VIDEO: Hot Form/Horses to Follow?

An ‘over the shoulder’ video looking at ‘hot form’ and a recent example>>>


The video below is from my weekly ‘Tracker Tuesday’ post from my members’ club, albeit recorded knowing i’d be sharing it to non-members. In these weekly posts I try and focus on a few chase eye-catchers, including trying to find any ‘hot form’ races/horses that could be worth following. 

In the following video I focus on one recent handicap chase from Exeter that’s working out well, discussing the importance of ‘hot form’ as well as a few horses to keep an eye on. 

If you like this sort of thing i’d suggest watching it with a note-pad and pausing every now and then to jot down x,y and z. There’s a fair bit packed in I think, all with the aim of helping you and I to find more winners in the future. 

As always, any questions or polite criticism are welcome – just post away below in the comments. If any horses have entered your notebooks recently do tell us! 🙂 Or indeed if there are other areas you would like me to record videos on….

Let’s crack on… 

It’s no RTVs ‘Road To Cheltenham’ but I hope you find it useful – the time will fly by! 


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You won’t regret it! 🙂

Happy Punting,




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