Free Daily Post: 23/11/19 (complete)

Nothing today

It’s been a busy morning with members’ content so nothing from me today on the free post, apologies.

Best of luck with any bets,


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  1. Fuck you Josh you’re actually gonna say that you’re too tired to post any free tips cause you had a busy morning with members? That’s bullshit all you had to do is copy and paste one or two of the tips from there for the free members you cheap swine

    1. Not too tired, just ran out of time- and given my form you wouldn’t want my tips anyway 🙂 I’m not sure what else you’d want me to put up, maybe I could have C/P some stats qualifiers. Apologies that you feel so miffed – but you can judge the amount of free content in any way you please, i assume you’re on the email list, where there’s been plenty sent out, from me and others, and in the free reports/system tab above there’s plenty to muse over.
      There’s plenty of places around you can find free tips on a Saturday.

      You could have used your name, unless you’re just a troll, which I assume from your email address is the case. Your comment is rather ironic when you think about it 🙂

    2. Who are you Angry User? Haven’t seen you post before

      If you want tips posted on members site suggest you join, simple


  2. well well josh,

    After seeing the post by angry user

    I think we should all apologise to Gordon

    because he wasn’t the moron

    Free tips are just that and should be gratefully welcomed

    Take care josh and thanks for taking the effort
    to post up your FREE tips

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