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December Pointers


12.40 U – Demopolis 15/2

2.00 Font – Diplomate Sivola 5/4

2.10 Uttox – Tidal Flow 6/4 

2.30 Font – Katies Escape 16/1


Autumn Trainers

1.00 Font – Manofthemountain (14/1<) 15/8


Jockey Angles 2019/20 

2.00 Font – Bally Longford 9/4 


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  1. morning mc

    5.15 Wolverhampton 8 Diamonique = jockey / weights / distance

    6.15 Wolverhampton 5 Kodiac Pride = trainer / jockey / course

    6.15 Wolverhampton 8 Fuente = jockey / weights / distance

    6.45 Wolverhampton 9 Doctor Jazz (IRE) = trainer / headgear

    STILL TO be PROVEN YET …although kodiac pride is on my horses to follow list as well.
    back later with my final forts 😉
    gbster 🙂

    1. well the above have all come out of the oven and they have crashed , crumbled and burned except in the 6.15 Wolvers
      will back both small e/w and more emphasis on the 4tbp on bf 🙂

      Back later again when i have read through my little blue book of recipes and anecdotes 🙂

      laterz mc 🙂

  2. Thanks The Gbbcster, will take a close look. Back this pm take care, it’s very stormy here in Wales 🙂

  3. George and Mark
    Are you both keeping records of your bets, trust that you are if so would you mind publishing them for would like to see how you are both doing, come Jan will start to record them myself.
    Wish you both good fortune from an AW fan.

    1. Hi Colin, I only have records of my actual AW bets as opposed to what I put up here. Not all my bets are shown in this page as I would not necessarily think they are worth sharing as I would not have sufficient confidence in some of them to share with others. Plus this is just a bit of fun as opposed to the more professional tipping that happens on the member’s page.

      Since the start of the proper winter AW in October this year on all AW bets I am 83 points up. Since this time last year I am 37 points down due to a poor summer AW performance on my behalf.

      Best wishes

      1. Hi Mark
        Interesting reply having watched your AW bets before maybe you should put your private bets on the members page and see how you go.
        Forgive me but my alarm bells ring when you use the words just a bit of fun, for myself if someone is backing one of my bets to 50 pence then it is not fun it is their investment and certainly it hurts me if they lose over a period of time including me, for every advice that i put up is backed by mself.
        Do enjoy your banter on here with George and again shame Chubnut is no longer around.

  4. Thanks Colin, that’s why I don’t put every bet up, as I am aware readers might back them. I also back every selection myself.

    Yes, miss the musings of Chubnut. Plus ca change I suppose. All the best and good luck with your methods which seem to be doing very well.

  5. Good afternoon the GBster and AW followers everywhere. Hope the explanation I gave Colin above makes sense, I would not want to inflict all my bets on you in this forum even though some may win, only the best get included and even then you are all free to ignore them (and often that is the best course of action lol).

    5.15 A speculative EW vote for Lucky Lodge, very consistent and gets the plum draw tonight.

    6.15 I like the look of Kodiac Pride as selected by GB, first run for new trainer though would be more confident if money came for it. I’m therefore saving on Typhoon Ten.

    6.45 I looked for ages at Grey Mist and Noble Behest before coming down on the side of Grey Mist. This one just seems to win his races more comfortably although I’m sure it will be close.

    7.15 Even more speculatively I’m going EW on Blackcurrant. He just failed by a neck behind Loulin who you may remember I tipped the other day and who was in turn done by a neck so ran pretty well. 20/1 at present with B365 looks value.

    Good luck to all playing.

    1. THANKS OUR MC …… will have a ponder and dutch with mine accordingly 🙂
      may all our nostrils flare the biggest at the finishing line .
      good evening
      gb 🙂

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