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Special Offer: 90% Discount to ABWs



Special Offer: 90% Off Your First Month 

After much persuasion, Gary at Always Back Winners has agreed to offer my readers (that’s you!) an exclusive discount to his tips – 90% off your first month. 

As such it will cost you just £2.50 to try out his excellent service for a full month. 

Now, don’t go missing his next 20/1 winner 🙂 

You can road test Gary’s selections HERE>>>


But, why should you bother? 

As I said yesterday i’ve been in discussions with Gary for a while- since June I think, which is when he wanted me to tell you about his flat service. 

Having never heard of him, or his service, I wanted to make sure it was something worth telling you about. He also doesn’t use ClickBank, which is usually my fail-safe with people I don’t know, as your subs are protected. I needed to know I could trust him and hence you could too. Hence why i’m only mentioning him now – and I wanted to get you a good 1st month discount.  

Trust is as important in this game as results, which are outstanding….

Having pulled in +90 points during the summer, adding to the +357 points in the two summers before that, it became clear his was a service you needed to know about. I’m not surprised his loyal followers are happy. 

He’s since branched off into the winter all-weather, having already pulled in +40 points or so since the start of October. It’s fair to say he has decent ‘flat’ eyes. 

The results speak for themselves. 

Gary’s won his followers +£4870 to £10 per point bets in the last 3 years.

Maybe you can think of  a few things you’d spend that on, I know I can. 

I also like the fact you know what you’re getting, unlike some ‘tipsters’ out there. I like Gary’s consistency and his honesty >>>

  • An average of 6-8 bets per week – a selective approach where you don’t have to worry about getting loads of bets on and being overwhelmed. It’s a relaxing, disciplined way to enjoy betting on horses. 
  • 1 point EW bets > simple, effective, and helps limit long losing runs. 
  • A focus on horses 8/1 or bigger when advised, and to morning odds – none of the disingenuous ‘early evening’ prices, which never last.  
  • Sound reasoning for why a horse has been selected 
  • Tips delivered via his Blog around 8am (10am weekends) including Email Alerts. 


Gary has been consistent in his delivery since i’ve been monitoring his selections, and he’s happily answered any questions i’ve had. We’ve had the odd chat on the phone – he’s yet to buy me a pint, but it’s on the list! 🙂 He has the same approach to customer service as I do, which is important to me. (including no questions asked refunds for accidental payments) 

As a bonus…

Gary also does regular ‘Tracker Horses’ posts that he keeps an eye on and he’s fully transparent with his results, as you’ve seen in yesterday’s email HERE>>>  (all spreadsheets at the bottom) 

He’s averaging +162 points per year at the moment, since the start of 2017.  (+£1620 to £10 bets) 

So, this is your chance to try his tips for 1 month, for just £2.50, nothing to lose and potentially an awful lot to gain.    


20 58 of my readers have put their trust in Gary so far. 

This is your chance to join them HERE>>>

Don’t forget you only have to risk £2.50 >check down the side of your sofa, or in your hoover 🙂 You can even paper trade for the first month, or bet very small stakes, and see if it’s for you. 

And if you’ve any questions, do post a comment, 

Best of Luck, 


p.s Gary’s Flat/AW tips could be what you’ve been looking for… for just £2.50 you can spend a whole month finding out for yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity SIGN UP HERE>>>


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8 responses

  1. hello mr mc .. still winning ??
    Blimey , I have just lifted my head away from my continuing delves into the unknown of my HRB systems for one mili second and can only see this one that has got me “finking ”

    5.00 Chelmsford City 3 First Voyage (IRE)
    A typical M. Appleby recruit ( or should have been) taken on from another yard ( is C. Appleby his brother btw ?) This horse has all the classic “rogue” attributes …. Questionable attitude and depositing any suspecting riders onto the floor . I am just literally going to have 1pt e/w ( 3tbp betfair) on him tonight . It’s basically tonight or never for me … down from class 4 to class 6 , down in trip , first time hood , first time tongue tie and down 4lb on the “OR” scale ……….. so as i say its pooh or bust tonight me thinks if those pluses don’t make a difference then nothing will ??
    p.s. if money comes ..i will up grade to 2pts e/w 😉

    Hopefully December should get me posting more regularly 🙂
    Keep having fun out dare !!!
    the gb meister

      1. geebers mc … it was a donkey !! . . soz …………how can a brother be that horrible !! lol
        back to my hrb slavery
        this is why you are are king of the sand castles my friend !!!

        laterz ( much 🙂 )
        the battered gb !!! ( for now 🙂 )

  2. Hiya GBBC, welcome back and good afternoon to AW players everywhere. I’ve backed your selection GBster, looks to have no hope but I do like Mr Appleby taking on horses from other trainers and I do believe Charlie is his brother. Let’s hope he is not playing an evil trick on Mick by offloading a dodge pot on him!

    I like a few tonight but none sufficiently to sell the dog and lump on 🙂

    6.00 I think course specialist Heath Charmock is the one to beat but am having an EW saver on Lancelot du Lac.

    6:30 Between Split Down South and Holdenhurst for me.

    7.00 Warning Light likes it round here and trainer/jockey are 40% win and place here in last five years. If money comes for Caledonia Laird it might be worth having an EW saver.

    Good to hear from you G, been a bit swings and roundabouts on the AW but expecting to hit a rich vein of form soon (rolls eyes to heaven).

  3. Hi
    Joined ABW following your glowing recommendation. I know its very early days but 5 losing selections in a row with not one placed has done nothing for the confidence. Where did you get their results from quoting significant points profit. As far as I can see they don’t seem to post their full results in full just selective winners which is not transparent. Anyway I have only invested £2.50 (plus 5 losing bets) so will see if it improves. Mike

    1. Hi Mike,

      Those results are from a link in the results tab on the website, I downloaded the excel file at the bottom.
      I kept tabs during falt season and have a good reltionship with Gary and have no concerns as to accuracy of the results.
      You either flick through results to date and take confidence long term or you don’t.
      Those spreadsheets have numerous losing runs in the 6 to 10, even one run of 18 (-36 points) from what I could see looking through. If you look at the win % and place % those sorts of runs are normal.
      That’s just betting.
      But a) why a reduced trial is always beneficial
      b) why its best to paper trade or start very small. Should have at least a 100 point bank ideally.

      Ironically of course the best time to join a tipping service is when on a losing run. Not after they’ve have a good run which Gary had. He was prob due a few losers in a row.
      That’s the reality.
      The recommendation comes from his success since start of 2017 but if you look through all those results if you’d started at certain points you’d have had had some losing runs before it turns around.
      When playing with 8s + shots that’s how it goes.
      Time will be the judge.
      Knowing my luck I’ve cursed another service! But all those I’ve ever pointed towards have done just fine in the long term I think. And I don’t advise many. But some sticky moments along the way, as with any service.
      I know two very good ones long term that this year have had – 65 or so point runs from high point, and – 45. I’m not sure avoiding such runs is possible when value betting with decent value odds.

      Long term profit is the aim.

      Fingers crossed he fires in a 10s/20s winner soon enough 🙂

      1. Hi Josh
        Thanks for the reply.
        Found the results now – didn’t look hard enough!!
        Just unfortunate to start on a bit of a losing run.
        Thanks again

        1. Yep it’s never ideal, well it’s always most frustrating but alas, it happens. Hopefully it turns around soon enough.

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