my tipping may just be one element of that, or none at all.

  5. I did have a couple i liked at Punchestown at big prices but no go there so that just leaves a very speculative punt .
    Lingfield 3-45. Briac Β£2 ew 14-1, in what looks a very open race i thought this one may be worth a dabble , two poor starts so far this season but does have the odd bit of good form , has won on heavy in the past and to be honest there just isn’t anything else in the race that sparks any interest.

  6. I will post up my tips from the sites I tip on once those subscribers have had a chance to get on. They are going well enough. Not every day though, more selective.
    I do know some tipsters who may be interested who are going OK.

    Some interesting racing on saturday I thought. Dr Newland won two handicaps from two runners. He is worth watching on Saturdays and big days for a season long profit in such races. I think Barry Geraghty is a bit overrated to be honest. He does throw horses at the obstacles sometimes.

    12.25 Southwell Le Mainege Enchante 5/2
    1.05 Lingfield The Gripper 7/4

    No bets today.

  8. Josh I know you’re continually reviewing this site, your successes and how you might change and improve things in the future. I’ve been a member for some time and as others have said, find it useful, very informative and humorous. You don’t need to change anything as far as I’m concerned because I trust you. In this line of work that means a great deal to me.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    1. Thank you, that sort of comments means the most really, much appreciated πŸ™‚

      Yep, this possible ‘enhancement’ isn’t about taking away from any element of my current approach, and won’t detract from anything that I currently do – I am always conscious about spreading myself too thin – esp mentally (analysing races/putting in the time/write ups etc can take it out of you, and more so when you’re having a poor run)

      I’ve no doubts in my own mind long term, certainly with my tipping in 3m+ chases/Festivals, based on both historical results and I know what drives me in wanting to be good on that front.

      As with anything ever added on here, it can always be stopped/removed! πŸ™‚

  9. Josh
    I’m not sure that a Guest Tipster will add any more subscribers to RTP. That said, it is something that I would watch with interest so on balance is certainly worth a try on a trial basis.

    1. Thanks Phil,

      Yep in truth i’m not sure whether it will work or not, or what the benefits will be – but I can paint a picture of some positives in my head – and as with anything added/trialled, it can always be removed – and as with any element of the content on these pages, you can dip in and out, ignore, scroll past etc etc


  10. When I first joined 18 months or so ago it was for my interest of horse racing systems and angles into races. Because of this site I now have accounts with Inform, HRB, GeeGeez and even Proform recently. This has helped me to successfully make my own profitable systems.

    What I have also seen, even with Proform, is that some of these services are marketing to people who just want tips. Like any tipster will tell you, one bad month and half of your subscribers will leave no matter what the previous 12 months looked like.

    I’m loving the extra micro systems, trackers and trends, but not so much the promotion of other tipsters.

    1. Thanks Rob,

      I’m glad you’ve found some useful services (tools etc) through chat on this site, in part that’s what it’s about. And that you still find it useful hanging around here πŸ™‚
      Pleased you like the x3 additional weekly posts – if anything there’s hopefully always something interesting to read and to spark your own ideas.

      I mean in reality I just need to wade through many more trialists to find the mindset of everyone who’s posted on here today! But in reality that takes time, and said people will need an initial ‘lure’ in, before working out whether my approach here is for them or they enjoy any element of it. The reality is that tipping content is a part of that, and there will be good reasons for why the services you mention push that element of things. In part that’s just the way this market works. Albeit the ‘tipster’ market is very fickle.

      In term so promotions of other tipsters – in the members posts you won’t see much more for this experiment – there will be a section which lists their tips/maybe a link to write ups etc, which you’re free to engage with or scroll past. At the end of the month trial there will be a review post I suspect – again can ignore that – and a special discount link for members – in the members’ posts there won’t be any effusive sales talk/pushing – in part that isn’t me, but this isn’t the right place for it – and in reality you’ve had a month to engage with the selections so will have made your own mind up, if you were so inclined to look at other tipsters – but sounds like you’re very much in a ‘using info/systems to find my own bets’ camp, so you can just ignore those bits!

      in terms of the free email list etc – in reality it’s a discussion about one other service a month – again those emails can be ignored, but in reality it’s not a massive difference from how i’ve treated my list for 3+ years – plenty of interesting stuff to read, mixed in with the odd highlight/trial period of reputable services/tipsters/tools you may enjoy trying.

      But if I ever get the balance wrong do say! πŸ™‚


  11. Hi Josh
    Do not believe guest tipsters is the way forward for what i have seen and reviewed there are not many who are honest they manipulate the prices and no doubt a few rule 4s dissappear from the results, and they do not even send you upto date results when requested feel that this approach could do your buisness more damage in the future.
    The first potential guest tipster Racing Consultants Rory Delargy, some years ago i joined this service and it was okay, difficult to get the prices they advised on many occassions and after the first year it started to decline, just had a look on Racing Posts Nap table and Rory Delargy is minus – 9.75 and he did put these bets on his tipping line which annoyed me for they appeared on the Racing Posts nap table before the subscribers recieved them for what they were worth.
    Please do not pass onto Darren what i have said for i also have had dealings with him and may wish to in the future and he a decent chap, but wanted to let you know of my dealings with Racing Consultants.
    Priestley who you had on recently for Β£2.50 which i found very down market and instantly my alarm bells started ringing having been in sales if it is to cheap that is for a reason!
    Priestley was doing his tips free some time ago and i believe the link was through you and i would be sat by my commputer and his fancy price of 33/1 would appear on my commputer click onto Oddschecker no 33/1 available not convinced about his service overhall sure he an outstanding guy so all tipsters really piss me off when i am totally honest and above board on prices and always put up my results win or lose, and recieve no support or pat on the back for what i have done on here.
    My advice is concentrate what you are doing but i do think you should show how successful each of your methods are by weekly or monthly results,and not just on doing a results record of your chase tips, anyone new joining must find it mind blowing with all the different tips via different methods of yours, and would wish to see poss a league table of results so it would be much easier for them to follow one or two.
    Would imagine most subscribe to RTP are more interested in making a profit on your methods and it must be 2 years since i looked at them, other than i do record your own bets at approx 10am from Oddschecker, alongside mine.
    Anyway not having a go but trying to pass my experience and knowledge on.
    PS another amazing tipster ISIRIS rang them up many years ago when the were charging around Β£2000 per year for they were advetizing Β£20.000 to level stakes,into the conversation the guy said yes it 5 points level stakes, my reply so really the claim is Β£4000 in my view of level stakes, he totally disagreed and then he asked if i wished to join in between my laughter i managed to put the phone down.

    1. Thanks Colin –

      You’re thinking about it the wrong way round for me…

      Clearly the point of any trial is to assess all of the various legitimate gripes you have with service X – that’s the point – over a month you can see if prices are achievable, if you can get on at time X etc – but the thinking for posting in here is about adding value, not getting my members’ to sign up –

      I agree with you that finding good services, esp when it comes to use experience/getting on etc – are hard to find but they do exist, and the reality is that many people, for various legitimate reasons, do and want to follow tipsters. Not necessarily members in here, but certainly on my free list/other channels etc.
      But it’s a hard game- I think i’ve sent over 600 people to trials etc of other services, in the last few years – prob 80/100 are still on a service or two. And all those i’ve discussed have decent long term records, with the usual dip.


      Results… I publish monthly results in the Results Tab at the top of the blog – this includes a link to a spreadsheet which details all the methods etc, and my tips recorded horse by horse.

      The Welcome Email/Welcome post clearly explains advised strategies and approach to my main tips etc – it can take some time to work out what to engage with etc but it’s clearly laid out/explained or as clear as I can make it. Some are too lazy to engage or have the patience, even over a whole trial month, to get to grips with it- that’s just the game. There’s only so much I can do when my service isn’t simply listing 2/3 horses a day to back etc. Well the main tips are clear!
      But there’s always elements that I can improve, obviously.

      But if you’re willing to put some work in, and be patient, you’re more likely to find an approach that works for you.


      In terms of league table – ultimately that’s about admin cost / time / software – I want to add some league table software in at some point but it’s not cheap nor easy – and i’m not sure as to the benefit – there are only a handful of regular posters on here when it comes to selections, and you for example keep us on top of progress month to month, and i’ve always encouraged others to do so.
      That can also make it more formal also – some are just posting for fun, to engage, and they are not ‘tips’ – more musings which we can read and decide how to engage with etc.

      Although there may be one member who records plenty in a spreadsheet, i’ll have to enquire again. Maybe I just need to pay someone on here to keep such records, but that’s a lot of faff going through comments etc and anyone posting ‘tips’ – or what they would view as such, should be keeping results, for their own benefit if nothing else πŸ™‚

      And as per results comment, there is a spreadsheet published monthly which details the results for my strategies/tips etc.
      I dare say you haven’t clicked the results tab in the last few months nor read various musings in section 4 ! πŸ™‚


      I’m sure you could maybe see the benefits of showcasing Elite on here for a month, and the me advertising this to my free email list/free posts etc, and driving 50/80 trialists your way πŸ™‚

      Gary Priestly … I’ve never advertised his service etc.

      I mean tipping the evening before may not have much of a shelf life left I suspect.
      Rory D – 2019s results seem solid…

      566 bets / 123 wins|places / 21.73% win|p SR / +108.5 points (advised I assume) 13.3% ROI.

      We will find out soon enough whether said advised prices are achievable but I think tips are sent out late morning, which gives me hope.

      I judge the people first, and the rest of it follows.

      But like I said above, sunlight wins the day and you can judge anything you please – but if you’ve no interest in joining other services etc, or what they are advising, that section of the daily posts can just be ignored.


  12. Hi Josh

    In response to your post:

    I am someone who uses paid tipsters ( currently 6 if you include yourself ) so would have no issue with you having guest tipsters. However I preferred the idea of a regular like Nick when he did it. I appreciate that didn’t work out and it wasn’t for Nick but personally I prefer that over a ‘guest’.
    I also think you’re a bit hard on yourself with the tipping! I think you over analyse and are overly critical of yourself sometimes. Dare I say it I possibly think you’re overly specialised too. How does your through the cards results compare to your official tips for instance?

    The odd thing about this place is it feels very niche but yet we are probably all here for different reasons and get different things from it! Though ultimately I agree with a lot of what Stewart said earlier. For me one of it’s greatest assets is the amount of knowledgeable people on here and I like the idea of pulling their tips together somehow. As I have previously said one of my favourite things about here is when george and Martin pull their knowledge together and seem to be even better than the sum of their parts ( which are good in the first place! ).

    Just another suggestion, does it need something a bit more ‘fun’ like a daily lucky 15, Josh’s daily double/trixie??

    It seems a lot of tipsters are having a tough time at the mo and 2019 wasn’t overly kind to many. I’m currently with some proform tipsters and this month they’re massively down already. Hopefully it’s a temporary blip and the horses are kind to us all sooner rather than later.

    On a final note just to say I appreciate the efforts of everyone who contributes to this site.

    1. tough time for tipsters at the moment dont know what i am doing wrong then
      Colins bets + 5.5
      Tip Top + 11
      Aruba + 28
      Max Bets + 23
      Favoured – 6.917
      Total + 60.583 all to level stakes NO BOG just achievable prices around 10am.
      Elite + 190.191 points level stake profit last year and all results indepentantly proven.
      Out of interest Leif did any of your 6 tipster make 190 points or was any of them better only level stakes.

      1. Colin please don’t get too cocky, no one here is going to bring the hammer down on your head when strategy X inevitably has a losing run πŸ™‚ You know better than anyone that this game tames lions at times, you’ve had tough times before and will again – you know you’re appreciated on here and your results as above have been exceptional.

        Nick’s tips averaged +260 points a year from start of 2018 to end 2019. But all the profit came in 2018! πŸ™‚ That’s racing. You’ll have struck gold if Elite pulls in another 190 points this year, i’ll be keeping everything crossed it does for you.

        Clearly Elite needs to have a guest tipster month all to itself ! πŸ™‚


      2. You’re certainly doing well Colin and I look at your tips everyday. To be honest a couple of the tipsters have had huge profits over the year but admittedly their prices can be hard to get if you’re not on the ball.
        One of the proform tipsters has been averaging about 100pts a month up until this month! He’s 65pts down this month already but that’s part of the game as you well know.

    2. Thanks for your thoughtful post Leif.

      Yep, I wouldn’t mind having a Guest tipsters, permanent, esp big races – but clearly that’s easier said than done! And looking elsewhere etc may not come cheap at all – this is actually a free way for me to get some tipping content (from established services – whether they’re any good in our guest month etc time will tell! – but that may also give me more options to ponder about getting a guest or something)

      But who knows – in a couple of months it may transpire it was a rubbish idea.

      I know I can over analyse – and i think i’ve tried to implement too many ‘rules’ in my approach, in a game that should have no set rules at all! I also know I’ve just been unlucky to a point given the place % and over time this stuff evens itself out. And plenty of my profit has always come in big spikes, and another will happen. While also realising plenty hasn’t been good enough and if you don’t analyse/reflect in this game, you will go backwards over time.


      IF this was just a tipping site, my specialisation etc would probably be too restrictive – but what with all the other content / stats / research I have to /time etc – and the effort I like to put into analysis/write ups etc – I think they are ok, along with the big Festivals etc.

      The ‘fun’ element is interesting and i’ll ponder, but thats the sort of thing that sounds more fun/profitable on paper than it may be in reality haha. Maybe a Saturday ‘fun multiple’ of sorts could be worth exploring. In general I always thought such bets were a bookies benefit long term.


      1. Cheers for replying Josh.

        I totally agree the site is a lot more than just your tips and it’s what I really enjoy about it. I think the point I was trying to make (badly!) was that you’re probably a better tipper than you give yourself credit for on a broader range than you currently tip on. It’s why I asked about your through the card stats as you seem to do pretty well generally and I was wondering if you had the figures and if they showed that.

        Totally accept the fun part might not be fun if they do badly haha! It just might give those acca/dreamchasers amongst us something to think about!

        Anyway keep up the good work

        1. yep valid points.

          I have tried to create something here which engages far beyond ‘just tips’ – in part that’s a reflection of how I engage with the sport/enjoy it, but also that this is key for emotional engagement – and the reason why some people may stick around for a lot longer than they would a tipping service – and I suspect that’s the reason for the sort of comments above, and why their is a large chunk who’ve been here since the early days. On flip side, it’s also a reason why those who step into our world initially may think what the hell is going on, where’s the tips, oh they’re not doing very well, i’m off!
          I have to create a product I enjoy creating – pretty much as it is now, while realising X can be improved, and find the people who enjoy this approach.

          Yep – i’ve started to keep a basic running tally of the ITV through the cards, and I will start doing the same for the ‘on request’ ones – I think they did ok, the odd blowout but plenty that came out ahead on the day – I do think less with those, especially with odds/prices/position in market, esp non handicaps – I mean ORs are more important in those (esp graded races) and the market is far more informative.

          I don’t like the idea that it isn’t fun around here, or could be more fun – and i’ll have to ponder that. It can’t be too serious all the time.

          1. Please don’t take the fun comment too much to heart haha! Everyone has a different idea of fun after all and if any of my ex work colleagues were on here they’d say I was a grumpy b@st….! In saying that I miss the silly boys club as they were having fun together but with a purpose, but I know others disagreed haha. Anyway enough of my thoughts and for what it’s worth reading all the comments you have a happy bunch and that’s with you having a tough time on the tipping front, imagine the place when you’re smashing it again!

  13. Josh
    Would be interested in becoming a guest tipster with ELITE, and many members are aware of Elite from the start of January 2019 when i started putting the bets up on RTP, so many saw it from the start, so let me know when you would like me to start.
    Cockey who me never, having seen the standard of tipsters initially Neils dad who i knew when he owned a relay company called Surewin and hardly any of the 20/25 tipsters he would relay their tips were any good, if Surewin is still going then it is not owned by the people i know.
    The best tipster in my view is Colin Leafe whoops here i go again HA HA no seriousley is Willie Mcfarland who does not need to advertise for his members stay with him, some time ago rang for knew him vaguley for he had the odd ride for Dai in the past, said not beating about the bush made redundant do you win or not, he said since starting his service 9 years ago he had not had a losing year and after i had been with him for 6 years he had not lost in 15 years, would still be with him today if i could back with bookmakers for BFSP was no good for the early price had long gone when any money appeared in the Betfair pool it was to late.

    1. haha, i’m glad you took that in the spirit it was intended. Controlled confidence is essential in this game!

      Oh I quite agree with you in terms of finding good ones etc.

      RE Elite – i’ll email you and Neil at some point – it’s likely as i’ll go with Racing Consultants via Darren etc, for next month – but doing Elite could work well in March – as obviously I do plenty of focus on Festival week etc – so having the Elite selections during that month on normal daily members’ posts, could work well I think.
      I needed to give you a call to chat to you offline about how it’s going anyway, part of me wanted to wait to see how you got on live etc knowing you’ve paid subscribers and if performance carried on, which it appears to have done! I’ll apologise in advance if I curse you haha.


  14. Last comment I promise!

    What about a can you beat Colin comp! Something like The Chase but tipping style haha

  15. Ex silly boys can be found mucking about on the free post when time permits. It seemed the members post wasn’t appropriate for taking anything less than very seriously.

  16. Cheers Leif, not sure what’s happened to Chef Georgio, he does have, unlike me, the drawback of working for a living which although from home does get in the way. I had to drive to Aberdovey in mid Wales to retrieve Mrs MC’s purse accidentally left in a shop on the way back from North Wales πŸ™ Back to normal tomorrow so may have a few AS selections).

    All the best.

  17. Hi Josh, I still subscribe to SP2A. I know that they seemed to get unpopular on here at one time, can’t remember why and they also got their administrative knickers in a twist at the same time as having a bad run but overall they have been consistently good for me. I do run their tips through my Geeges analysis as well and occasionally ignore one or go half stakes, in general though the best I have come across.

    I also follow Gavin Priestlet’s Route 66 to build up an ante post book for Cheltenham. This has not let me down yet. The real positive is that when it comes around to the festival one tends to have some good value, mostly e/w bets in most of the races. You can then do your own analysis on the day and add a selection according to ground conditions or other variables. It has helped me no end in terms of discipline over the four days, as if you are beginning to feel under pressure from a run of losers it helps fight the urge to chase as the chances are you already have a bet in the next which was paid for months ago.

    1. I forgot to mention that it was via this site that I was introduced to SP2A as I had previously been and mostly still am a tipster sceptic, preferring yous, Ben Aitken and Geegeez approach of providing starting points.

      1. Thanks Hugh ,
        Yep at last count there were still 44 or so signed up to SP2A that joined via my introduction.
        As with any value tipping service they had a slump, and as you say combined with some admin issues/how delivered and that obv put a lot of people off. But I know they’ve changed things around now and glad you’re still finding them profitable etc.
        Who knows if the Guest Tipster thing goes ok maybe I’ll invite them.
        I think a balance is good and what sustains you although conscious many do just want tips. But a large chunk like you may follow a small number of tipsters or tips and enjoy trying to solve puzzle yourself.

  18. Good evening Josh,

    My view is that first and foremost, this is your site and it has to be able to stand on its own two feet as a viable proposition. I joined as a trialist for the Cheltenham festival (excellent results) and your good form continued into many of the regional nationals (think Joe Farrell) and things were looking good. Since then, it has been fairly mediocre on the tipping front, with the odd surge of profit but generally not great. I, like I presume some, if not plenty of other members only really have time to bet on selections that you provide, and in truth, as for all ‘tipsters’ in this game, success in that aspect is what makes or breaks you. I respect that there is a decent community of people here all doing great things, but I come here to try and have fun and make a few quid pocket money, primarily through your selections as I don’t have the inclination to follow some of the other contributors for various reasons.

    So whilst I don’t think that it’s necessarily a bad move to introduce a guest tipster or 12, it has to be done with your own service in good order. This is to ensure the long term viability of your service (losing custom to seemingly profitable services ‘advertised’ through this site would quickly become unpalatable) and conversely, in the case where the guest tipsters fail to provide a steady source of profit and your form doesn’t take a turn for the better, there really is no sense from a members perspective, in continuing to part with our hard earned. So I see it as a fine balance, I think it needs to be done from a more solid personal position, and not seen as providing something to ‘paper over the daily tipping cracks’. Yes I acknowledge the variability in the game and I do expect an upturn in fortunes (hence I’m still parting with the hard earned), it I don’t anticipate I’ll do that indefinitely without something of a shift in fortunes.

    Best regards,

    1. Evening Lee. I don’t disagree with any of that.
      Ultimately you make the judgement on the aspect that is important to you and I’m aware for many it is my tipping. And as per plenty of reflections the truth is that it hasn’t been good enough.
      In reality, esp if I don’t up my game, you may decide at some point that if you’re just following tips etc you hard earned is better spent elsewhere.
      The guest tipster element may or may not help you with that. I don’t mind people leaving to services or tools they find through me, provided it’s through my links etc as then I don’t lose out.
      The drive isn’t to paper over any cracks as such but to try and add value.
      Trying to come out ahead of the game in my target races…and I back them all myself…is my main drive when it comes to solving the puzzle etc.

      While it’s been generally poor if you’d tarted at Chelt 2018 say you’re still well ahead but last year as per results above has been poor on many fronts. And obv Festivals and Main tips combined made a loss.
      Thanks for taking time to post,

  19. For me, the tips on this site are the Stats Qualifiers and Micros, and the selections offered by the likes of Nick, Colin, Stewart etc – and of course Josh! When I have time, I check them out one by one and back the ones I like.

    I joined Betting School several years ago, but only for the tips of Nick Hardman who has continued to be profitable. He left the site a few months ago, and has since complained about the way his work was used/misused, and the pressures put on him. I expect Betting School may struggle now, because he became their tipster magnet.

    I think Racing To Profit is different and should stay the way it is ………..

    A lot has been said about tipsters in the chat above. Some ARE successful over numbers of years, eg Quentin Franks in the Betting Gods stable – a transparent and pretty honest site. Carl Nicholson (Valuebacking, ITV Tips etc) has been doing very well recently. Delargy and Massey also did well for a while as the Racing Consultants. Someone like David Massey (Daily Punt and elsewhere) is so steeped in racing that I have to trust his judgement above mine! So I humbly follow the tipsters, by and large, for a profit. And pick a few of my own for the fun, and a profit if I’m lucky. That’s where RTP comes in. The site has a good vibe.

    A bigger issue for me, since it is fundamental to placing bets, is that despite wide criticism many bookies continue to throw out customers on a whim as soon as they threaten to win a few pounds. I saw this yet again with a close colleague recently when an 888 account was effectively closed, and Betfred severely restricted, after just weeks and winnings of only Β£100 or so on the back of Β£5-10 wagers. It defies belief that they can behave like this.

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