Free Daily Post: 12/12/19 (complete)

Really Super..

Nothing again today. I’m on my way to Warwick to watch Really Super run in the 1.20. The fav is now out which means we could get an easy lead on the front. She’s a bit to find with the others and it’s a deep race. I’d be surprised if she won but her chance has improved a bit now. Proper soft would be an unknown. But We can dream! Josh

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7 Responses

  1. Shout out to the Gbster, got a few for the later races, posting between 3 and 3.30. I saw on the news a man had been given a lifetime ban from the Harvester salad bars?

    1. lol ….. I was grilled on the matter and went red as diced beetroot but was told to cool and simmer down …… and let off with a warming !! 🙂
      You will be glad to know i have nothing for today old chum 🙁 ..but probably for the best )
      rendezvous at the next meeting 🙂

  2. Good afternoon all

    Flying solo today so buckle in!

    First off as you all know I love a treble and we have one tonight in the shape of:

    4.20 Chelms Twittering
    4.35 Wolv Falcon Cliffs
    5.05 Wolv Holy Eleanor

    4.05 Chelm I think this is between Padura Brave and George Junior. How could we leave out wee George?

    5.50 Chelm Chancing Spirit of May against a strong favourite.

    6.50 Chelm Lucky’s Dream EW and Noble Fox

    Have fun out there.

  3. Well, a poor performance on the treble but a winner and a place from the others, not in the workhouse yet 🙂

    1. yep .. in there pitching as ever mc .. much appreciated 🙂
      i crashed and burned last night .. got a bit blarzzzzzzz -ehhh !!! 🙁

      thanks again

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