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Below is a look at Phillip Hobbs in December, taken from my weekly members’ ‘Micro Monday’ post… 

December Pointers

Note: As always, I wouldn’t necessarily advise diving in and backing ‘systematically’. I will post qualifiers in the Members’ Posts Test Zone.

November’s three trainers returned a total of 55 bets / 12 winners / 31p / -9 BFSP. A few placed horses which may have made a big difference if winning, albeit morning odds would have no doubt improved that bottom line. They did their job in highlighting a few winners anyway. We shall see how Phillip Hobbs gets on…


Phillip Hobbs

  • National Hunt
  • December
  • Horse 1 run only in previous 90 days
  • Any odds

Note: His fancied horses do well within the rules above (9/1<, +80 BFSP) but do note that he’s had three monsters to go… those priced 25/1>50/1 SP are 3/11,5p, +192 BFSP


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    3.45 Wolvers 7 Silk Mill Blue = hits some/most of the categories but just so much better at his beloved Newcastle for me 🙁 !!

    4.00 Dundalk 2 Gold Factory (USA) = 30 % win rate under these categories

    4.15 Wolvers 9 Highland Acclaim (IRE) = interesting David is back in the plate once again after along time off him ( one of his favourite horses) just a bet out of nostalgia for me

    5.45 Wolvers 6 Excellent George = 30 % win rate under these categories
    ( what a name btw 😉 )

    6.45 Wolvers 9 Diodorus (IRE) = 30 % win rate under these categories

    Over to you mc …. to give us some sense and sensibility on todays fayre !!

    the sous chef gbc

    George B 03/12/19 12:58 PM Reply

  • Bonjour Chef GB, potwasher here 🙂

    It was nice to see our feedback yesterday, glad some folks are finding our musings of interest. It would be odd if we were just talking to ourselves!

    Still wrestling with some of the races and will post later. A Rebel Treble for now :

    3.45 High Court
    4.15 Unforgiving Minute
    5.15 Storm Ahead

    Catch you later Excellent G.

    Mark Curtis 03/12/19 1:23 PM Reply

    • bonjour top chef mc ( you know who you are ! )
      FIRST SIGNS of madness ..talking to yourself .. that and always hitting the CAPS button of course .
      right then treble duely noted and gently absorbing thanks 🙂 .. lets hope i bring a bit of lingfield money with me today to play with on the sand 🙂

      laterz mc steak hammerer !!
      gbster in disguise 😉

      George B 03/12/19 1:34 PM Reply

  • Good afternoon GBster and fellow sufferers

    There’s nothing I’m absolutely confident about but a few of interest. I can’t resist a small bet on The Throstles in the 5.15 despite having one of my treble in that race. This horse loves it round here and was running over the wrong trip last time. If Storm Ahead falters I think The Throstles might be the one.

    5.45 This is a hot race. Can we really not back your excellent namesake? Trainer and jockey are 40% win 70% place when teaming up here in the last five years so I would be loath to ignore it despite its form not being totally convincing. Canford Bay has a chance but my other selection is Union Rose. Mr Harris knows the time of day and this horse was unlucky not to complete the three timer in its last race.

    6.15 I’m not tipping it but Miss Gargar is worth considering EW. I won’t brag if it wins!

    6.45 it’s interesting your system throws up Diodorus as I prefer Mrs McLintock’s other runner with Mr Probert up, Weather Front. I’m saving on Dance to Paris as this is another with good T/J stats.

    So there we are. Can’t see us becoming millyonairs Rodders but have fun.

    Mark Curtis 03/12/19 3:48 PM Reply

  • D’oh! The treble went well!

    Mark Curtis 03/12/19 5:20 PM Reply

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