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1.My Tips

2.Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.General messages/updates/new reports etc


1.My Tips

Daily  Tips Main (running total below) (Test: 7/57,22p,+9.3) Jumps Festival Tips (2018:+143; 2019: 6/99,27p, -45.8,)

Daily Chase Tips: Main(2019: 23/155, 46p +22.8)

(handicap chases, 2m7f+, C4+)

3.15 Muss

None, I don’t really want to be with any at the prices and it isn’t the greatest of races. Everything has a few questions I think. With my eyes fixed on younger/more unexposed legs… Chanceanotherfive (won/bolted up 7/2>3s… the bugger had drifted out to 7s 30 mins before the race, silly price- why oh why couldn’t he have been that this morning… Still, a boost for my analytical eyes after a torrid back end of last week – happy to leave at 7/2 given jumping inexp and he was sticky at a couple/nearly came down at one) is the most interesting, a former point winner, hacked up over hurdles LTO. He went lame on his chase debut – 7/2 doesn’t seem overpriced as such, given he has to jump around, but if he does, he shouldn’t be far away for his in-form team. Eagle Ridge looks a fine chasing sort but is a maiden (no point win even), having only second chase start and stepping up half a mile- that looks sure to suit but I also have no idea if he’s got the bottle/mental maturity for battle. He should come on for that last run. All in the context he’s 11/2, which again doesn’t seem overpriced. You could also make a case for a few in here. I’ll sit this one out.


2.Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs



12.15 –

Keep The River (HcH) 6/1 

Frame Rate (HcH) 12/1 

1.45 –

Sporting Press (HcCh) H1 I3 G1 9/4 S4 2nd 

Effet Special (micro TJC) 16/1 S2A

2.45 – Mighty Thunder (m dist) w2 H3 I3 G3 7/1 S4  WON 7/1>13/2 

3.15 –

Attention Please (HcCh) G1 13/2  UP

Lady London (HcCh) w2 14/1 


TTP Chase Micros

1.45 Muss – Sporting Press H1 I3 G1 9/4  2nd 



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3.Micro System Test Zone

Chase Angles 2019/20


1.45 Muss – Sporting Press 9/4 2nd

LTO Winners Starting Points (12/1<)

3.15 Muss – Chanceanotherfive 4/1 WON 7/2>3/1 



4.General messages/updates/new reports etc


Work to do… I’d probably take 2/16,2p, +6 every week (mon-sun) as per last week but in truth if I were a horse connections would be considering some form of headgear, to help concentration/spark an improved effort. I’m landing on far too many horses that are tailing off/never sighted, while simultaneously not being close enough to decent priced unexposed/lightly raced ones (I’m blaming Perfect Candidate for messing with my mind!) – i’ll never hide from mediocre periods and in truth that’s what the last few weeks have been. Not good enough. I know what I need to do and hopefully this week will be better, or at least can build on last week, which was all a bit downhill/naff after Monday’s winner. 


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19 Responses

  1. AW T/T
    3 runners for Monday

    5.15 N Blazing Dreams…B Haslam Hcp…5/1
    Turquoise Friendly…M Easterby Cl…14/1
    5.45 N Pinerella…B Haslam… Hcp…9/1


  2. just a L15 at Musselburgh for a bit of fun.
    12-15. Cousin Oscar
    2-15. Beechwood Dude
    2-45. Mighty Thunder
    3-15. Attention Please

  3. 3.45 N Splendidly 25/1 gen

    Karl Burkes 2yo maidens are the moneys pinners here.Strike rate not at Southwell level but with average sp 16/1+ don’t need many to oblige.

      1. I’ve just dived into the stats briefly in Geegeez… before that winner… trainer/jockey were 5/17,9p, +67 SP when teaming up on 2 YO. His overall stats 10/80 odd with 2YO there last 5 years – but yep finds plenty of biggies, and there’s another one.

        1. Yes another angle to take on the greedy buggers with.Thought the 16 last night was value but at 25 had to go in again.I think he likes to run the inexperienced ones here as its a straight run all the way

          1. yep makes sense although also only 57 miles from home, which may help/influence with some of the youngsters – that horse was related to 2YO winners also, which is always some sort of sign they ‘could’ be precocious enough to run well 1st time up, and along with the stats etc. Good spot.

  4. Got to go out this morning to see a man about a trailer so posting early again. Today’s races of interest are….. 12.00, 12.15. 1.00, 1.15, 1.45, 2.00, 2.45, 3.00.

    Back at 11.40

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