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Nothing today…

Nothing from me today.


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  1. morning mc here are my first thoughts for my sandy expectations today :
    3.45 Wolverhampton 1 Guardia Svizzera = 7 day winner returning
    5.15 Wolverhampton 6 Herm (IRE) = jockey / trainer / month /course etc
    5.45 Wolverhampton 11 Isabella Ruby = course / jockey / name …. lol 😉
    6.15 Wolverhampton 3 Mount Wellington = jockey/trainer/month/course
    7.15 Wolverhampton 2 Elena = jockey booking / course / trainer etc etc
    7.15 Wolverhampton 3 Star talent = OMG …..I Will only say this once …. trainer and visors ..need i say anymore .. nudge nudge wink wink ….. you have been warned 😉

    Have fun out there .. watch that sand and wind for chaffiness !!!
    gb of old gb town 🙂

    1. emmmmmm just the one more muterings from gb/bc towers :

      4.45 Kempton PRODUCTION = Interesting that trainer does well with runners coming from nh into a aw handicap .. the rank outsider .. not so sure he is ??

      over to you magic maestro mc 🙂
      the sandy man can !!
      gb .. over n out 🙂

  2. Good afternoon GBster and other AW afficionados. Your musings are extremely interesting G and I am going to have a close look at those you mention not already on my radar.

    Thus far I am interested in:

    3.45 Sir Hector: I always like a horse installed as a fav for no obvious reason and this horse has been nibbled at this morning. A good run expected and I also like the look of canny Mrs Mclintock’s Everkyllachy.

    5.15 The trainer is keen on Estrela Star and I am backing that with Homesick Boy.

    6.15 I agree with you on Mt Wellington, trainer and jockey are 45% win 72% place with their runners here in the last five years. I am also having an EW tickle on Iron Ryan whose trainer/jock stats are even more impressive, 60% win and place over five years.

    6.45 My nap off the day is Innamorare. Gonna hunt for another one to put in the MC double, although nothing jumping out yet.

    Will probably come back when I have had a close look at yours, catch you laters.

  3. Hiya GBster

    Upon closer inspection I’m joining you with Herm, Production and Star Talent. Here’s hoping one of us is right! Good luck all.

    1. cheers jc / mc .. rough with the smooth old chaps 🙂 ..but we are winning today 🙂
      i’ll tell how you my luck is today .. i backed scutinised at plumpton .. i saw it go past the line and i knew he had got beat .. i then saw 16.00 for the other one that elfe fing ???? chucked 10 on that and got 12.00 i think .. and sure enough it did get up and do my original fancy right on the line ………. not normally like that i can tell you .. bring it on 🙂
      gb in la la land 🙂

  4. these were the only 3 that came up on my monthly system for today …snigger snigger ( and i forgot to put everlachy finggy mebob on the list .. ..glad you did mc !!

    3.45 Wolverhampton 5 Everkyllachy (IRE)

    5.15 Wolverhampton 6 Herm (IRE)

    6.15 Wolverhampton 3 Mount Wellington (IRE)

    onward my merrry men 🙂
    lets hope we haven’t stopped yet 🙂
    gb with his abacus working into the night !!! 🙂

  5. I think “doofus” is the appropriate expression! Don’t forget any in the future 🙂 BTW Josh tipped the winner of that Plumpton race.

  6. it ended in tears 🙁 hey hum good fun had by all !! 🙂
    laterz taterz 🙂

    thanks mc between us ..we can conquer the world .. or at least break even 🙂

  7. I have to say, Mark and George, you two are absolutely excellent. I have no clue on the all weather and your musings and analysis are superb. The fact that you are a fantastic comedy double act only helps!

    Please keep up the good work and thank you!

    1. Why thanks D&N ,

      If we can smile through life it’s no bad thing !
      We will always try our best ! 🙂
      we’ll be back soon 🙂 for more drivel .. i mean informed musings of the highest quality ( mainly from mc of course 🙂 )

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