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BetV Gold Cup stats pointers >>>

BetVictor Gold Cup Stats/Trainer pointers 


My stats don’t help too much with shortlisting but a profile of… 0-1 runs last 90 days, 0-2 runs this season, 20< career runs, 1+ run at track, 10> runs in handicaps, 0-3 handicap wins, 0-2 handicap chase wins… leaves 14/101, 31p in the last 15 years, +44 BFSP >>> That only helps ‘remove’ 8 , leaving >>>

Slate House / Spirit of The Games / Us And Them / Count Meribel / Sprintown Lake / Magic Saint / Highway One O One / Brelan Das / Warthog / Dell Oro 

Trainers (those to have won race/with runners)

  • Count Meribel / Splash Of Ginge
  • Eamon An Cnoic / Warthog
  • Magic Saint / Brelan DAs
  • Belami Des Pictons
  • Dell Oro



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