Free Daily Post: 05/12/19 (complete)

Members test zone starting points

Members Micro System Test Zone

December Pointer


12.00 MR – Zoffee 6/4


Chase Angles 2019/20


1.30 Winc – Copperhead 5/1

3.15 Winc –  / Duc Kauto 15/8


Jockey Angles 2019/20

1.20 Leic – Leskinfere (25/1<) 16/1


Chase Eye-Catchers 2019/20

1.30 Winc – Cesar Et Rosalie 10/1



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    The Specials board :
    4.50 Southwell 1 Inner Circle (IRE) = Month / jock /train / etc etc E/W
    7.30 Southwell 5 Sea Of Mystery (IRE) = Month / jock /train / etc E/W
    All these were hitting various points in my systems but did line up for a confident bet or any at all really .. kust for info purposes only ?
    6.00 Southwell 1 Double Reflection

    7.00 Southwell 7 Eesha Says (IRE)

    7.15 Kempton 1 Baadirr

    7.30 Southwell 8 Earl Of Bunnacurry (IRE)

    7.45 Kempton 3 Stringybark Creek

    8.00 Southwell 6 Black Isle Boy (IRE) =
    ( i think now has become a spring horse rather than a autumn or winter 🙁 )

    8.00 Southwell 12 Espoir Et Bonheur (IRE)

    8.00 Southwell 11 Bee Machine (IRE)

    That’s all folks 🙂
    off for a well earned lunch with mrs gb and her friend at the rather posh local ” ” Harvester” establishment …… back later after death by knickerbocker glories !! 🙂
    bestest regards
    le petite chefette
    all the hail the mighty knowledgeable MC when he arrives with the main dishes of the day !!
    laters mc loving your work as we all do here on our “All weather Dates” .. lol 🙂
    the hungry gbster 🙂

  2. Here are some exerts from the gbsters little blue book of magical betting potions and anecdotes for us all to ponder :

    4.00 K Littledidyouknow (IRE) = Trainers runners at kempton worth a 2nd look
    4.15 S Mr Kodi (IRE) = trainer in form and his runners at southwell worth look
    4.35 K Sky Commander (IRE) = jockey / race type at kempton
    5.10 K Dolla Dolla Bill (IRE) = jockey / race type at kempton
    5.25 S Milagre Da Vida (IRE) = as we all know .. trainers runners at aw tracks !
    6.00 S Double Reflection = trainers top weights down in class system
    6.15 K Make It Rain (IRE) = trainer jockey profile at track
    6.30 S Astro Jakk (IRE) = as we all know .. trainers runners at aw tracks !
    Smokey Lane = trainer in form and his runners at southwell worth look

    Howz it looking mc masetro ??
    catcha later mc
    chrimbo decs day to day .. will be lost in the loft soon 🙁
    Let’s hope it is the season of good cheer and big priced winners 🙂
    bon chance !
    Le gbster

  3. Good afternoon GBster (full up presumably?) and everybody else who did not have a slap up lunch out today.

    Kempton is rubbish tonight, maidens and novices and only one all age handicap with a strong fav.

    Southwell much more interesting although well nigh impossible. I’m going to do “musings” first then work up to tips if I feel it worthwhile.

    4.15 I do agree with you about Mr Kodi (and he is Gavin’s only system tip today from the offer Josh publicised a few weeks back and which is running at about a 1 in 4 hit rate (better than us lol). But I marginally prefer Oasis Song from a stable that does very well here and which is being nibbled at. Class Clown is also being backed so maybe a race for small stakes.

    6.30 Rock Sound is a worthy favourite but I am playing two against it in the shape of Astro Jakk and Royal Sands. The former’s trainer does well here as we all know while the latter did not like the trip last time and back over a more favourable distance.

    7.00 I also like the look of Eesha Says EW. For the win I am going with Loulin who is in form and likes Southwell (a bit like yourself G).

    8.00 Sylviacliffs is another for the Karl Burke micro so beloved by RTP members and worth a punt EW at 20s. But I also like the look of Pioneering, dropping down from 1.5 miles to 7f, either desperation or a plot to succeed!

    Right, money where mouth is time. For tips:

    6.30 Royal Sands

    7.00 Loulin

    8.00 Pioneering

    Good luck to all who play.

  4. RIGHT MR MC …. we iz all set for tonight … gotta pay for those extra onion rings today .. tut tut
    we shall find out very soon .. well done and thanks for your wisdom once again old fruit 🙂
    gb 🙂
    in the loft with a couple of fairies and the RP app …. and out of mrs gb’s way 😉

    1. yo mc
      yep somehow my betfair account shows an increase on the day 🙂
      let’s reconvene tomoz my friend 🙂 newcassel i fink ?
      we had some near misses today 🙂
      gb 🙂

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