Free Daily Post: 08/12/19 (complete)

Nothing today

Nothing from me today.

Saturday was a tough day for us in the racing bubble, with the loss of It’s Jennifer at Aintree (unpleasant viewing from the stands) and of course brave old Houblon Des Obeaux, who sadly had an internal bleed/heart attack at Sandown – it’s always a bit more emotional when it happens to the old warriors who feel like they’ve been around forever. I always like to think about how these horses lived, rather than how they died, and he had 12 glorious years. A sad postscript to an otherwise fantastic day of racing drama.

Betting/tipping wise… well Acting Lass (and a superb Brennan ride-  he’s still got it! 🙂 ) paid for the losers in the members post. I’ve declared him at 4s as I don’t think 5s lasted long enough but hopefully you beat SP. My Aintree pokes may all still be running but I do like to have some biggies onside in the Becher – and as a ‘race’ the tips in that are around +45 up in the last six renewals. But, alas, an 8s shot I got wrong in taking on this time. I was closer to the Sefton winner than i’d care to admit, and some pondering there as always. It felt an open race/open to a biggie winning, alas I landed on the wrong one.The London National was void- although mine ran his race, and didn’t stay, so I got away with one there. Still, no damage done on the day although i’m still not reading these big Saturday chases as well as i’d like, with the odd exception.




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