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  • Well yesterday was a bit of a damp squib with only the one win from 12 bets which helped to mitigate the losses, but four 2nds all at the biggest odds on the day could have completely changed the outcome if only one had got it’s head in front. So not unhappy just need the ball to bounce my way for a change.

    Got a few for this afternoon which I’ll put up shortly. Is awful quiet in here today. Has everyone given up the fight?

    Tim Hanson 05/01/20 11:58 AM Reply

    • I’ll put this one up now with the rest following at 1.00 as I’m waiting on the jumps pc to complete an update and I’ want some lunch.

      South’ 12.30 Skeetah…………………… SPR 4 – 6

      Right now it’s 7 but could change places with Warrior’s Valley.

      Tim Hanson 05/01/20 12:09 PM Reply

  • Hi Tim I think this is supposed to be the free post, wrongly titled. There are a few comments on the real members post below.

    Mark Curtis 05/01/20 12:29 PM Reply

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