Free Daily Post: 02/01/2020 (complete)

Nothing today

Nothing from me today.


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  1. If the masters of sand are around today, a nap at Lingfield would be appreciated, heading there today, thanks in advance, Jim

  2. Hi Jim, Happy New Year! No idea where GB is, probably burst due to overeating 🙂

    No nap I’m afraid but I’m backing Wailea Night in the 12.45, and chucking some change at Let’s Go Lucky. In the 3.30 it might be worth chancing Enmeshing coming back to form, saving on Arlecchinos Arc.

    Have a great day, best of luck.

  3. Morning .. we all survived then i see 🙂
    here the gb’s placepot suggestions .. a bit trappy to say the least
    but not gone through with the famous tooth comb yet 🙁
    11.45 Lingfield 6 In The Red (IRE)
    11.45 Lingfield Fortissimo
    11.45 Lingfield Choral Music
    11.45 Lingfield Holiday Magic
    12.15 Lingfield 7 Brains (IRE)
    12.15 Lingfield Para mio
    12.45 Lingfield Blakes Vision
    13.15 Lingfield Irish Acclaim
    2.25 Lingfield Roundabout magic
    2.55 Lingfield Fire Fighting
    2.55 Lingfield Purdeys Gift
    3.30 Lingfield 1 Dinsdale

    have a fun day James 🙂
    happy new year to you all …. 2020 .. we should all be able to see the winners clearly then 🙂
    gb/bc 😉

    1. or maybe not in my case 🙁 …… OMG shocking that Lingfield initial list … just noticed ..most were just out of date notes on my saved horses list …dohh !! .. won’t do that again !!

    1. YES …… Thanks .. tried to keep the nosebag half full most times .. but had to over indulge at certain times 😉 all good ….. just need to find time in my busy working day to cut my initial lists down …… should have some more works of fiction for chelmsford asap 🙂

      How about you .. does Wales celebrate christmas ..or do they call it the dragon festival these days .. just to be p.c. and trendy 😉
      keep having fun smiler !! 🙂
      gbster ..always there !!

  4. EMMMM …had a better look at Chelmers 😉

    5.00 just too many qualifiers 🙁
    5.30 Tawny Port
    6.30 just too many qualifiers 🙁 ( but i like lion hearted the most 🙂 )
    7.30 Full Secret e/w
    7.30 La Foglietta e/w

    cheers again
    laters mc

  5. Celebrate and some! Cheers for Chelmsford thoughts, I like Lion Hearted too if fit enough after a long break. Off to North Wales for a week tomoz to banish the post Xmas blues so won’t post till Saturday.

  6. Thanks both, had a great day, couple of winners and Enmeshing so close to a big win! Happy New Year everyone!

  7. I think we need a bit of inter-species breeding the number of times I lose by a neck, head or nose!

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